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mad_alkilaniHorizon: Zero Dawn
mad_alkilani won 2 Trophies in Horizon: Zero Dawn for 30 points
DeathofRats09Gems of War
DeathofRats09 won 5 Trophies in Gems of War for 90 points
XtC-Proph3cy-XRiMEXtC-Proph3cy-X started the game RiME
DeathofRats09Gems of WarDeathofRats09 started the game Gems of War
detroitsports94DRIVECLUBMidnightdetroitsports94 completed the Midnight DLC for DRIVECLUB
detroitsports94 won 3 Trophies in DRIVECLUB for 362 points
TrueTrophyTrueTrophy has reached a new milestone: True Level 6
DeathofRats09Plague Inc: EvolvedDeathofRats09 started the game Plague Inc: Evolved
Comment by AtsumaKarin at 17:42 on 21 Feb 2018

This game has probably been on sale more than any other...and always for the same reduction (it's £4 again lol). Makes me think it'll be a PS+ game eventually.

Comment by DeathofRats09 at 18:01 on 21 Feb 2018

Played plague inc alot on mobile and have been thinking about playing it again on ps4

TRGibinAnniversaryTRGibin is celebrating their birthday today!
DeathofRats09TrueTrophy ScoreDeathofRats09 created a new TrueTrophy Goal - 135,000
DeathofRats09Contrast (PS3)DeathofRats09 started the game Contrast (PS3)
XcoreXBRUTALDishonored 2XcoreXBRUTAL completed the game Dishonored 2 and is the 507th gamer on the site to complete it

                  Status change by DeathofRats09 at 12:18 on 20 Feb 2018DeathofRats09 status: Is your KFC open
Comment by DeathofRats09 at 12:20 on 20 Feb 2018

700 stores in the uk are closed because they have no chicken

Comment by Jenova_20 at 15:47 on 20 Feb 2018

Still not sure how they managed to run out of chicken but the media is acting like it's the apocalypse

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SC_Shadow-BladeSC_Shadow-Blade has reached a new milestone: 6,250 Trophies Won
BigDaddyJThe Walking Dead: MichonneBigDaddyJ completed the base game The Walking Dead: Michonne and is the 2,510th gamer on the site to complete it
XcoreXBRUTALDishonored 2
XcoreXBRUTAL won 3 Trophies in Dishonored 2 for 801 points
rammstein1492Yakuza Kiwami
rammstein1492 won 4 Trophies in Yakuza Kiwami for 69 points
snova34zDon't Knock Twice
snova34z won 3 Trophies in Don't Knock Twice for 77 points
snova34zDon't Knock Twicesnova34z started the game Don't Knock Twice
LGbaybUncanny Valley
LGbayb won 4 Trophies in Uncanny Valley for 132 points
LGbaybUncanny ValleyPeeping Tom trophyLGbayb won the SilverPeeping Tom trophy in Uncanny Valley for 45 points
LGbaybUncanny ValleyTerminated trophyLGbayb won the SilverTerminated trophy in Uncanny Valley for 44 points
LGbaybUncanny ValleyBucksickle trophyLGbayb won the BronzeBucksickle trophy in Uncanny Valley for 21 points
LGbaybUncanny ValleyConformist trophyLGbayb won the BronzeConformist trophy in Uncanny Valley for 21 points
DeathofRats09Until Dawn
                    Secret TrophyDeathofRats09 won the Silver Secret Trophy in Until Dawn for 31 points
DeathofRats09Until DawnDeathofRats09 started the game Until Dawn
SC_Shadow-BladeCode: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (Vita)
SC_Shadow-Blade won 18 Trophies in Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (Vita) for 352 points
BigDaddyJTrophies WonBigDaddyJ created a new Trophies Won Goal - 2,450 by 19 Feb 2019
BigDaddyJTrueTrophy ScoreBigDaddyJ created a new TrueTrophy Goal - 66,000 by 19 Feb 2019
BigDaddyJTrophies WonBigDaddyJ achieved their Trophies Won Goal - 2,425
BigDaddyJTrueTrophy ScoreBigDaddyJ achieved their TrueTrophy Goal - 65,750 by 31 Dec 2018
BigDaddyJTrophy XPBigDaddyJ created a new Trophy XP Goal - 50,250 by 19 Feb 2019
BigDaddyJThe Walking Dead: Season TwoBigDaddyJ completed the game The Walking Dead: Season Two and is the 5,287th gamer on the site to complete it
BigDaddyJTrophy XPBigDaddyJ achieved their Trophy XP Goal - 50,000 by 31 Dec 2018
DeathofRats09Late ShiftDeathofRats09 completed the game Late Shift and is the 654th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Funderballs_007 at 11:33 on 18 Feb 2018

Snap, well done mate.

Comment by DeathofRats09 at 12:29 on 18 Feb 2018


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                  Status change by Gizmo_Monkey at 00:35 on 18 Feb 2018Gizmo_Monkey status: Ok DW9 is a bit shit. Good gameplay but technically almost unplayable.
Comment by Slayer1189 at 12:33 on 18 Feb 2018

I'm enjoying it, but feel that it prob sits in closer the bottom end of the scale for the series. Technically it has been good for me with the exception of the mission

Comment by Slayer1189 at 12:34 on 18 Feb 2018

At Wan Castle with Diane Wright being glitchy, but otherwise technically it has been fine. I don't feel the open world particularly suits it, at least not the way it has

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DeathofRats09Late Shift
DeathofRats09 won 3 Trophies in Late Shift for 334 points
DeathofRats09DeathofRats09 has reached a new milestone: PlayStation Level 23
Comment by Funderballs_007 at 00:06 on 18 Feb 2018

Nice one mate.

Comment by AtsumaKarin at 00:08 on 18 Feb 2018

Well done! clap

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DeathofRats09Late Shift
DeathofRats09 won 6 Trophies in Late Shift for 329 points
Gizmo_MonkeySecret of Mana
Gizmo_Monkey won 5 Trophies in Secret of Mana for 111 points
StuTheChiefMotoGP 17Living Legend trophyStuTheChief won the SilverLiving Legend trophy in MotoGP 17 for 40 points
DeathofRats09Tearaway UnfoldedDeathofRats09 started the game Tearaway Unfolded
Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 02:42 on 18 Feb 2018

I played this on the Vita recently and loved it. Hope this one is decent enough too :)

Comment by DeathofRats09 at 08:52 on 18 Feb 2018

Played it on vita also

detroitsports94DRIVECLUBdetroitsports94 completed the base game DRIVECLUB
detroitsports94 won 2 Trophies in DRIVECLUB for 718 points

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