Recent Trophies

  • Waiting Is Half The Fun

    Patience is key to any warrior's training. Fight in network battles 30 times using the standby function. The longer you wait, the greater the joy will be when you finally get picked. - Street Fighter V

    Waiting Is Half The Fun
    10 May 2020Online Game ModeVersusCumulative +
  • Always Someone Stronger

    Why not try fighting someone stronger than you in a Ranked Match? There's a lot you can gain from fighting stronger opponents. Beat 10 of 'em and you'll understand. - Street Fighter V

    Always Someone Stronger
    10 May 2020Online Game ModeVersusCumulative +
  • First Promotion!

    Master Zangief sent me flowers to celebrate me moving up a league for the first time! I can't read the card with all these tears! - Street Fighter V

    First Promotion!
    09 May 2020Online Game ModeVersusOnline Skill

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