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Understanding trophy hunters: The infallible inevitability
Howdy TT folks, today I have a blog which relies on you guys, I'm here to learn and I want to see and understand something from other perspectives. This blog was sparked by the latest news and some feed spam caused by the newly introduced way to cheat the infamous 'Infallible' trophy from Fall Guys. Initially a (massively overrated) consistency challenge for those who were able to perform well at the game on a regular enough basis to string 5 wins together now can be finished in a matter of minutes with a small group of friends in private matches. Whether or not this will be patched soon (or ever) is to be seen but even if it does, a new exploit is inevitable as is the case with most games. It always has been and always will be the case, there will always be an exploit for most games and trophy lists at some point, big or small.

What confusion this sparks is the response and what motivations the trophy hunting community even has regarding not only these trophies, but trophies in general. I used to (I think) understand back in the day what motivations trophy hunters had for the cheats and exploits in games. Early on there wasn't a plethora of Ratalaika-like titles to binge out trophies on and therefore by exploiting and cheating other games trophy lists it enabled the person to get way more trophies in less time, simple as that right? I can get my head around that pretty easily. I've always understood that trophy hunting (at least the hardcore scene) is a numbers game, whether it be Hannah Montanna and the like back then or your Mayos and Slydes today it's always at least made basic sense for an outsider such as myself. Easier trophies = more trophies, therefore trophy hunter will do whatever it takes to make trophies easier, I thought I understood things. Whilst it's never been something for me and I don't fully understand how people enjoy grinding out a number I do at least see the motivations, the end goal etc.

Where things get unusual is that a lot of these more difficult or time consuming games also have outbreaks of trophy hunters exploiting and cheating to complete them, usually it becomes a trend where many jump on that game at once. This is where I don't understand the motivations because in playing these games, even with said exploits, they often take considerably longer to 100% than a Ratalaika-like, which kind of eliminates that motivation of doing it for the numbers... So, what else is there?

Granted there's a small subset of players I can get my head around slightly, the OCD completionists, 100% accounts etc. trying to maintain their complete account when they lack the ability to finish a games trophy list naturally (I even hear those kind of people pay others to get them trophies out of their league). Do I still think it's silly myself? Yeah, but just like those doing the numbers game, I at least understand their end goal and what motivates them to do what they do. But what I'm seeing is people who are far away from having a 100% account and people who've never even had the game on their profiles before today leaping to quickly cheat that trophy and I see it time and time again with other games. I don't understand for what reason someone would buy a game, cheat a few trophies and then continue to grind out the rest of the games trophy list when they clearly had no intent of playing the game before the exploit existed. If it were for the numbers, well, it's too slow compared to the plethora of easy game out there at this point. I did for a moment think 'maybe it's just for bragging rights?' The game does have a fairly overblown reputation for difficulty after all so maybe people are trying to pose as doing so legitimately but... Nope, every person who I've seen who have used this cheat method (and other games in the past) mostly openly admit to doing it this way so... It's not like they're trying to deceive people either. It almost appears, to me, as if trophy hunters perhaps see some kind of weird draw or novelty to these larger exploits for difficult or infamous trophies/achievements, like they're getting one over on the system perhaps? Some kind of sense of power and control? Otherwise I'm just struggling to understand the motivation behind jumping onto these exploits when they pop up.

So this is where I naturally turn to all of you, being as some of your are (or at least have more experience with) trophy hunters perhaps you can shed some light on the subject for me and help me learn what the motivations are, your thought processes etc.

I'm not in any way hating upon those who choose to do this kind of thing, ultimately it has no effect on me nor should it on anyone else how other people choose to live their life and consume their media but it's just one area of trophy hunting which I fail to understand or grasp. Why do you want what is effectively a random badge saying 'I did this' for something you haven't done or were unable to do for whatever reason (not enough time, lack of ability etc.) especially when you'd even admit yourself that you haven't done it? There's thousands upon thousands of other badges out there which you CAN get so why does one random one you couldn't suddenly matter when it's exploitable? Like, I had a random certificate from primary school that says I swam some small distance (can't remember how much, it's long gone now), if I couldn't swim at all... why would I suddenly want to get a fake certificate and let everyone know it's fake? I just don't get it, just seems utterly pointless, heck, the fact mine is long gone just goes to show how little I cared about that certificate to begin with.

I covered cheating before in another blog of mine a long time ago ( Harris59's blog post - Pro Profile Masquerade ) and trying to understand it, in that blog I was specifically aiming my attention at those who do it and claim to have done so legitimately (and I've learned a lot since then). Those types pose as something they are not for various reasons and whilst I typically dislike those kind of people (part of the reason I don't really use social media, I prefer honesty and authenticity above all) at least I feel like I have some sense of understanding there as to why they lie. Whether it be to appear 'better' than they are or because they know they'll get caught out and crave conflict etc. or even if they are just a compulsive liar by habit. But as I've pointed out in this blog, this is a different breed. An honest and transparent type of cheating which leaves in my mind an empty void of explanation... Help me to understand.

Please leave me your thoughts here
Do you jump to new exploits yourself and if so why?
If you don't, do you have understanding of why or any potential theories?
Do you care in any way about others use of exploits?

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I think it will be repatched again quite soon lolz, to be honest I don't like this kind of stuff but unfortunately i don't have much free time for online trophies

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Congrats ^^

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