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Hey Gamers,
It's been a very long time since I blogged, so if you're here, welcome.
I have a question to everyone reading this, I would love to hear what your thoughts are on the subject.
No judging here, I just would like to hear why you either buy your video games as physical purchases or digital purchases and why.

I am a collector as well as a gamer so I will ALWAYS buy my games as physical purchases as I keep all my games forever. I will if possible normally buy the steel tin or collector editions of my games to add to my collection.
I do purchase digital if the games I want are digital only.
That is the only time I purchase digitally.

Want I really want to know is why anyone would buy digital over physical, I just cannot see a reason why digital would be better.
The reasons I can list physical is better than digital is:
1) I have an item I add to my collection that I forever own.
2) The price of physical is cheaper (I am buying RDR2 Friday for $69 physical compared to $99 digitally)
3) If I wanted to sell the physical copy of the game, I can and get maybe up to 80% of the price back.
4) Digital fills up your HDD and then you have to delete games to fit new games on.
5) I can lend my games to friends.
6) Internet is not very good in some places.
7) Physical is easier to keep track of your games and what you have bought.
8) If the game is shit I can either snap the disc in half or make a cool drink coaster out of it laugh

I understand digital is instant, no waiting at the shops or having to get to the shop etc and it is handier for changing games on the fly as you don't need to swap discs, but that is about the only reasons I see that digital has it over physical.

Again I am not judging I just would like to hear why lots of people seem to be going digital over physical, when physical seems like the most sensible choice.

Anyway if you have read this far well done and thanks for reading.
Leave your comment, I will appreciate the feedback.
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