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100% Complete: 2 Years, 1 Week

My poor PS3 :( I'm never a fan of leaving it on overnight to get these "24 hour" like trophies, but to sit there and play this game for 30 hours straight was not going to happen. The system for my digital games is so old that I fear one overheat will kill it for good. Stay with me, PS3!! You have so much life left in you!!

This game is actually a fun trivia game. Different than what I thought it would be. Based on the title, I expected it to be similar to Scene It and just have basic trivia on TV Shows and such, but it actually has a variety of categories to choose from (Entertainment, Science, History, etc). My favorite category was "General Knowledge" because it would legit be like "what is 2 + 3?" haha, like oh I just don't know!!!??!!

There are a few luck based trophies due to there being a wheel you can spin after each round. The spots either gain you money or take it away - whether it by general winning/losing or stealing/giving to another player. Those were slightly annoying because you need to land on specific spots x number of times to get some of the trophies. The longest one was the "Steal $25,000" trophy because I could not land on that spot for the life of me... then when it finally popped, I didn't even see it so I kept playing for about an hour and half before realizing I was done... Ugh. Such is my life, haha.

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100% Base Game Completion: 4 Years, 1 Month

Hey developers, wtb the DLC you made trophies for but didn't release!!!!!!!


Oh... you're not even around anymore?


I'm sad I will never be able to get 100% on this game because of that DLC. Such a shame as it's a rather fun trivia game. Unlike TV Show King, this only has trivia based on Movies and Actors. I think I finished a good chunk of it awhile ago, but needed to get the "complete a game without missing any questions" trophy. Normally, with games like this, you can just pause the game or hit the PS button to go back to the XMB menu, but not this game!! Pausing the game does not stop the clock so you need to know the trivia and you need to get everything right.

I finally got the stupid trophy when my roommate's friend came over and they helped me out. The friend actually takes full credit for the trophy now haha, but I'm down to give him the credit because Lord knows I would not have been able to get that by myself (seriously... the amount of attempts made was just sad... so, so sad...).

I wonder if there's a way to petition PSN and be like "this DLC was never released, please remove trophies"... honestly it's going to bother me from here on out that I'll never be able to finish it.

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100% Completion: 10 Months, 2 Weeks

"Why didn't I finish this game before?!", she asks for the up-teenth time this month. I used to play those old Word Scramble games so this was a nice little addition to the game collection.

You are on a quest to find some pizza! What better quest, right? Along the way, you need to fight monsters and the only way to defeat them is to outspell them. Not the magical way, the literal spelling way, lol. You have a grid of letters and need to form words based on the enemies specifics. Some can only get hit with 4 letter words, some take quadruple damage from words that end in an E... the variety is key in this game and you really need to pay attention to the notes to make sure you're doing it right.

You pick up (and earn) coins along the way which can be used for upgrades, weapons, potions and such.

Overall it's not too difficult of a game. It can be a little on the lenghtly side, but funny enough... if you don't patch the game and spell the word FARTS, it breaks the game and, if you don't exit out, it will repeat that word so long as the game is open so getting the "spell 3000 words" trophy can be done much quicker.

Farts... whodathunkit?!

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100% Complete: 1 Year, 6 Months

Ok - if you have not played this game, you should really reconsider your life choices and get it. And play it. And finish it. It's pretty darn good and definitely a great addition to anyone's game collection.

There are two adventures going on here - one with Shay and one with Vella. Shay starts off looking for something... more... when he meets a strange wolf like fellow who recruits him to help rescue creatures with what can only be described as an electrical claw machine. Vella starts off very Mulan-like. Tradition? Fuck yo tradition, son! As expected, their paths eventually cross and they need to rely on each other to defeat the hand of evil. You can actually switch back and forth between the two characters at any time and play each of their stories at any point.

The trophies are standard for a Platinum game - some missable, most story related, one speed run...

The speed run trophy actually took me three tries to get because I kept making stupid mistakes... what else is new, lol. I think I finished the game in about 58 1/2 minutes when I finally got it - too close for comfort for some but screw it, I'll take it! lol.

Definitely a great platinum to have - one of my favorites earned this year so far!

