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Permalink2 Weeks, No PSN
Well, I broke a 2 month long streak and basically stopped playing anything on PSN following that streak breaking. It was fun keeping it up but damn it was hard work. I've had fun but it most definitely is time to gain some perspective.

I simply don't have the time to get a trophy every day, but trophy hunting is certainly a lot of fun. I want to go back and finish the games I've been playing; as well as play more games. I've decided I'm going to at the very least spend 30 mins every day playing a game but I'm not going for a new streak. That way madness lies. Also, I've been totally neglecting non-Playstation games. Since the 10th I've been PC gaming instead and it's been a lot of fun. I also have a Wii U with some fantastic games and I've yet to play a lot of them.

So yeah, here I am. I'm not dead. But I will be dialling back the insanity just a little. Still want some platinums though.
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PermalinkThe Relief Of A Completed Level
I've been playing a lot of Shovel Knight recently. I've been actively looking to get quite a few trophies within the game. There's one for finishing the game, one for doing so without dying, one for doing so without falling into a bottomless pit, and one for destroying every checkpoint in the game. Naturally these look like they're designed to be stacked, so I decided I'd try one single run of the game where I destroyed all checkpoints, (I wasn't going to need them anyway), and beat the game without dying which would naturally include not falling into bottomless pits.

Shovel KnightVictory!The Victory! trophy in Shovel Knight worth 42 pointsFinish the game.

Shovel KnightPerfect PlatformerThe Perfect Platformer trophy in Shovel Knight worth 238 pointsFinish the game without falling into a bottomless pit.

Shovel KnightCheckpointlessThe Checkpointless trophy in Shovel Knight worth 236 pointsDestroy every possible checkpoint in the game.

Shovel KnightImpossible!The Impossible! trophy in Shovel Knight worth 238 pointsFinish the game without dying.

This run has been particularly hard. The game is beyond a challenge when you attempt a no death run. I've spend literally days on the last few levels; but I've finally got past Polar Knight and Propeller Knight today, leaving only Tinker Knight left... then there's the final boss obviously.

I'll still need to do another play through minimum in order to do the speed run play through, which I may combine with the New Game+ play through, (if I'm able). This has been one hell of a trail to try and get the platinum but it feels like I'm getting through the hardest part now. The weapon specific trophies are easy clean-up, I can do them on King Knights, (or in my case Queen Knights) level.

Hopefully I'll have the game done before Christmas. Here's hoping.
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PermalinkRIP Roger; A Happy Cat Taken Too Soon
Well this week has been rather shitty for me as my cat Roger was hit by a car and killed on Monday. He was a lovely cat, playful and happy. Loved having his belly rubbed, would come when called, and was a generally fantastic pet. Sadly he was also as daft as they come and had a tendency to play in the road, something thankfully the others don't do. No concept of danger he no doubt was out playing when it happened... thankfully it was sudden and he didn't suffer.

So yeah, that's been my week. Been trying to take my mind off things. Not felt like doing much of anything though. I'm taking it better than I expected I would, but I can't help but feel angry about it all at times. Tried a few new games, mainly 'Slain' on Vita and 'Wet' on PS3 to try and focus on something new, but neither really grabbed me. Maybe it's just that I've had a bad experience and it's put me off gaming a little, but I think I can get over it all soon enough. I am really enjoying 'Persona 4 Golden' at least, and maybe a story driven game is exactly what I need. I still need to be there for the other cats anyway. They're acting weird at meal times, not eating and staring at the window... I think they know he's missing but don't know why, so I need to be perky and stay playful for them because they don't understand what's happened. Life goes on for those of us still here and at least he had a happy and loved life while it lasted I guess.

Hopefully next blog post will be a happier one.
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PermalinkBurst Of Trophies, What To Play Next?
Today marks the 15th day into my first Trophy Streak that's lasted longer than 1 week. It's been fun. I've played a few different games and I've discovered that one game tends to last me about a week before I move onto something else. I still want to go back to the other games, but I find I'm enjoying playing through the beginning of games.

