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Happy 2018 everybody! I hope everyone had a good Christmas :)
I know its been 3 months since I mentioned starting a blog, but I have finally decided to create one. I wanted to wait for the new year so I could get a fresh start. I also wanted to wait until after I built my first computer. Which was very fun and turned out great.

Recently, there has been a lot of goals/challenges I took part of. Like the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge, I finished it a little later than expected because of school but I had a lot of fun. I hope you guys enjoyed it too. I love the fact that everyday was something different. I also set a personal goal for myself to reach 10,000 trophy XP by the end of December. I was very happy to finish is 15 days before the end date :) Sadly though, I lost the competition between my dad ( dvdmanpa ) and I too see who would be the first to complete the game 'Life is Strange'. Congratulations on the victory but I am sooooo beating you next time! XD

As of this year I started the game 'Destiny 2' and 'Warframe'. Both are really fun games, personally I like Warframe better. Only because I feel like there is more things to be done and its not as repetitive. Destiny is great in its own ways, dont get me wrong.... I enjoyed playing both. What do you guys think? During the 12 Days of Christmas challenge I picked up the Telltale bundle during the holiday sale. I REALLY enjoy 'The Wolf Among Us' and I strongly suggest it to anyone who just wants to play a relaxing game and that is into some mystery. My goal as of right now is to beat my friend ( CowCakez ) trophy XP by the end of February. Only 4 thousand more to go! :)

Now that its the new year and everything has calmed down a bit, I will be posting on my blog every Tuesday :) I will be posting new updates on my gaming experience and my thoughts/suggestions of games. I think this will be very fun, and I hope you guys will think so as well. <3

~ Wake up with determination. Go to sleep with satisfaction~
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