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^^Well that didn't work as planned, lol. (Insert visible Flower banner here)

100% Complete: 3 Years, 1 Month

This game looks like it'd be relaxing, and for the most part it is... until you try finding a secret flower in a level that... you... already... got... like... an hour ago.

I'm seeing a trend with some of these games, lol.

The floaty controls took some getting used to as well. Not sure if I can say I was a fan of them. Made a handful of mistakes in the Electricity level and had to keep restarting, but was happy once it was done.

I watched PodCast about a year ago talking about how the "Bloom 10,000 Flowers" trophy was keeping people from getting 100%, but honestly it wasn't THAT bad. Just replay the last level a few times and you'll have it in no time.

Compared to other games, this was much more on the "take an easy" side of things. Fly around, bloom flowers, find flowers and you're done.

Now to stack it on the other two systems!

(Insert sarcastic yay here, lol)

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100% Complete: 4 Years, 9 Months


I feel rather confident saying this was on of the first games I played. And by first I mean like one of the first... 10.

I've had the intention of finishing it multiple times over the years, but needed to be in the mood to do all the Time Trials. As with other games, now that I've finally finished it, I wish I would have done so earlier. It wasn't nearly as time consuming as I thought it was going to be and actually got done in a matter of maybe a couple of hours. If that.

There's not much else to say. It's Pac-man. I love Pac-man, he loves dots. It's a relationship we are working on.
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100% Complete: 1 Year, 8 Months, 2 Weeks

In your face developers! You thought you could create a game that uses local MP only and force me to get other people to play the game with me for trophies. NOT TODAY!

Paperbound is a massively entertaining multiplayer fighting game that is fast paced, addicting, and genuinely a lot of fun. Probably even more fun with other people, lol.

You and your foes (or friends) play through a variety of game modes, from Free-For-All, to Team Deathmatch, to King of the Hill. You can slice your enemies with your sword, blow them up with ink bombs, or chuck a sharp pair of scissors at their faces! Mom only said not to run with scissors. She never said we couldn't throw them at each other!

The trophies are short and quick to get. There are a few that require 4 players and must have all 4 players actively fighting (not just sitting there, they must be moving and fighting). Those trophies are the reason I didn't finish this game sooner. I didn't think I'd be able to get all four players moving on my own, so I just put the game off for a bit. I had to finish it though. I promised an old teammate I'd finish his Club over at .org and this game is on it, so it was a must!

Luckily, though, "actively moving and fighting" isn't quite as strict as it sounds. I was literally killing them with player 1, move a little and swing with the other 3 controllers (1 at a time), then repeating. It was a little rough, but it worked! I decided to play a few games with 3 AI players just to get a feel for what the game is supposed to be like and holy shit it was hella fun! I kept it installed just in case friends come over and want to play something other than Super Smash Bros (unlikely but you never know!).

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100% Complete: 4 Years, 11 Months, 2 Weeks

Ugh! Suck it, Sonic!

As nostalgic as this game is... as much as I remember loving it on the Sega back in the day... I did struggle with the trophies on this one. Mainly the speedrun trophy. Even more mainly that gosh dang Marble Zone!!!!


I started the cleanup back at the beginning of April with the intention of finishing it up then, but I just could not get decent times in the Marble Zone. You need to be Stage 1 in less than 80 seconds and I could barely get under 1:30.

Finally managed to get 120 exactly, but, as the trophy fucking states... it needs to be LESS THAN 80... mumble mumble kiss my ass Sonic mumble mumble mumble...

So after playing for about 5 hours, I finally got the full game speed run trophy. It was a Monday night and WAY past my bedtime (lol), but I still had to get the Marble Zone Stage 1 speedrun trophy and the Chaos Emerald trophy. Emerald trophy came first - luckily there are only 6 you need to get, not the 12 I thought. It felt nice just playing through the game and not having to worry about dying, about the time... just enjoy the breeze of it all.

The Marble Zone trophy took about half an hour to get. Any time I got through a part without any mistakes I saved immediately. That save feature, man... it's a glorious thing.

