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Blog #2 - Going Away For Awhile
Hey guys,
Since my last blog post I went on a trip to Seattle and spent a week without my games, which,
at first I thought was going to be difficult, but ...

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                Status change by ManuBAD_iT at 20:48 on 29 Nov 2020ManuBAD_iT status: Road to ISTANBUL 🆕Ford F-MAX (mods)🆒
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                Status change by xLilSheWolfx at 07:03 on 28 Nov 2020xLilSheWolfx status: Just in case people are wondering why I'm making an hour completion last days? I'm currently enjoying my second hobby of adult colouring.
Comment by xLilSheWolfx at 07:04 on 28 Nov 2020

I'm maintaining my trophy win streak.

Comment by xLilSheWolfx at 07:07 on 28 Nov 2020

Plus I'm going through a tough time. My mum's health went down hill again and I had another Gallbladder attack.

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xLilSheWolfxPro AccountxLilSheWolfx has just renewed their TrueTrophies Pro Account
Comment by xLilSheWolfx at 17:18 on 27 Nov 2020

Woohoo I'm good till 10th 2024!!!!!

Comment by xLilSheWolfx at 17:19 on 27 Nov 2020

Oops missed out October lol

Comment by Heazie-Man at 06:57 on 28 Nov 2020


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DragonpwnszxLilSheWolfx shared their lifetime PlayStation stats #MyPlayStationStory
Comment by TheNoddyBadger at 16:51 on 20 Nov 2020

You have my favorite ps3 rarest trophy EVER. I didn’t know that game was a thing, and, not knowing a damn thing about the game, I have so many questions about it smile

Comment by biff_beefcake at 17:40 on 20 Nov 2020

Woot! another person in the "Most Played Farm Together" club! laugh I'm surprised that Yonder is your longest game considering how quickly you stacked the other plats!

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Comment by biff_beefcake at 15:22 on 20 Nov 2020

smile I really REALLY want to play this lol but GTTSC has me all worried about decay from new releases... so, I'm super duper jealous of you right now laugh Enjoy!!

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