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So hello ladies and gentleman been a bit since I made a blog entry but I figured a little word therapy would do me some good. First and foremost congrats to everyone who has made it so far in the GTTSC contest, its been a long road and we are in the final half! RichUK I see you up there and hope to see you at the finish line! So while a short mention I felt that it was worth talking about briefly before getting into the heavy stuff.

So I was in a car accident Tuesday. I am okay thankfully and managed to get away with a sprained shoulder and some bruises and the lady who T-Boned me is also fine but boy was that a wake up call. I called EVERY member of my family afterwards because of how scared I was and even some family who I never would have spoken to otherwise and gave me pause on what is important in life. Now this is not some kind of post saying games are not important to me now and I am stepping away from games for a bit, no its more of a gratefulness for games and the relaxation and escape they bring. After I got home I was severely shaken and scared of everything it seemed but I booted up Code Vein and lost myself in cheesy Weeb Souls. So that would have been exciting enough but then today happened.

My house caught on fire. A contractor working on the roof hit some kind of electrical wire and caused an electrical fire that has made my home uninhabitable or at least most of it. Thankfully I have insurance but the contractor is going to be paying for EVERYTHING and it i just gonna be a long process. Again miraculously though get this. NO DAMAGE was done to my personal possessions of worth (IE: my lab equipment, laptop, tv games etc) i lost a closest of clothes, a couch and chair but everything else has some minor smoke smell. Again I have been dealing with this all day and will continue to struggle through this as long as it takes but again you know what helped me through this? Mostly my family and friends who have been fantastic, but also knowing tonight after posting this I can decompress before work tomorrow with some Vita time and escape.

Now bad things usually come in threes so I am waiting for the other shoe to drop but until then if you see a little slow down from me that's why. The messgae I guess is make sure you have homeowners insurance, don't drive at 8am in DC traffic, and at the end of the day games can make a bad day a little better. Take care everyone!
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