Once the trophy popped, I got a major adrenaline rush and couldn't go to sleep. It was already midnight and I wake up for work between 430 and 5 so I knew it was going to be rough anyways. I didn't end up passing out until about 1-130 just because I was too excited to have finally finished the game. It just felt nice, ya know? After all these years to finally be done with it... It's almost bittersweet!


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100% Complete: 3 Years, 8 Months, 1 Day

This was actually one of the first Vita games I purchased. I love Sudoku and of course it needed to be added to my game collection! I didn't do as much back in 2013 as I would've liked. Other games came along and I just had to make room for them so Sudoku got the boot early on.

Fast forward to 2017 and there was no better time to get this done than now. Not gonna lie... I did use a solver for the harder puzzles, but I did try before doing so! lol. Some of the more difficult ones require you to just make a guess between two numbers and try and work the puzzles out from there. If you chose poorly, you're screwed. If you chose wisely, yay! Winner winner!

I always chose poorly. That was fun.

There are 50 puzzles total to complete and one lovely (not lovely) "play for 24 hours" trophy. My poor Vita. I don't mean to leave it on for 24 hours straight, but Mama needs her trophy. I'm amazed this thing still works sometimes...

Overall the game can take you anywhere from 4 hours to upwards of 12-13. It all depends on how good you are at Sudoku. It's a great travel game and a great brain exercise. No blood, no guns, no death. Just you, the numbers 1-9, a grid, and some puzzling. Not too bad if you ask me!
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100% Complete: 1 Year, 1 Month, 2 Weeks

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? 8 Floor Games!!

Not really, but this game has been a thorn in my side ever since I started it last year. The intention was to write a guide for it, but there was one trophy in my way.

Filled Hold.

It took about a year for someone to be able to get the trophy and explain how they got it (thank you BarsoomWarlord!!!!). The trophy description is so misleading and, as I’ve learned in the past, asking the devs directly doesn’t really help much =/ Apparently, not only do you need to complete all the levels in Sea Wolf, you need to do so without using the non-powerup shuffle (when you run out of cards in your deck, you can choose to reshuffle to keep playing or select retry from the menu to start over). That’s it! Over a year of fussing for something that was that simple. Ugh!


The game itself is straight forward. You are given a layout of cards – all face down except for the cards on top. The cards not in the layout are in a deck. The object of the game is to match cards (6 with 6, 8 with 8, etc) until you have cleared all the “special cards”, or cards marked with a shiny emblem. Along the way you pick up powerups in the form of Jokers (turns any card into a wild card), Shuffle (shuffle the cards on the table and in your deck) and the Mulligan (undo). All of these can also be bought in the store for coins earned from completing each level.

If you’re like me and desperate enough for trophies, you can shell out some cold hard cash in the form of micro transactions to purchase coins from the Playstation Store.

As with most Vita games, it’s a great game to play to pass the time. It’s not stressful, easy to play, and while not overly entertaining, it’s entertaining enough to keep you playing for 100%.

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100% Complete: 1 Year, 6 Months, 1 Week

Again, another game I probably could’ve completed a year ago, but didn’t. Little Miss Lazy over here. I actually ended up using a solver program for the remainder of this game as A. I wanted to finish it as quickly as possible and B. Gah I’m not good with games like this!

Though the solver made me feel like an idiot because some of the block choices should have been obvious…

The object of the game is to click on squares on a grid until none of the blocks are lit up. Your basic Blackout game. The levels range from Easy to Hard, but they’re not overly difficult (says the person who used a solver…).

There are 90 levels total to play + you need to play 30 random Easy. 20 random Medium and 10 random Hard. If you’re doing this on your own, it can take you anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Using a solver gets you 100% in about 3 hours, if that.

Not my favorite Vita game. Sadly this was just meant for quick trophies so I didn’t really get into it as much as I probably would have otherwise, but I’ll take the 100% over 0%!

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100% Complete: 4 Years, 3 Weeks, 5 Days

She’s beauty, she’s grace! She’s Miss PS Move Fitness!

Not really.

When I started this game, I was playing legit. Do the exercises, put in the work, make it happen. I think back then I ended up losing about 8-9 pounds from playing so that was cool.

