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PermalinkThe Platinum Coated Month
It would seem to me that May 2018 is some kind of charmed month, where everything I touch turns to Platinum.

At the start of this month I had two platinums. I got my first in August of last year, and my second in late January. Almost 5 months apart. I was honestly expecting to get maybe 2-3 platinums per year at that rate and was happy with that goal. But since getting my second platinum in Shovel Knight which is actually a genuinely hard one to get, I realised I could actually achieve these trophies relatively easily if I push myself.

This month alone has seen me get 3 platinum trophies, all in games that I only started this year. So it's not just platinums but contemporary platinums. My most recent platinum is the one from Horizon: Zero Dawn which I'm still not quite finished with as there's the DLC and New Game Plus to play though... but a later time perhaps.

Horizon: Zero DawnAll trophies obtainedThe All trophies obtained trophy in Horizon: Zero Dawn worth 281 pointsObtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies.

Now the question is, what games am I going to go for now? There are a few that I do want to go for, and a few I expect I'll never get; namely Red Dead Redemption due to it's awful multiplayer system and quite difficult multiplayer trophies. So while I'd like it, I'm not going to focus on it just yet... who knows maybe a remastered version will come out, and I could go for the plat in that instead.

There are a few games I want to go for the plat in that I've somewhat abandoned and need to get back to. The Last Of Us Remastered has swallowed so much time just for four online trophies, and I'm still missing one. It's fun multiplayer sure but these trophies where a bit extreme. Once I do get it though it'll likely be my most proud plat as it'll certainly be the biggest time sink and involve a hard difficulty play through. I want to go back and finish Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit as it's the best racing game that has trophies. Then there's Alice: Madness Returns which I was really enjoying but I stopped playing when my PS3's dualshock broke and I just never got around to picking it back up. I've since replaced that dualshock so I have no excuse.

But those three are already known. I've been saying I want to do these for ages. So how about I give myself a good selection to go for. A dozen games sounds like a good amount...

The Last of Us RemasteredIt can't be for nothingThe It can't be for nothing trophy in The Last of Us Remastered worth 497 pointsPlatinum Trophy

Need for Speed: Hot PursuitNFS Hot Pursuit EliteThe NFS Hot Pursuit Elite trophy in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit worth 376 pointsAwarded for successfully collecting all Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit trophies

Alice: Madness ReturnsPlatinum For All Other TrophiesThe Platinum For All Other Trophies trophy in Alice: Madness Returns worth 321 pointsPlatinum For All Other Trophies

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year EditionThe Limits of the PossibleThe The Limits of the Possible trophy in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition worth 448 pointsCollect all trophies.

NieR: AutomataFinal WordsThe Final Words trophy in NieR: Automata worth 293 pointsThank you for playing.

Okami HDTop DogThe Top Dog trophy in Okami HD worth 371 pointsAcquire all trophies.

Final Fantasy X HD RemasterCompletionThe Completion trophy in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster worth 461 pointsObtain all available trophies

Until DawnA Symphony of Horror TrophiesThe A Symphony of Horror Trophies trophy in Until Dawn worth 282 pointsYou collected all Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in Until Dawn

RangoThe BardThe The Bard trophy in Rango worth 197 pointsEarn every Trophy in Rango

Rayman Origins (Vita)Sweet Dreams!The Sweet Dreams! trophy in Rayman Origins (Vita) worth 424 pointsWon ALL trophies in the game! SICK!

CelesteHeartbeatThe Heartbeat trophy in Celeste worth 331 pointsUnlock every trophy

So this is my official "going for" list... with the twelfth spot reserved for Sonic Mania Plus which I'm really hoping will release with a platinum this July when the physical version comes out. But if not I'll still 100% it at least...

In that list I have the three games I've been saying I want to platinum since the beginning of the year. I then have the winners from the poll I did in the last blog post, which was The Witcher 3, the runner-up was NieR: Automata so that's on the list as well. Following on from that, the third place was actually "none of the above" with multiple people messaging me to say I should play Okami HD from my list of "other" games. So I've added that to the list too.

From there it's personal choices. I'm a big Final Fantasy fan and have no platinums for the series. This should be rectified, so I've added FFX HD Remaster which I own for the Vita to the list. It's one I was considering going for the plat for last year but got distracted. Next is Until Dawn, a game I loved playing over Hallowe'en and after getting the plat in Life Is Strange, I'm realising I'm actually a fan of the genre, surprisingly; so I'd like to go back and finish this one.

