Solid E3 this year... new Deus Ex is absolutely awesome. Horizon Zero Dawn looks really great.


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DelethorDelethor has reached a new milestone: 195 Completed Games
DelethorNiohDelethor won 2 Trophies in Nioh for 39 points
DelethorNiohFashionista trophyDelethor won the Fashionista trophy in Nioh for 21 points
DelethorDelethor has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 72%
DelethorMurdered: Soul SuspectDelethor has rated the game Murdered: Soul Suspect 3.5 out of 5
DelethorMurdered: Soul SuspectDelethor completed the game Murdered: Soul Suspect and is the 8,423rd gamer on the site to complete it
DelethorDelethor has reached a new milestone: 370,000 TrueTrophy Score
DelethorDungeon Hunter: Alliance (Vita)Delethor completed the game Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (Vita) and is the 323rd gamer on the site to complete it
Pip2610WarframePip2610 won 5 Trophies in Warframe for 280 points
Pip2610WarframeJoyride trophyPip2610 won the Joyride trophy in Warframe for 88 points
Pip2610WarframeSharp Shooter trophyPip2610 won the Sharp Shooter trophy in Warframe for 47 points
Pip2610WarframeMaster Angler trophyPip2610 won the Master Angler trophy in Warframe for 54 points
Pip2610WarframeUpdate 25Pip2610 started the Update 25 DLC for Warframe
Pip2610WarframeUpdate 22Pip2610 started the Update 22 DLC for Warframe
Pip2610WarframeUpdate 23Pip2610 started the Update 23 DLC for Warframe
DelethorDelethor has reached a new milestone: True Level 50
DelethorMonster Energy Supercross - The Official VideogameDelethor won 16 Trophies in Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame for 510 points
Pip2610WarframePip2610 won 3 Trophies in Warframe for 254 points
Pip2610WarframeThe Sword Alone trophyPip2610 won the The Sword Alone trophy in Warframe for 81 points
Pip2610WarframeSaviour of Uranus trophyPip2610 won the Saviour of Uranus trophy in Warframe for 73 points
Pip2610WarframeWhat A Nightmare trophyPip2610 won the What A Nightmare trophy in Warframe for 100 points
DelethorDelethor has reached a new milestone: 8,250 Trophies Won
Pip2610WarframeUpdate 14Pip2610 started the Update 14 DLC for Warframe
DelethorDelethor has reached a new milestone: PlayStation Level 35
Pip2610WarframePolarize That trophyPip2610 won the Polarize That trophy in Warframe for 82 points
ZockerweibleinAssassin's Creed OdysseyZockerweiblein completed the game Assassin's Creed Odyssey and is the 4,752nd gamer on the site to complete it
Pip2610WarframePip2610 won 2 Trophies in Warframe for 459 points
Pip2610WarframeInto the Void trophyPip2610 won the Into the Void trophy in Warframe for 210 points
Pip2610WarframeSaya's Vigil trophyPip2610 won the Saya's Vigil trophy in Warframe for 249 points
Pip2610WarframeUpdate 13Pip2610 started the Update 13 DLC for Warframe
Pip2610WarframeUpdate 21Pip2610 started the Update 21 DLC for Warframe
Pip2610WarframeUpdate 12Pip2610 completed the Update 12 DLC for Warframe
Pip2610WarframePip2610 won 4 Trophies in Warframe for 277 points
Pip2610WarframeThe 8-fold Path trophyPip2610 won the The 8-fold Path trophy in Warframe for 112 points
Pip2610WarframeMercenary trophyPip2610 won the Mercenary trophy in Warframe for 90 points
Pip2610WarframeUpdate 16Pip2610 completed the Update 16 DLC for Warframe
Pip2610WarframeUpdate 7Pip2610 completed the Update 7 DLC for Warframe
Pip2610WarframeRide the Wave trophyPip2610 won the Ride the Wave trophy in Warframe for 67 points
Pip2610WarframeUpdate 12Pip2610 started the Update 12 DLC for Warframe
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TrueTrophy in All Games 2,162 View history chart 45,973 4.70
Trophies Completion %age in All Games 6,211 View history chart 45,973 13.51
Completed Games in All Games Germany 31 View history chart 386 8.03
Trophies Completion %age in All Games Germany 104 View history chart 386 26.94
TrueTrophy in All Games Germany 37 View history chart 386 9.59
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dropK1CK_ninJA TT Public Beta Members Private 13 95 13.68

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