Fast forward to 2017 and I’m old. I had about 30 some odd challenges left to do and had to burn about 3000 calories. I started off playing legit again. Do the exercises, put in the work, make it happen. I played for about 3 hours straight because I lost track of time…

My back hurt.
My shoulders hurt.
My butt hurt…

I could barely get out of bed Sunday because of this. Granted, that tells you how in shape I’m in, but there was no WAY I could finish the game over the weekend feeling like that. So… insert big toe!

I literally hung the move controller off my foot and swung it around.

For 8 hours.

My sad trophy hunting life, that’s what this is. The trophy Gods will punish me for this some day. Hopefully it’s with a shitty game.

Good news is I’m down 5 pounds from Friday. Granted that might be more from not being able to move all day Sunday vs actually exercising. I even had a straw within a straw within a straw on my drink so I didn’t have to get up and hydrate.

My sad… trophy hunting life…

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100% Complete: 1 Year, 8 Months, 2 Days

Baaaa said the Goat!

No said the trophy hunter!

Fucking BAAAA said the Goat!

You win said the trophy hunter!

All I needed to finish for this game was the DLC. All the packs. I only barely touched GoatZ a little while back, but decided to go for it for the Backlog event. Goat MMO and Payday were not too bad. Kinda fun actually. This game is just silly so when the trophies are fun to get, it definitely makes it worth spending the money.

GoatZ wasn’t too bad, but the game kept kinda glitching out on me. I know I know… I can’t complain about glitches in a game that was created around glitches. But dammit! I was working on the Survivalist trophy (create all the things) and had to grab the “Welcome Home” sign or whatever out of the church.

All I did was touch it.

Just… a little touch.

It flew through the wall. Never to be seen again. I looked everywhere in hopes that it landed somewhere outside.


No more sign. No more trophy. Had to start over. Other than that, the GoatZ DLC was fun to play around in.

Space Cadet Goatzors was about the same. 99% of the trophies, easy peasy. Straight forward. The last trophy actually glitched and unlocked with the one before it so I didn’t even have to do the collectibles (yasssssss!).

But man… flying that space ship. As hilarious as it was flying to two nubbins of goat legs, it took a few to get used to the flight controls. I’m pretty sure I was spinning in circles for about 10 minutes. Glad my Goat didn’t have motion sickness. That would’ve been bad. And the fact that I was in space! 0 Gravity! Vomit! Best mixture ever…


Once you get used to the controls, though, the trophy to shoot everything down isn’t that bad. Shooting the moving targets was rough, but it really could’ve been worse.

This game is great for just having fun. Take nothing seriously and just play around. The trophies are great for events, but I’m sorta hoping they don’t release anymore DLC… I have 100% and would like to keep it at 100%. If they release more DLC, I’ll feel obligated to get it.

Fucking Goat Sim haha.
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100% Complete: 4 Years, 11 Months, 3 Weeks

Ahh the good 'ol Simpsons. The game that's not quite as good as the show (or the show used to be for that matter), but is still fun to play.

It's your basic Arcade game. You walk, jump and hit. Enough to fulfill the wishes of the two buttons on the Arcade machine. You can play with 1-4 players in a variety of game options ranging from Free Play (live forever) to Survival (1 life only). The US Rom option does not allow for over-healing whereas the Japanese Rom does. This comes in very handy when going for the 'Excellent' trophy.

I thought going back to this game was going to be a struggle and half after dealing with the stress and headache of Streets of Rage 2, but to my surprise, going through that first seemed to make playing this game much easier. I don't know if it's because I was creeping around and waiting for things to pop out from every corner, but it wasn't nearly as stressful as SoR. Even the 'Excellent' trophy. It did take a few tries to get down, but once you figure out where the enemies comes from, how to kill the bosses, and the such - it actually becomes quite fun!

As with most games like this, jumping tends to be your friend. Especially with the boss fights (though that's mainly targeted towards the Wrestler and the kid in Moe's Tavern). The others you just need to be mindful of their shadows and where they're going to land. The Sasquatch (one can only assume that is what it was) is just a lot of waiting for him to roll, then punching him. Smithers and Burns were the hardest, but because I wasn't doing the speed run at the same time as the Excellent trophy, I didn't feel the need to rush it. Grenaded Smithers down as much as I could and just ran around with Burns until he eventually died (spoiler alert - you kill everyone).

