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Oh wow! August is halfway over and I’m just now getting to this. I know, I’m terrible at keeping the masses in the know with everything that is going on with me. I promise I’ll do better next month. Anyways....

This month I knocked out 22 trophies in 8 different games. Why so many games you ask? I took part in the 2019 Annual Bean Dive. I dropped 5 games:

Dynasty Warriors 9
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
God of War
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Monster Hunter: World

This dropped me down to 25% completion percentage. So what did I do here. I set myself a goal of 40% by the end of the year. Once I complete that I will move on to the next goal of 50% and gradually take myself until I hit that 100%.

Entertainment wise was a good month. The family and I watched Spider-Man: Far From Home and The Lion King at the theater. The wifey and I also binged watched all 3 seasons of Stranger Things. I love the 80’s nostalgia!

As far as gaming I made some decent progress on Borderlands 2. Have to get that campaign and DLC finished before BL3 drops next month. I also made a bit of progress with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, I would like to have this campaign complete before BL3 but I know it won’t happen so I’m not even going to attempt it.

Lastly I was able to finish the campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I absolutely loved jumping back into this. So much in fact that I do plan on going through it again on Hardcore mode.

On a side note I picked up Until Dawn and I’m trying my best not start it up. I hate that the majority of the games I have played over the last 2 months have been games that I have played on other systems but hey! I’m enjoying myself and that’s all that matters.

With August coming up I decided to give the GTTSC a shot and teamed up with Slayer1189 for the team portion. Neither of us plan on changing our gaming styles so wish us the best of luck.

My gaming plan is too finish up Borderlands 2 campaign by the end of the month and just focus on cleaning up some other trophies throughout the month.

Let me know what everyone else is doing this month. Gaming, movies, TV, hobbies doesn’t matter. Just sound off below and feel free to follow me on here or Twitter @JAdamGilman. Happy gaming!
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June 2019 Round UpPermalink
So my May blog idea was truly a great idea (those are the only ones that I have) but I totally bombed on the execution of it. The idea was to add a few trophies from different games that I would work on throughout the month and when I earned them it would go from the red/pink color to green. BRILLIANT!!! Unfortunately out of the three games that I picked I spent about 4 hours playing one of them.

So how was everyone's June? I hope you all had a great time as I had a blast. I watched quite a few movies to include Aladdin, Toy Story 4, and John Wick 3. I highly recommend all three movies. I also took the family to The Great Wolf Lodge, it's a hotel with a water park and magic quest and laser tag and all other little things to do. I thought going there would make me feel like a Stark from Winterfell, but it didn't. Overall it was a blast and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in it. I also got to welcome my nephew into the world. His name is Cole and he already has a ton of gaming time under his belt thanks to his father and I.

As I mentioned in my opening statement, I had a plan for June and failed miserably due to my lack of execution. I started off in the right by earning three achievements in Spider-Man and then I published my blog. As you can see I never went back to it. I went on vacation and when I came back my nephew was born, Days of Play was in full effect, and I had just picked up The Handsome Collection for free. After that my plan just went down hill from there.

Days of Play was great for me this year (My 1st) as I was able to pick up NBA 2K19, God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last of Us and Uncharted Collection. My brother-in-law and I also started doing game sharing where I was able to pick up some more good games but most of those are MP games that I really have no interest in.

Other than earning those 3 trophies I started four new games. I know I should 100% a game before moving on to another but I feel that I am just wasting time and missing out on other great stories. I already have limited time and why should I spend it doing multiple playthroughs on one game? I'm not that Gamer anymore, I will definitely attempt to 100% everyone of my games but I won't allow myself to miss out on a good story.

The first one I started was Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. I have never played this one before and with Borderlands 3 already pre-ordered for September I figured it was wise to make sure I was completely caught up with the story. I am playing this one by myself and just taking my time to enjoy the story. I will definitely continue on with this one through July as I have been already.

The next one was more of an accidental start than anything. During the Days of Play I picked up NBA 2K19 for $2.99 and my Brother-in-law and I jumped in playing against each other. Just so happened a trophy popped and now I will have to look at the trophy list. This will definitely be a spur of the moment game that I use to waste time unless I get into one of the game modes and actually enjoy it.

Borderlands 2 was the next game that I started. My Brother-in-law and I started this back in 2016 when it was initially released only to make it a little ways into the game before we parted ways on playing it together. This time around we have actually linked up online as well as couch co-op to push through it. We have already made it to Sanctuary and completed numerous missions. We also started the Commander Lilith DLC just to for kicks and giggles. Going forward with this we will be stuck doing mostly online play as he is going back to work and I have no vacation scheduled between now and September.

Last but not least is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Not sure what I was thinking here as I have gone away from Military style games in the past due to my old career field. I guess it's safe to assume that I may miss that lifestyle a bit as I have jumped into this and really enjoyed it. I actually completed the story a couple of days ago but will definitely jump back into for those miscellaneous trophies and the veteran playthrough. Once I 100% this one I will start up Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Hands down June has been my best month of gaming on the PS4. I earned 45 trophies for 720 Trophy XP. My only hope for this month is that I am able to make some great progress in BL2 and the Pre-sequel. I have spent the last 2 days doing my annual Bean Dive on TrueAchievements, I'm not sure how many games I have already dived and how many more I will add to it, but I do know that after I'm finished with my Bean Dive that I will go back to neglecting it. I earned 0 achievements on Xbox during the month of June.

I'm picking my oldest daughter up on the 8th and she will probably spend a lot of time on Minecraft (Thank goodness I don't have it for PS4). I have also already seen Spider-Man and have a trip planned for the Drive-In to watch The Lion King. The wife and I are also doing a good job of knocking out our fall series that are still on the DVR, and we are watching The Vampire Diaries again (5th Time).

What is everyone else playing and doing this month? Sound off in the comments below and feel free to follow me on Twitter: @JAdamGilman.
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