It looks like my first PS5 platinum trophy might be Planet Coaster.


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I Do NOT Boost, So Please Don't Ask Me
No disrespect to people who do (I could have a few more Platinums if I did), but it is just something I don't do. I get all my trophies "legit". No boosting, no intentional trophy glitches/exploits, no modding, no multiple people on my account, etc. I just prefer to get all my trophies legit, because it feels much more personal to me. Makes me feel like my trophies actually mean something instead of just a number. I know I have earned everything "the way they were meant to be earned".

So please do not friend, or message, me on PSN for the sole purpose of trophy boosting. I will, more than likely, block you. Also I do not game or DLC share either, so please do not contact me about that as well. Sorry if I'm coming off as a dick here, but I just get tired of joining sites like these (to view my trophy stats), only to be bombarded by requests asking me to boost. I have nothing against boosters, nor am I trying to come off as "holier than thou". It's just something I don't do, and I would hope that you can respect that enough not to ask me.

Thanks and happy gaming/trophy hunting!

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