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Watched Dead Snow 2, so gory but man so funny.

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On Dasher.......on Dancer...........on MasterCard and Visa.
Well it's that time fellow gamers.
The crazy time of the year for everyone, too much food, too much family laugh not enough drinks toast and hopefully some new games to ...
Posted by Funderballs_007 on 15 December 16 at 07:25 | There are 8 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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ZeroSeven_XLEGO WorldsZeroSeven_X has rated the game LEGO Worlds 3 out of 5
                    Secret TrophyDe_Vlemincx won the Bronze Secret Trophy in Furi for 32 points
x-KohakuDead Island
x-Kohaku won 5 Trophies in Dead Island for 168 points
jackdannLEGO CITY Undercoverjackdann completed the game LEGO CITY Undercover and is the 119th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by takutoneko at 14:40 on 17 Aug 2017

Grats :)

Comment by ZeroSeven_X at 14:50 on 17 Aug 2017

Good job!

Funderballs_007MotoGP 13
Funderballs_007 won 6 Trophies in MotoGP 13 for 178 points
AGNOSTICMADBALLUncharted 4: A Thief's EndAGNOSTICMADBALL completed the base game Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and is the 2,898th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Funderballs_007 at 09:16 on 17 Aug 2017

You got to the end of the thief, well done buddy.

Comment by jackdann at 14:38 on 17 Aug 2017

Well done mate!

AGNOSTICMADBALL won 5 Trophies in Type:Rider for 96 points
AGNOSTICMADBALLType:RiderAGNOSTICMADBALL started the game Type:Rider
veeerulesPersona 5
veeerules won 2 Trophies in Persona 5 for 34 points
takutonekoCatlateral Damagetakutoneko started the game Catlateral Damage
Comment by Funderballs_007 at 11:20 on 17 Aug 2017

No mr kitty, these are my cheesy poofs. NO KITTY THATS A BAD FUCKING MR KITTY.

Comment by El_Trophynador at 11:23 on 17 Aug 2017

Don't get too bored quickly

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xclr8rinfinite77Fallout 4Old Guns trophyxclr8rinfinite77 won the SilverOld Guns trophy in Fallout 4 for 39 points
PuroFreak won 2 Trophies in HELLDIVERS for 140 points
AtsumaKarinSayonara UmiharaKawase + (Vita)
These items contain commentsAtsumaKarin won 2 Trophies in Sayonara UmiharaKawase + (Vita) for 222 points
AtsumaKarinSayonara UmiharaKawase + (Vita)
                            Secret TrophyAtsumaKarin won the Silver Secret Trophy in Sayonara UmiharaKawase + (Vita) for 97 points
Comment by AtsumaKarin at 01:17 on 16 Aug 2017

Seriously, just mental, one of the hardest games I've ever played!

Comment by El_Trophynador at 03:00 on 16 Aug 2017

Good luck then...

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x-KohakuDead Island
x-Kohaku won 2 Trophies in Dead Island for 197 points
A_Tennis_GiraffeDiRT 4Taps Aff trophyA_Tennis_Giraffe won the BronzeTaps Aff trophy in DiRT 4 for 25 points
Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 22:51 on 16 Aug 2017

Now to just wait until the end of the month for the Dirty Dozen trophy and I have all of the online trophies in this done! Yay! Although, the money from the daily events

Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 22:52 on 16 Aug 2017

can be pretty good so I might continue to do some of those for a while :)

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veeerulesPersona 5
                    Secret Trophyveeerules won the Bronze Secret Trophy in Persona 5 for 16 points

                  Status change by takutoneko at 11:52 on 16 Aug 2017takutoneko status: Alien was loads of fun..Enjoyed it way more than I thought I was going to which is great.
Comment by Funderballs_007 at 12:51 on 16 Aug 2017

That's good, I was the same. I really enjoyed it way more than I was expecting, some really intense moments.

Comment by takutoneko at 13:45 on 16 Aug 2017

Sweet :) Great when a game surprises you like that imo. Intense moments is certainly true!! My game jammed right at the end so i had to replay it to get to the credits D:

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takutonekoAlien: Isolation
These items contain commentstakutoneko won 4 Trophies in Alien: Isolation for 132 points
takutonekoAlien: Isolation
                            Secret Trophytakutoneko won the Bronze Secret Trophy in Alien: Isolation for 28 points
Comment by takutoneko at 10:51 on 16 Aug 2017

Lol only cause i was conserving my gun did I try this out and a trophy popped.

Comment by Funderballs_007 at 11:31 on 16 Aug 2017

Are you enjoying this still?

Comment by takutoneko at 11:44 on 16 Aug 2017

Yeah, the ending was intense.

El_TrophynadorVostok IncEl_Trophynador completed the game Vostok Inc and is the 4th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Funderballs_007 at 11:33 on 16 Aug 2017

4th place, nice, thanks to this bloody Vostok game.

Comment by takutoneko at 12:02 on 16 Aug 2017

Grats :)

A_Tennis_GiraffeProminence PokerQuick PlayA_Tennis_Giraffe completed the Quick Play DLC for Prominence Poker
Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 09:15 on 16 Aug 2017

Nice to see the devs finally fixed these trophies and also that they made them retroactive. Was going to be pretty annoyed if we'd had to do the requirements again from

Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 09:17 on 16 Aug 2017

scratch. Now, onto the new DLC I guess...

Comment by AGNOSTICMADBALL at 14:57 on 16 Aug 2017

Glad you were able to unlock them. Nothing like the feeling of not being able to complete a game bcuz of glitchy trophies/achievements

AGNOSTICMADBALLUncharted 4: A Thief's End
                    Secret TrophyAGNOSTICMADBALL won the Bronze Secret Trophy in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for 30 points
Comment by AGNOSTICMADBALL at 08:55 on 16 Aug 2017

After several attempts and many hours put into this trophy, it finally unlocked for me. What a shitty and glitchy trophy!!!

Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 09:27 on 16 Aug 2017

Glad you finally got it to unlock! =D

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