The last few weeks I've played 'Alice: Madness Returns' on PS3 which I'm about half way through at the moment. Then I gave 'XCOM 2' a try and found I really enjoyed it; it's kind of replaced 'The Last Of Us Remastered' as my go to game on PS4 for the last couple of weeks. On Vita, I took a break from 'Shovel Knight' to give 'Rayman Origins' a playthrough. I've played it on the 3DS already but I remembered enjoying it and decided to grab the trophies on a casual play through. That's been fun. Most recently I've been playing 'Remember Me' on PS3, which is going well. Will have to go back to 'The Last Of Us' as I want to grab the multiplayer trophies before it's too late and the community dries up; then I can tackle beating the single player on the harder difficulties at my own pace. I have the first two, only two more to go... good job I'm really enjoying the multiplayer as it's quite time consuming.

At my current rate, I'm getting around 3-4 trophies per day, which is a shockingly high number for me. If anything I'm slightly worried I'm going to run out of trophies to get and be unable to keep my streak going; but then I remember that I have literally hundreds of games (about 150 on Sony systems), most of which I've not played; so maybe this will spur me to play my backlog.

I have loads of stuff I've not played yet. In fact. I'd be interested to know what games the community here thinks I should play next. I've got a few I've been looking at, particularly as Hallowe'en is coming.

On PS3 I've got -
'Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow', 'Splatterhouse', 'Spec Ops: The Line', 'Dark Void', 'Prince Of Persia: Forgotten Sands', 'Wet', 'Grand Theft Auto IV', 'Dante's Inferno', and more...

On Vita I've got -
'Child Of Light', 'Gravity Rush', 'Oceanhorn', 'Uncharted: Golden Abyss', 'Stained', 'Axiom Verge', 'Persona 4 Golden', 'Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time', 'Dynasty Warriors 8' and more...

On PS4 I've got -
'Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection', 'Final Fantasy 15', 'DmC: Devil May Cry', 'Sleeping Dogs', 'Until Dawn', 'Shadow Of Mordor', 'Torment: Tides Of Numanera', 'Deadpool' and more...

These are just the games I'm actively looking at and thinking "hmmm, maybe". So what does the community think? Anything interesting there you think I should play next. I'm leaning towards the horror games with it being October, but I'm interested in giving all these games a try.
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PermalinkStarting Out Trophy Hunting
Well, it's been a few months and I'm still enjoying trophy hunting. I joined PSNProfiles but quickly found the moderators there to be sad crybabies who can't handle the slightest in controversial opinions. The forums here never seem as active, but the TrueTrophies score is a must have and I'm enjoying the trophy streak feature which is spurring me on to earn more trophies.

So far I'm still at less than 9,000 TT points, and I've got only a single platinum trophy but I hope to change this sooner rather than later. I have many games in my cross-hairs and even when I'm not actively going for a platinum, getting some trophies still feels worthwhile thanks to the TT score.

Overall, I play for fun. I don't care about having the most trophies. If I did I'd ignore my sense of taste and self respect and play crap like 'I Am Bread' or those many other trophy-fodder games. Rather, after 27 years of playing video games I've decided to explore my hobby more deeply. As an adult I would bemoan and lament that I never had time for my games, that they sat on my shelf doing nothing and I had a HUGE backlog. But really, I just hit burnout. I needed something to add that spice back and make gaming feel enticing again. Trophies have done that.

My first platinum is InFamous: Second Son, a great game I legit played through twice and got all but a handful of trophies just playing through it casually. I went back and picked up the plat in less than 2 hours just clearing up the last few trophies... but damn it felt good. Now I want to make the platinum trophy something special. Something I only go for on games deserving of the extra time...

I've picked out a few plats I'm going for; 'Shovel Knight', 'Alice: Madness Returns', and 'The Last Of Us Remastered' the later of which is the first and only competitive multiplayer game I've ever given time to and now that I have I really like the multiplayer. It's a completely different experience to the single player narrative game and after more than 30 hours spend in the multiplayer I don't regret it at all. If anything it's made me more willing to try multiplayer in games...

Other games I'm looking at finishing and maybe getting the platinum are the 'Uncharted' games, 'Final Fantasy X HD', 'Remember Me', and a few others. I'd like to try and go for the 'Red Dead Redemption' platinum but I don't know if the multiplayer is active enough to try for it in 2017-2018.

Still. I'm having fun and rekindling my love for games. If you want to follow my attempt to get more trophies, please do.
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