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Disclaimer: The point of these "Reports" is to remind my future self as to why I played these games in the first place. To give purpose as to why I enjoyed the game, Why I hated the game, & what of the game frustrates me. These are documents to record every game I play on Playstation, I want to one day look back at these records and read the moments that captured me, for good and for worse.

These Reports are my "Personal Opinions" and shouldn't be taken as official. There will be no Score like traditional reviews. I just want to log a reminder of my Playstation History and refer back to previous reviews if need be. with that out the way.

Telltale Games really know how to tell a Tale.(lol) Jokes Aside, Let me tell you about Tales from the Borderlands. This game is amazing, as someone who's previously played borderlands 1,2 and the Pre-Sequel I can easily say that this game feels like a complete closure to the series. Telltale Games really Respects every IP they touch and it shows.

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Tales from the borderlands really captures your attention and for those who hasn't played the previous borderlands game can go into this game without being lost. Rhys and Fiona the two characters you control are hilarious, both are charged with setting up the game with their sides of the story at gunpoint. Each describing how things went from their perspective, At some points in the game Rhys and Fiona call each other out for their exaggerated and Skewed versions of events making them seem more heroic and clever than they are naturally, Which leads to some pretty funny and over the top scenarios.

 Deal with it Deal with it

Each Episode has a set of great supporting characters to help the story along. I think Loaderbot and Gortys are the cutest character combo in the game. I really love how they interact and conversate, Most times I try my best not to interrupt their dialogue. Each character like Vaughn and Sasha really helps the story along with their quips or (in vaughns case) puns and awkwardness can fill the story with comedic effect.

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But sometimes the game can really have a serious side, you know those "oh shi" moments. Telltale really nails it home here. part of me was wondering how can a comedic game like borderlands have a serious story? trust me when I say, Your decisions have weight here and consequences can be dire to the plot. And when it comes to the Finale your decisions are important to who will join you in the final episode.

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Let's take some time to talk about the music in the game because I don't feel that music gets alot of love in video games. Tales from the borderlands present their episodes in a Unique Way. I actually wish they do this with their other games because damn was it good. Each Episode has a catchy song to go with the feel of the episode, I would be lying if I said I didn't have chills at how perfect these song went with the feel of the Episode Intro. Especially Episode 5 the song here "Retrograde" Really captured the feeling of hopelessness and the despair of space. The feels man....

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To end it all, I know playing Telltale games is low hanging fruit when it comes to Trophies. Each Telltale game has pretty easy going Trophies they made it that way so you can focus more on enjoying the story and less about completing challenges, It gets more people buying their game because of the easy Trophies. But you cannot deny they can really tell a story and I love and respect their company, and at some point if you haven't already will too. Here's to One Platinum. Can't wait to jump into more Adventures.

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"Retrograde" From Episode 5 - Vault of the Traveller
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I go by the name Brave Cypher on PSN. I was a long time Xbox User until recently I been playing Xbox for about 8 years now. But Xbox has been lacking in areas that should be strong such as Exclusives and Backwards Compatibility. Alot of Xbox 360 Games sitting on my shelf is not even in the backwards compatibility list. Games and Gems such as Sudeki, Lollipop Chainsaw and Magnacarta II to name a few. Xbox just seem to worry too much about shooters and racers.

I like JRPG's, I like Rpg's in General and I like a good amount of games with stories in them. I wanna play them all. But Xbox sadly doesn't have games that interests me. I am new to the Playstation Universe. My plan is to play all the games on playstation or at least a good portion of it. I dedicated 8 years to Xbox but i will not be returning there.

I'm going to see what the playstation world and why alot of people are telling me to come to sony.
I am a Avid E3 Viewer and I really love my Final Fantasy Games. I will be documenting everything on True Trophies. Every Game I complete I will write about. Since I was a former Achievement Hunter, That converts me a current Trophy Hunter. Every Platinum i get will be documented here.

In the end i want my entire gaming history and progress written and documented here.
since i have no friends on TrueTrophies and on PSN feel free to add me. I will assume no one pays attention to these blogs unless your popular. but i will write everything here, Read what Interests you. Who knows you might even find a review you'd find interesting.
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