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17/11/2013 - New 100% and Battlefield 3 is Garbage
Hey all,

I grabbed another 100% a few days ago, nothing special; Tekken Revolution but it's nice to cross another off of the backlog. It really wasn't that hard, especially when you figure out that there is a game breaking move that even on the hardest difficulty the computer has no defence against. So, with that I had to find another grind game, choosing Battlefield 3.

Speaking of which, holy shit is this game the worst game I've ever played, the single player I wont mention because it near enough doesn't exist but my god, the online is the worst. Ignoring the fact that vehicles break the game, it is still a slow, boring and generally shitty experience, the only way to have any fun(or a game that lasts less that sixty minutes) is to play close quaters team death match and even then it's just a poor man's call of duty(don't get me wrong, that game is garbage as well) This is why I hate online trophies.

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