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Following on from the previous blog, Iv'e got my percentage up a little and tried to restrict the number of purchases... So far so good.

So now what to achieve for the new year? I'm looking at my PS4 list and then looking through the site at whats to be released... First thing I notice is that there are a lot of games coming up that I really want (Detroit and Turismo Sport look absolutely mind blowing). But, I've still got a shelf full of old games that I keep looking at and thinking: 'one day...'

So, this year I'm going to restrict buying again, and setting a target of 10 completed off the current backlog. I'm not saying that there won't be new game interruptions this year, but I really want to get some games off the shelf that keep giving me the accusatory 'you haven't played me in a long, long time' look, and put them to rest.

So the ten games I've lined up are:

1) Destiny - Just couldn't get into this. Told it gets better the higher level you get.. We'll see.
2) Resogun - Looks great, but there was just too much happening for these tired old eyes to take in.
3) Driveclub - Again tired old reflexes started to let me down when i got to the amateurs.
4) inFAMOUS First Light - Did the story, couldn't be bothered with the challenge stuff.
5) Killzone Shadow Fall - First game i got, played then found new shiny games. Its sat there staring at me for 2 years now.
6) Watchdogs - Another I played for a couple of hours and then went 'meh' and haven't really picked up since.
7) GTA 5 - Just couldn't develop the interest I had with the previous GTA games.
8) The Last of Us - First day purchase, still haven't got a single trophy.
9) AC IV Black Flag - Poor AC (Give me Ezio any day) but really should get it finished.
10) Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Friends rave about this game, why don't I?

Anyway, that's it. Looking at the game details I don't think there's going to be many trophy streaks occurring this year, but if I do actually manage to fulfill my resolution then my ta score should look healthy and I wont feel so guilty when I'm looking along the shelf of games anymore.

Happy new year.
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