Once I had JRPGs and Visual Novel esq games covered I decided to look into platformers. I've added something relatively unknown to the list, Rango on PS3. It's a game I picked up for dirt cheap and it's a 3D platformer that I've heard is a forgotten gem. I love 3D platformers, so why not? Finally I wanted some 2D platforming so I've added Rayman Origins for the Vita, and Celeste on the PS4 which is sadly digital only and also brilliant. Should it ever get a physical release I will definitely be re-buying it if only to own it legitimately. Though it is also really quite hard, so it should be a challenge to get the plat for. Like I say the last one on the list is reserved for Sonic Mania Plus, here's hoping it gets a plat.

So that's my next dozen platinum trophies planned for. I may discover a different game in the interim, but for the time being, these are the games I'm hoping to focus on.

To think, this time last year the idea of planning my 18th platinum trophy would have seemed ludicrous, but now it feels genuinely possible. Even if I only get 1 per month, I should have these done in 1 year, and is May is anything to go by I could have them done by the end of September (though that seems unlikely). So to make it more manageable, my aim is to have the platinum in all of these by the end of 2019. Doable? Who knows...
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PermalinkHelp Me Pick? Demolishing My Backlog
Well it's only been a few days since my last post but I've powered through and finished my most recent game, Life Is Strange earning my 4th platinum, as well as finished the story on Horizon: Zero Dawn, so all that's left for me to do there is the DLC and finishing off the optional stuff.

Life Is StrangeWhat If?BurnedChipmunkThe What If? trophy in Life Is Strange worth 234 pointsUnlock all other trophies from Life Is Strange™

Horizon: Zero DawnHidden TrophyBurnedChipmunkThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Horizon: Zero Dawn worth 118 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

There must be a lot of side-quest trophies as I'm still a fair way off the platinum. Though it's nice to see New Game Plus isn't requires for the plat, but has added trophies as free DLC, that's cool.

So, now the question is... what should I play next. With me no longer putting as much time into Tom Clancy's The Division I've got a lot more free time for other games (though I will still be playing with friends). I've had my quick pallet cleansing game, and I think now it's time for something big and meaty again and I'd like some help choosing.

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Hopefully I'll get a decent amount of responses. I'm going to leave this up until the end of the month and see what people think I should play. Hopefully it'll help me choose my main game to play over the summer.

I have a lot of shorter largely indie games too, like; AER, Furi, Oceanhorn, Until Dawn, Sonic Mania, Lili[, Shantae, Order 1886, Rime. Infamous First Light and Flinthook.... all of which I could go for the plat on (except Sonic Mania because it doesn't have one annoyingly). All of which can be finished with the platinum in under 15 hours (like Life Is Strange which took only 11 hours), maybe more depending on difficulty. And then there's other somewhat shorter single player games, like the Uncharted series, Alice: Madness Returns, Okami HD etc. that I might also go for. These games are usually around the 10-20 hours long mark but take multiple playthroughs for the plats. So you're looking at a 30-40 hour plat for these... still they're not 200+ hour plats like the ones in the poll, so I've not included them. Though I'll probably play some of the games listed above as palette cleansers when I need a break from my epic open world RPG-esq game de jure.

The hardest part for me, is starting and getting invested in these huge games. It's a bit easier when you know the story campaign is only 15 hours long, but when you know it's a 60 hour long story with a massive open world that takes over 200 hours to complete, as well as having hard mode, new game plus, or challenge mode trophies; designed to make the game feel epic... that's when I get overwhelmed. It was great to finally finish Horizon: Zero Dawn and I hope to spend the rest of the month gathering collectables, exploring the DLC, and getting close to if not actually winning that platinum. Having a definitive "this is what you're playing next" will help focus me, and I honestly don't care what wins because I've been wanting to play ALL of these games for so long now.

Thanks guys for taking part.
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PermalinkThird Platinum, An Unexpected MMO.
Well I wasn't really expecting this a few months back when I started this game, but I got my third platinum, and my fastest platinum so far, by finishing Tom Clancy's The Division. It feels good to have finished it. While I don't have all the exotics and still don't have a complete classified set; I have finished the game. There's still the incursions to do and I can always improve, but as I'm the best at the game in my circle of friends taking a step back, letting them catch up, get better loot-sets etc. and only playing as part of my team now will be cool. It'll give me time to play other games.

