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What’s up gamers? I hope the month of May treated you all well. Didn’t do a lot in the gaming community other than planning and the majority of that was for the “other” systems. Shame, shame, shame. Speaking of shame, who all watched the series finale for Game of Throne’s? Yep, me too and I find it shameful that this season was so rushed. I am perfectly ok with the outcome of all the characters (King Bran the Broken??? WTF!) with the exception of one, but I hate how rushed the season was. Anyways, enough about all that gibberish.

I really didn’t have any expectations going into the month as I knew I had lots to do around the house. My upstairs is official christened as the entertainment room now, I got another storage building and cleaned out my garage only to junk it up with workout gear, I got my landscaping under control, pressure washed the house, and the pool and grill is up and running! All good reasons to have a weak month gaming in my opinion.

What I did do this month is earn three massive trophies in Marvel’s Spider-Man. For those that don’t know, I had the ending spoiled for me. I didn’t realize that it played on me to the point that I just put the game down, but I did. I have slowly jumped back into and started making some decent progress in it. I have been focusing mostly on the side missions and extras while gradually progressing in the main story. While I do hate the R&D Stations and the Taskmaster Challenges, I will have this complete by the end of the year. The achievements I’ll be focused on this month are:

Marvel's Spider-ManR&DThe R&D trophy in Marvel's Spider-Man worth 18 pointsComplete all Research Stations

Marvel's Spider-ManScience FTW!The Science FTW! trophy in Marvel's Spider-Man worth 17 pointsCraft 15 Upgrades

Marvel's Spider-ManHidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Marvel's Spider-Man worth 16 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

Nickelodeon: Kart Racer, is one I have been playing with my kiddos. I’m still a little concerned with its progress seeing that the kiddos are loving heading upstairs to hang out in the entertainment room. Last month I worked on completing all of the cups on easy and made some progress. It’s harder than it looks when you are rotating stages with one of the Younglings and barely when the Cup. Luckily the computer doesn’t always place in the same position throughout the cup. This month I would like to finish up:

Nickelodeon: Kart RacersA BABY'S DUTYThe A BABY'S DUTY trophy in Nickelodeon: Kart Racers worth 24 pointsWin all Cups in easy mode.

Let’s talk about Resident Evil 2. I’m a terrible person! The only thing I have done with this is turn it on so I could fall asleep to that classic soundtrack. I know, all that talk about finishing Leon’s hardcore run and I didn’t even have the courage to try it again. So for this month I will once again state claim that I will complete the following:

Resident Evil 2Hardcore RookieThe Hardcore Rookie trophy in Resident Evil 2 worth 179 pointsComplete Leon's story on "Hardcore" game mode.

Resident Evil 2Hidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Resident Evil 2 worth 30 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

I know this is going to be rough for me with the wife off work and the kiddos out of school and all the fun that can be had outside and on holiday, but I will truly attempt it. I will definitely put it before my Xbox doing but I’m not sure if it will take precedence over anything else. Oh yeah, did I mention that I have a nephew on the way? His name is Cole and the doc says he will be here around the 14th. I can’t wait to meet him.

This year will also be the first year that I have been able to participate in Days of Play, I hear this is a good time to find some great deals digitally and I have quite a few on my must play list. I also really excited for June’s free games. I am yet to play Borderlands: The Presequal and looking forward to playing BL2 again before jumping into BL3, let me know if you plan on picking it up or not. I’m going to need some people to play it with.

So what is everyone playing this month? Sound off in the comments below and feel free to follow me on Twitter: @JAdamGilman.
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What’s up gamers? I hope the month of April treated you all well. With the exception of The Passing of a Legend things went as well as could be expected. I did have plenty of things to help take my mind off of that like Game of Thrones season 8, and Avengers: Endgame. Anyways, enough about all that as we all know that we are here for gaming.

I didn’t really plan anything out for April and came away with one of my better months as far as gaming goes. I earned my first platinum trophy and made some good progress on two other games. For the month I earned 19 trophies in three games.

Madden NFL 19 will forever be known as the first platinum trophy that I earned on the PS4. I was able to knockout the Full Set trophy and follow it up with the Longshot gaming mode. It was alright but nothing I would write home about. I now need to pick another sports game and I’m leaning toward either NHL 19 or NBA 2K19. The smart move would probably be to wait out for next years set of games or I could call Nickelodeon: Kart Racer a sports game and finish up what my kiddos started.

Speaking of Nickelodeon: Kart Racer, my kiddos knocked out two more trophies in it. I’m not sure what they are and I’m a little concerned with its progress now. I just converted my upstairs back into an entertainment room equipped with a 60” TV, Xbox 360, and a Wii. I have seen my Younglings up there on numerous occasions playing on those systems so I hope they don’t forget about this game. I’m sure if I want it platinumed it will be something that I have to do myself.

