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Changed my name again....
Hi all

Hope your all doing ok given the current situation in the world.

Just wanted to explain my recent name changes lol

When I first started playing the playstation many years ago I used to be known as jackdann. Many of my friends on here and across twitter know me as this. This was a name I had for many many years then I decided to change it to graymousegaming. The reason for this was to make it more like my YouTube channel name.

After a while with good YouTube subs and views I decided to start over! For reasons I dont need to get into on here as it's rather complicated but was to do with mixed content issues.

I now have two new youtube channels up and running both offering different things. Ones gaming and ones vlogs.

I then changed my name to hoard hunter which turned out to be a bad idea as I never really liked the name and neither did my wife lol I asked her what I should rename my account too and she said just use jackdann..... anyway for whatever reason that name has been taken so now I've renamed it to Jakdann.

This name I plan on keeping indefinitely

I just finally want to say my wife is a frontline worker (doctor) and is part of the covid 19 task force and she is seeing first hand the horrors of this deadly virus. To everyone who reads this please stay home and stay safe.

Much love Jakdann

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Comment by Slayer1189 at 01:17 on 19 Sep 2020

Finally! This was either 30 or 32 before it popped (there was twice I suicided to the care package and not sure if they actually counted laugh

Comment by Slayer1189 at 01:19 on 19 Sep 2020

I am now over the requirement for all trophies except three, which are 1000 kills, 30 grenades and 50 grenades. The others just haven't popped yet!

Comment by Harris59 at 01:36 on 19 Sep 2020

~2,300 my 1,000 popped at, and just over 100 for grenades. Still have my counters saved in my phones notes xD

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Comment by StuTheChief at 10:27 on 19 Sep 2020


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Comment by Cloud-side at 22:09 on 18 Sep 2020


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                Status change by dvdmanpa at 17:58 on 18 Sep 2020dvdmanpa status: PS5 pre-ordered! Got that invite from Sony.
Comment by SolaceCreed at 18:07 on 18 Sep 2020

Welcome to the party. smile

Comment by blooddogg757 at 20:18 on 18 Sep 2020

Lucky ass! I didn't get the invite and missed ALL the pre-orders since EVERY retailer opened up early. Vey dick move IMO

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Slayer1189Slayer1189 has reached a new milestone: True Level 75
Comment by StuTheChief at 21:45 on 18 Sep 2020


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Comment by boldfox85 at 09:01 on 18 Sep 2020

That sucks.

Comment by Cloud-side at 09:09 on 18 Sep 2020

Aww no. Yeah sucks

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AGNOSTICMADBALLMad MaxAGNOSTICMADBALL won 4 Trophies in Mad Max for 63 points
Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 10:13 on 18 Sep 2020

Getting in before the server closure I see!

Comment by AGNOSTICMADBALL at 15:13 on 18 Sep 2020

Yep! So far, I am enjoying this game

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