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Hey gamers, not much going on in the gaming front. I thought with the colder weather I would be pushing out more gaming but I was wrong. With working and lots to do around the house I have kept myself engaged in other doings.

During the month I only played MediEvil and earned a total of 4 trophies. I plan on sticking with this until I complete it, it being a blast from the past holds a special place in my gaming life.

Other than gaming I did quite a bit. As far as movies I finally got around to watching Venom. I give it a solid 4 out 5 stars. Great casting, story, and acting. Looking forward to see where they take it in the future. I also took the kiddos to watch Frozen 2, the story was amazing and the music was great, not as good as the originals music but better overall.

I also started watching the Star Wars movies for the umpteenth time. I finished Episodes I-III and Solo. Next up is Roque One, the OG Trilogy, the new trilogy, and followed up with the Mandalorian before watching Episode IX.

I was able to check off an item on the old bucket list by going to watch Garth Brooks in concert at Neyland Stadium. He put on an amazing performance and played my three favorite songs of his.

Didn’t pick up anything during the Black Friday sales digital. I was able to get my hands on Mortal Kombat 11 through a pricing error at a store for $6.

I also had to take my truck in to the shop as I was heading to work one morning and the wind blew a tree limb into my passenger side headlight. Not only did it bust my headlight but it also dented to separate sections. Hopefully I’ll have it back by the end of this week so it can sit in my driveway and collect dust.

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! Let me know what games you picked up for Black Friday, what movies and TV shows you have watched, and make sure you follow me on Twitter. @jadamgilman and also check out something new I’ve been working on through twitter with @9180_ENT. It’s a work in progress as I’m still deciding everything I want to do with it.
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October 2019 Round UpPermalink
What’s up gamers?!? Another month down brings us another blog post. October is always one of my favorite months. The weather changes, leaves fall, making a mad dash to complete those last minute outside projects, Halloween, and lots of other great things. This October was no different.

On the 4th of October I bid farewell to the store and great Associates that I have worked with over the past 2 years. I will definitely miss that place as I made some great memories and accomplished a lot of great things within that community.

Before I started at my new store the family and I took a trip to Washington DC. Between being a retired Veteran and a history buff, I had an amazing time. The family loved it and we made some great memories. I think the Jefferson Memorial was my favorite thing, I was a little upset that it was under construction but it was still a site to behold.

I was able to get quite a bit accomplished around the house. I winterized the pool, tore out the planter boxes and fence in the back corner of my yard that my bull busted through over the summer, tilled it up, leveled it, and put up new fencing. I also stored my grill which was heart-breaking. I still need to stain my kids swing set but the cold weather has taken over so I’m not sure if it will get finished until spring.

This month is also my wedding anniversary month and the wife and I took a couple of days to party in Knoxville, TN. She is a huge Thomas Rhett fan and he was putting on a concert there so we went out and had a great time. He really put on a great concert as did the others that was touring with him. The rest of the night was quite the blur but we made it to the hotel safely and overall had an amazing time.

This month we watched tons of movies! Mostly scary movies that we watch every year or Halloween themed that we watch with the kiddos. New movies that we watched this month was the new Child’s Play and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Both movies were enjoyable and I recommend RedBox’ing both of them if you are the least bit interested.

With leaving one store of course I am going to another. The store I promoted too is four times the size of my previous store as far as sales and structure. So far it is an amazing ride and I’m really enjoying myself, and like the people I work with. Hopefully this is the next step in getting my own store. I have a lot to do in order to get this store turned around but hey, that’s what I do. I go into stores that lacking process and fix it. This one is going to take a while!

Enough jibberish about all the boring stuff I’ve done all month that doesn’t revolve around gaming:

The games I played were:

MediEvil Demo: Great fun that screams nostalgia!

Borderlands 3: Started this bad boy up. I tried to get off Pandora as fast as I could because it has nothing as far as guns; however, my level 5-character sucks against a level 8 Boss. So now I find myself doing the side missions to build my character up.

MediEvil: I’ve been enjoying this way too much! Between this and Resident Evil 2 I feel like it’s 1998 all over again. And like RE2 I find myself spending way too much time looking at the scenery and environment.

I’m not planning anything specific for the month. I will definitely be playing MediEvil. I still have Borderlands 3, Uncharted, Contra Anniversary Collection, and a few other games that I have been itching to jump into. I’m also considering changing PSN ID to match up with my Xbox ID and starting up a Twitter account to match and link my TT and TA too it. That would mean a joint blog and I could also do my movie reviews and just publish them through these blogs.

Let me know what everyone else is doing this month. Gaming, movies, TV, hobbies doesn’t matter. Just sound off below and feel free to follow me on here or Twitter @JAdamGilman. Happy gaming!
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September 2019 Round UpPermalink
I’m back in the mix and back on track with my blogs! Hooray! Go me! The last two months has been a blur, I have been traveling all throughout Tennessee and I don’t see it slowing down the least little bit. I have a lot of exciting news to fill you all in on. Firstly, I’m also considering starting up a weekly blog where I review games, movies, or maybe a TV series. If this is something you lot would be interested in let me know and I’ll give it a go.