Tom Clancy's The DivisionPlatinum AgentThe Platinum Agent trophy in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 381 pointsUnlocked every Trophy in Tom Clancy's The Division™.

It's nice to have this trophy though, it's good to mark The Division out as having done something special. While it's The Last Of Us Remastered that got me into online shooters (third person only), in an attempt to get it's online trophies, it's most definitely The Division that made me a full blown online gamer. I've dragged 3 friends in with me (would have been more but they resisted) and we've had great fun. Now though, after 183 hours of gameplay, I can move on to other games.

I've recently picked up Life Is Strange which is a cool and far shorter by comparison, game that I'm actually really enjoying. I'll almost certainly platinum this one. I wasn't careful in Chapter 1 and missed quite a few photo's but I'll get them on a second play through. It reminds me a lot of Until Dawn which I loved and need to go back to soon. Both are supposedly easy platinums, so I could get both.

Life Is StrangeWhat If?The What If? trophy in Life Is Strange worth 234 pointsUnlock all other trophies from Life Is Strange™

Until DawnA Symphony of Horror TrophiesThe A Symphony of Horror Trophies trophy in Until Dawn worth 282 pointsYou collected all Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in Until Dawn

Finally I've gone back to the game that I was most enjoying before I started The Division, because I have a bad habit of not finishing my games. That game is Horizon: Zero Dawn. This is a game I've absolutely adored, so I want to get this plat. I still hate the camera, but I'm learned to get over it for the most part...

I'll almost certainly have one or both of the previous plats before I finish Horizon, which I've already put 40+ hours into. The entire trophy list seems to be secret trophies, so I don't think New Game Plus or any of the sun challenges are actually necessary for the plat. Though I do need to find the grazer dummies to knock over... I'm sure I've only missed one.

Horizon: Zero DawnAll trophies obtainedThe All trophies obtained trophy in Horizon: Zero Dawn worth 281 pointsObtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies.

Still, I shouldn't be too far off now. I'm almost level 40 and quite a substantial way through the story... I think.
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PermalinkChanging Priorities & Multiplayer
Well, my gaming priorities have changed somewhat as I go from game to game playing what takes my fancy. I've enjoyed my time with Monster Hunter World since it's release but I burned out on it after a while. I've had a lot of fun playing Tom Clancy's The Division which despite being effectively an MMO, is something I'm looking at possibly getting the platinum for. It's been a lot of fun playing with friends and I'm looking forward to future online experiences like this. Currently I'm trying to collect more of the collectables, but they're not easily found. I've scoured the map looking for phone records and picked up only half of them so some must be hidden.

Tom Clancy's The DivisionAgent DiariesThe Agent Diaries trophy in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 25 pointsExtract 130 phone recordings from phones found in Manhattan.

I'm going to see what I can find online about collecting all the collectables, there's bound to be hints there. I recon this could be my next Platinum trophy after all. Other than that, I'm getting back into the swing of playing multiplayer matches in The Last Of Us Remastered as I still need one more multiplayer trophy.

The Last of Us RemasteredHunterThe Hunter trophy in The Last of Us Remastered worth 206 pointsComplete the Hunter Journey

Other than that, I'm not really going for anything else right now. I've kind of abandoned Red Dead Redemption. The multiplayer is just broken and frustrating, but I might go back to it in the future. I'm really enjoying multiplayer though, to the point where I've all but abandoned single player games to an extent. I do want to go back and finish certain games, particularly Horizon: Zero Dawn. There's also a lot of single player games I want to get around to, particularly some of the big open world games like The Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy VX. Though they are a huge time investment. I also want to get back into the JRPGs on the Vita, namely Persona 4 Golden and Final Fantasy X. But they'll take some work if I'm going for the plats.

Lastly I've been looking at PS4 strategy and sim games. People always presume these games are better on PC because obviously mouse and keyboard is superior for them... but is it? I've got a copy of Tropico 5 Complete for PS4 now so I can see for myself how sim strategy builder games really work with a controller. Who knows I may find the added structure of a platinum trophy to be a good motivator for constructive play on those games.
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