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Picked up Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth earlier today, spent 3 hours playing around and researching the starters. I think I'm finally set to

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June 2016 Gaming Summary
Not a bad month overall.

Games Started:
Sword Art Online: Re Hollow Fragment (PS4)

Games Played But Not Started or Finished:
Diablo 3 (PS3)
Fallout 4 (PS4)
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition (PS4)
Mugen Souls (PS3)
Stranger of Sword City (Vita)
Styx: Master of Shadows (PS4)

Games Finished:

PlayStation Level 6 on 3 June 2016
Another Year Older on 19 June 2016
Completion Percentage 35% on 20 June 2016
True Level 8 on 21 June 2016
TT Ratio 1.9 on 21 June 2016

Trophies Won: 44 with the best day being 2 June 2016 with 8 trophies each day.

TT XP: 1,434

PSN XP: 870

TT Ratio For The Month: 1.65

Highest TT Ratio Trophy: 1 Bronze trophy at 2.60
Fallout 4Mass ProductionBooneIronshieldThe Mass Production trophy in Fallout 4 worth 29 pointsProduce 100 objects from your builders
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AtsumaKarinEnergy Invasion (EU)AtsumaKarin has rated the game Energy Invasion (EU) 1 out of 5
Comment by AtsumaKarin at 12:33 on 15 Jan 2018

This would take me a lot of comments to describe just how many ways this game sucks so I'll leave it for the blog. laugh

Comment by UlvenFenrir at 14:05 on 15 Jan 2018

Sony is very anal about what games are allowed on their system (players unknown battleground isnt allowed for good reason)

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AtsumaKarinShe Wants Me DeadAtsumaKarin has rated the game She Wants Me Dead 3 out of 5
Comment by AtsumaKarin at 12:32 on 15 Jan 2018

Overall, very cool game, some minor collision detection issues at times. One random pop-up I have no idea why it came up. Painfully short, though, which holds it back.

Comment by Slayer1189 at 13:27 on 16 Jan 2018

Nice. Also the term "Painfully Short" made me add this to my wishlist. I usually like this type of game to be short and sweet smile

Comment by AtsumaKarin at 13:28 on 16 Jan 2018

Yeah, there's only 10 levels and they don't take long to learn, it's just mastering them well enough for the 2 Gold trophies takes up a chunk of time.

AtsumaKarinBRIKS 2AtsumaKarin has rated the game BRIKS 2 3 out of 5
Comment by AtsumaKarin at 12:31 on 15 Jan 2018

Really don't understand the hate for these games remotely. I mean, it recycles background/uses royalty free music (I'm guessing) but the gameplay's solid.

Comment by AtsumaKarin at 12:32 on 15 Jan 2018

*backgrounds Certainly a lot better than the subsequent Breakout/Arkanoid clone I played...

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AtsumaKarinAtsumaKarin has reached a new milestone: 8,000 Trophies Won
Comment by Flakk at 02:54 on 15 Jan 2018

Wubba wubba dub dub! Congrats also on the completion and met goal! clap

Comment by Harris59 at 05:07 on 15 Jan 2018

1001 to go ;)

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AtsumaKarinAtsumaKarin has reached a new milestone: 250 Completed Games
Comment by UlvenFenrir at 09:57 on 15 Jan 2018


Comment by Slayer1189 at 11:29 on 15 Jan 2018


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AtsumaKarinEnergy Invasion (EU)AtsumaKarin completed the game Energy Invasion (EU) and is the 23rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by UlvenFenrir at 09:57 on 15 Jan 2018


Comment by AtsumaKarin at 12:27 on 15 Jan 2018

Ew is right, absolute garbage game, easily the worst Sometimes You one besides the Vita port of Alteric. This makes Energy Cycle seem like a masterpiece!

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AtsumaKarinTrophy XPAtsumaKarin achieved their Trophy XP Goal - 300,000
Comment by Badger2385 at 15:08 on 15 Jan 2018

Yay!! All the XP!

Comment by AtsumaKarin at 20:20 on 15 Jan 2018

Thanks, Badger! toast

Comment by ZeroSeven_X at 22:31 on 16 Jan 2018

Finally got some time to catch up with the feed. Well done on achieving your goal!

AtsumaKarinShe Wants Me DeadAtsumaKarin completed the game She Wants Me Dead and is the 3rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Flakk at 15:51 on 14 Jan 2018

Wow! Fantastic Top Three completion! AtsumaBeast on the podium! clap

Comment by Slayer1189 at 16:03 on 14 Jan 2018

Wooo, congrats clap

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AtsumaKarinWin StreakAtsumaKarin is currently on a 10 day trophy win streak
Comment by Flakk at 15:51 on 14 Jan 2018

Woo! Keeping it going! clap

Comment by AtsumaKarin at 01:00 on 15 Jan 2018

Streaks have been hard to come by for me lately, hopefully, I can make this one last! smile

Comment by Slayer1189 at 09:57 on 15 Jan 2018


BooneIronshieldBooneIronshield is celebrating their 2-year anniversary of joining
AtsumaKarinShe Wants Me DeadWhat's the rush? trophyAtsumaKarin won the GoldWhat's the rush? trophy in She Wants Me Dead for 345 points
Comment by Slayer1189 at 00:41 on 14 Jan 2018

One more to go dance

Comment by AtsumaKarin at 02:46 on 14 Jan 2018

Couldn't quite do it tonight/this morning. That last part of level 10 is such a PITA! I will succeed later once I've slept!

pp4isnfsSuper Meat BoyNostalgia trophypp4isnfs won the BronzeNostalgia trophy in Super Meat Boy for 15 points
pp4isnfsSuper Meat Boypp4isnfs started the game Super Meat Boy

                  Status change by AtsumaKarin at 13:51 on 13 Jan 2018AtsumaKarin status: It's safe to say last week was...really bad, mentally just feel spent. Only my dog and you guys keep me going some days.
Comment by AtsumaKarin at 13:52 on 13 Jan 2018

I had 2 days at work last week I could've cried, I just hate it there so much. Really hope I can find somewhere else this year. Don't usually like going this personal in

Comment by AtsumaKarin at 13:53 on 13 Jan 2018

the feed but sometimes, you just need to let it out, ya know? (I've actually not said a lot for that reason, maybe one day, I'll blog about it).

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Gwen_AllstariaCompletion PercentageGwen_Allstaria created a new Completion Percentage Goal - beat J2V_89 by 14 Jan 2019
AtsumaKarinBRIKS 2AtsumaKarin completed the game BRIKS 2 and is the 4th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by ZeroSeven_X at 04:29 on 13 Jan 2018


Comment by UlvenFenrir at 09:08 on 13 Jan 2018

Nice one dude

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