Secondly, while I was in Memphis for those two weeks I interviewed for a new position in my Company and on the 4th of September I was offered the position of Business Lead. And yes, I accepted the position. More money, better bonus, same hours, more responsibility so I’m definitely excited. I will be moving stores and will have to travel an extra 30 minutes but I’m extremely happy that I took this new role.

Third of all, I realized that I’m an idiot worrying about completion percentages when I actually give no f*(ks about completing games right now. I’m currently sitting in a hotel south of Knoxville stoked about getting home so I can start playing Borderlands 3 and then I get panicky thinking, “well there goes my percentage”. Then I realized that it was just a waste of a goal and I’m going to delete it and enjoy whatever I want to play without worries.

So enough about all that jazz, let’s talk about gaming! This month I knocked out 6 trophies in 2 games. I was still alive in the 2019 GTTSC Team competition thanks to Slayer1189, but I let him down by doing absolutely nothing. Work consumed me as did getting the outside ready for the upcoming cold weather.

The games I played were:

Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith: I finished up the DLC that bridges BL2 and BL3 together. I am now officially ready to start BL3 and will most definitely be partaking in it once I get home.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune: I’m just strolling through the story. Inching away and getting it in where I can.

Entertainment wise was a good month. The wifey and I watched It Chapter 2 at the theater. We also continued to watch season 2 of Yellowstone, and we knocked out Scooby Doo Return to Zombie Island. On the 13th I celebrated Friday the 13th like I always do, this go I watched the Remake, 4, and 6. October is my favorite time of year as all I do is watch scary movies and I plan on getting started as soon as I quit writing this.

My gaming plan is to start up Borderlands 3 this month and continue to work on completing Uncharted. I’m not sure how much gaming I will get in during October as I will be finalizing all my winterizations around the house, watching scary movies, and going to the theater to watch The Joker and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. I’ll definitely pick up my gaming around November time frame. I have also picked up Contra Anniversary Collection, MediEval is set for release, and I also have Gran Turismo Sport that I have been itching to jump into.

Let me know what everyone else is doing this month. Gaming, movies, TV, hobbies doesn’t matter. Just sound off below and feel free to follow me on here or Twitter @JAdamGilman. Happy gaming!
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August 2019 Round UpPermalink
So… it’s the last day in September and I’m just now getting to this for the month of August. I know, I’m terrible at keeping the masses in the know with everything that is going on with me. I promise I’ll do September’s round up tomorrow and be caught back up with my blog. I’m also considering starting up a weekly blog that I review games, movies, or maybe TV series. Let me know what you guys think and I’ll get to it.

This month I knocked out 43 trophies in 5 different games. Why so many games you ask? I took part in the 2019 GTTSC Individual and Team competition. I technically only made it to Period 2 in the Individual competition but it would have been week 3 if the servers didn’t go down.

The games I played were:

Borderlands 2: I started this game way back in 2013 on the Xbox 360 and finally finished the story this month. It took me long enough but at least I can say it is done. I still have the DLC and miscellaneous trophies but super stoked for the campaign completion none the less.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: This is another story completion and I’m extremely happy that I finished it. Such an amazing game and I’m looking forward to jumping back into the DLC and one day 100% completion on this as well.

Nickelodeon Kart Racer: The kiddos and I knocked out 4 trophies on this one. Not sure what they were or how many more that I have but I’m sure as long as the kiddos keep playing it we will have it complete in no time.

Dynasty Warriors 9: This was one of the games I dived during my 2019 Bean Dive. I see this as my I’m bored game and want to hack n slash! Not too worried about the progress but I have a love for the Han Dynasty and really enjoy the story.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune: With the two-story completions I decided to go ahead and start the campaign on this one. With three others to play I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start a game that was an exclusive to pick up where I left off with Spider-Man.

My current completion percentage is 32.75% and I only plan on starting Borderlands 3 next month. I’m currently sitting at 51.4% of my goal of 40% completion by the end of the year. Go me! Once I complete that I will move on to the next goal of 50% and gradually take myself until I hit that 100%.

Entertainment wise was a good month. The wifey and I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood… at the theater. We also binged watched the first season of Yellowstone. I officially want cattle now! I have the farm land and property, I just need the time, money, and know how.

My gaming plan is to finish up Borderlands 2 Commander Lilith DLC so I can be ready for Borderlands 3. I’m not sure how much gaming I will do considering that I have inventory on the 23rd and tons of things to do around the house before the cold weather arrives. I’ll definitely pick up my gaming around November time frame.

On a final note. I recently interviewed for a new position and I hope I get it. Not only would it be more responsibility but it would also offer me the ability to provide my kiddos with an even better life than they already have. For the record, they live like rockstars! This would allow for those Disney trips every two years instead of three. So wish me luck.

Let me know what everyone else is doing this month. Gaming, movies, TV, hobbies doesn’t matter. Just sound off below and feel free to follow me on here or Twitter @JAdamGilman. Happy gaming!
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