After completing Madden NFL 19 I considered starting a new game, but was quickly reeled in by my fellow gamers who proclaimed to finish what I have started. I decided to go back to Marvel’s Spider-Man and I’m glad that I did. I knocked out five trophies and made so good progress in the story. Even though someone at work ruined the ending for me I still need to see it for myself.

This wouldn’t be a gaming blog of mine without mentioning Resident Evil. Even though I didn’t earn any trophies in the game I did put in the work. I am currently playing as Ada on Hardcore Mode. After Mr. X crushed me twice, I decided to give it a break, but I’m pleased with the progress I have made.

In May I plan on sticking with Resident Evil 2 Remake and Marvel’s Spider-Man. I will definitely complete Leon’s Hardcore run but not sure what else. As far as Marvel’s Spider-Man, keep knocking out those side missions and progress along in the main story. I also paid off my Borderlands 3 pre-order. It looks like I have until September to complete these two games so I can be ready to hammer back on BL3. Make sure you let me know if you plan on picking it up or not.

So what is everyone playing this month? Sound off in the comments below and feel free to follow me on Twitter: @JAdamGilman.
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On April 10, 2019 at 11:00am I lost my father. He has been battling Leukemia since September of 2016. He was someone I could tell anything too and he never judged me. He coached me through my first five years in baseball and taught me how to give freely without asking for anything in return.

I've had to sacrifice so much and let go of numerous hobbies so I could be with him and reverse roles as a caregiver. It was all worth it though. Before I dive back into some old hobbies I must first make up for lost time with things that matter. My family and our home will get all of my attention. Once I'm caught up around the house I will then start diving back into my hobbies.

Thanks for taking the time for reading this and know that life is too short. Do things that you love with the people you love. A week ago I lost my friend, my coach, my father, and my mentor. All I can do is keep myself busy and do the things I love. Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @JAdamGilman.
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What's up Gamers? I hope you all had an enjoyable month of gaming. It was my birthday month so I had a really good month. I picked up a 2nd controller, it is a dark navy blue color. I didn't use it at all, but my daughter's sure had fun with it. I was also gifted Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil Revelations 2, Spider-Man DLC, and a new headset for my Xbox One. I also had some cash and ended up walking out of GameStop with Nickelodeon: Kart Racers for my daughter's. I also DL'd Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Not a huge fan of military style games but I figure I would give this free game a go.

So my focus in March was to work on Resident Evil 2 and Madden NFL 19. With RE2 I was able to complete the Frugalist trophy and no others. I have been working on the walkthrough for RE2 and I'm not sure if I'm putting too much pressure on myself or what, but I am at a stand still. I keep making stupid rookie mistakes that ruin the goal I'm working towards. It also don't help that life has me stretched a bit too thin and overwhelmed.

With Madden it was even worse as far as trophy hunting as I achieved a big 0 in the trophy case. I'm completely fine with this as my brother-in-law and I have a great dynasty going on right now. We are coming up on the playoffs and it's looking good that both of us will make the post season. One thing that has aggravated me about the game is the "Full Set" trophy. I had just finished my last game and whammy! no trophy. After a bit of research I discovered that overtime games don't count, and having TBI doesn't help me in remembering which team that was. So now I'm going through each team a second time. I'm about 50% complete but hopefully I don't have to hit every team again.

A few months back I picked up Umbrella Corp digitally on sale. I finally figured I would give it a go this month even after hearing how dead the community is and individuals complaining about their enjoyment of the game. So I started it up, knocked out the tutorial and spent about an hour searching for a match. I haven't played or boosted this game so I will have to research it before throwing a session up on here and hoping the community comes through and helps me out.

Now my girls put a decent dent in Nickelodeon: Kart Racers. They earned 12 trophies and almost beat their daddy in two seperate races. This game reminds me so much of Mario Kart for the SNES. That's sad for a game released in 2018 but lots of fun with my girls and I look forward to playing it more with them.

As far as April goes I don't see me doing much as far as planning. My youngest turns 5 tomorrow. Game of Thrones starting back on the 14th that will take up much of my time. I have already ordered tickets to watch Avengers: Endgame on the 25th. Easter! And on top of all that, my father is in the last stages of leukemia. I have been spending the majority of my time with him. He is currently on home hospice and I am off working taking care of him. I'm not sure how much time he has left, but I do know I will have plenty of time to game once he's gone.

Sorry if I bummed anyone out there at the end, it isn't my intentions. So what's everyone playing this weekend? Sound off in the comments below and feel free to follow me on Twitter: @JAdamGilman
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