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I've been a pro subscriber to both TA and TT for many years and love them both but since moving fully over to PlayStation, I've used TT more and more. The only downside to this change is that the gaming sessions on here and pretty much non existent. I've never seen one posted for games i want to do and whenever i make one it receives no interest. So i've decide to make a post about what trophies i want and post it on my blog in hope to get some help.

My gaming availability is pretty much every evening of every day from 9pm to 2-3am (UK time). So if you can help or also need these trophies, please get in touch.

Here's the games:

Red Dead Redemtion

Base Game:

Red Dead RedemptionPosse Up!The Posse Up! trophy in Red Dead Redemption worth 35 pointsCreate a posse and get the maximum number of members.

I will need another 6 people for this, as i have a friend to help, we can all take in turns being the posse leader.

I would also like to do all the DLCs in this game too so if anyone needs help and has suggestions on how to do all the online ones, let me know.

Dead Island (PS4)

Dead IslandOriginalityThe Originality trophy in Dead Island worth 26 pointsPlay in a co-op team of 4 different playable characters.

Dead IslandMénage à troisThe Ménage à trois trophy in Dead Island worth 26 pointsComplete 5 quests with 3 co-op partners.

Both of these we can do on a fresh playthrough, all as different character and just do the first few missions. I have a friend to help with these too.

Assassin's Creed Unity

Assassin's Creed UnityNever Say DieThe Never Say Die trophy in Assassin's Creed Unity worth 21 pointsRevive a partner in Co-op.

Assassin's Creed UnityChoreographyThe Choreography trophy in Assassin's Creed Unity worth 24 pointsPerform 10 Co-op sync kills.

Will just need one other person to help with these

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4)

Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagSacred LandThe Sacred Land trophy in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag worth 60 pointsPlaying as The Jaguar, be the highest scoring player of a Domination game session.

This is a DLC trophy but those just helping don't need it unless they want the trophy too, I need 3 others to play domination with.

Watch Dogs 2[/]

Showdown DLC:

Watch_Dogs 2It's the Final Showd0wnThe It's the Final Showd0wn trophy in Watch_Dogs 2 worth 126 pointsReach the maximum win streak bonus in Showd0wn

will need two more people to play on opposite team as have a friend to help too. We will take turns winning.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS4)

Grand Theft Auto VBackseat DriverThe Backseat Driver trophy in Grand Theft Auto V worth 37 pointsGTA Online: Direct a driver to 1st place as co-driver in Rally Mode.

Will need 2 others for this as i have a friend as a fourth, we will take in turns on this.

I want to do all the heists too, including the new one.
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