The Speed Run wasn't too bad either. You can play on Easy and use Free Play so you have unlimited lives. It's hard to believe that games like this could be beaten in half an hour. Those were the days, amirite? (No, I'm not right. Don't listen to me).

If you are able to get a group of people together to play with you, that is definitely the recommended route as it increases the fun level of the game tremendously. You can also do team attacks which kills enemies like nothing. Essentially, you could use 4 PS controllers and run solo using the 3 'bots' as protection until they all die. This might be helpful for some for the Individual Quarters and Survival runs. I personally was only able to make it work out for me on the first level so it didn't really feel that useful.

A great game for those who enjoy the old Arcade style of side-scrolling action games. If you're looking for a 100% you can do in a few hours, this comes recommended to you as well, though, I believe I read somewhere that the game has officially been de-listed in the store. So the only way you'd be able to play it is if you already bought it or if you have a system it is already installed on. Otherwise, you're SOL =/
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100% Complete: 1 Year, 6 Months, 3 Weeks

I actually started playing this to take a break from Streets of Rage 2 since I was basically in a gnarly rage over just not getting much of anywhere. As with other, similar side-scrolling runner games, this one is quick and straight to the point. You have a handful of different characters you can play (all bought with coins) and you need to play through 33 levels to escape the Island you're on. Meanwhile, close behind you, is a gang of natives who want nothing more than to apparently eat you. When they catch up to you, it plays a cutscene of you tied up with a purple... apple?... in your mouth. So I'm left to assume they're going to eat you.

The levels get progressively harder as the game goes on, but nothing to throw you into a Vita-tossing fit. There were parts that were aggravating, but Adventure Mode does not generate random levels so when you can essentially replay each level a few times and memorize certain parts where you should maybe jump instead of slide or the opposite. That was quite beneficial!

You don't need to complete all the challenges (thank GOD!). Doing so would make this game much longer, grindy and annoying. You just need to choose any 25 and go for them, though for the most part, the majority of those will unlock as you complete Adventure Mode and go for the online trophies.

The online portion of this game is rather fun. I actually ran into two people from .org while playing and I'm not sure if they were boosting or not so I felt sortttttta bad for interrupting... but at the same time... definitely not sorry! I kicked both their asses!

...then they kicked mine.



But I finally got the 25 wins and finished up the challenges for the 100%! If you're playing this game for trophies and want to buy a coin pack - don't buy the 100k. You won't need that many. I think the most I ended up using was about 15k ish. Basically wasted a couple of bucks. All good, though. I'll just consider it a small donation to the developers and Sony.

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100% Complete: 4 Years, 11 Months, 2 Weeks

It's done.


It's done. It's done. It's done. It's done. IT'S DONE!

Holy Mother of Pearl this was a crazy hard trophy list. Well... one trophy was hard, lol. The others weren't too bad. Getting 800k thousand points on Hardcore was something else, let me tell ya.

I'm thinking of doing a small video guide for at least the bosses for it. A friend was playing for the trophy as well and I replayed all the parts so many times that I was literally walking him through by memory. I was a talking supplement guide. I can tell you where all the enemies are, how many there are, when they spawn, where the item pickups are, the turkeys, the extra lives... it's kinda sad really. But it'll be useful information for the video. It'll also be the first video I make using a mic... that'll be... anxiety inducing...


It's done!

After almost 5 years of playing the game, I finally made it to 800k points and can move on with my life. Though, I don't plan on deleting the game anytime soon because let's face it, Streets of Rage 2 is seriously one of the best games ever and if you haven't played it... you're missing out, man! I played it ALL the TIME on the Sega Genesis back in the day with the fam. It was really a highlighting memory - we'd take turns throughout the game. I don't know if we, the kids, actually helped much, but my Dad would always play with us so I can only assume he would kinda of carry us through the levels.


I just realized something...

I'm the same age my Dad was when he first completed the game.


The same.


100% Complete.

Same Age.

I might cry.

This is even more sentimental than it already was.

I love this game!!!!!!!!!
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