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100% Complete: 4 Years, 11 Months, 3 Weeks

Ahh the good 'ol Simpsons. The game that's not quite as good as the show (or the show used to be for that matter), but is still fun to play.

It's your basic Arcade game. You walk, jump and hit. Enough to fulfill the wishes of the two buttons on the Arcade machine. You can play with 1-4 players in a variety of game options ranging from Free Play (live forever) to Survival (1 life only). The US Rom option does not allow for over-healing whereas the Japanese Rom does. This comes in very handy when going for the 'Excellent' trophy.

I thought going back to this game was going to be a struggle and half after dealing with the stress and headache of Streets of Rage 2, but to my surprise, going through that first seemed to make playing this game much easier. I don't know if it's because I was creeping around and waiting for things to pop out from every corner, but it wasn't nearly as stressful as SoR. Even the 'Excellent' trophy. It did take a few tries to get down, but once you figure out where the enemies comes from, how to kill the bosses, and the such - it actually becomes quite fun!

As with most games like this, jumping tends to be your friend. Especially with the boss fights (though that's mainly targeted towards the Wrestler and the kid in Moe's Tavern). The others you just need to be mindful of their shadows and where they're going to land. The Sasquatch (one can only assume that is what it was) is just a lot of waiting for him to roll, then punching him. Smithers and Burns were the hardest, but because I wasn't doing the speed run at the same time as the Excellent trophy, I didn't feel the need to rush it. Grenaded Smithers down as much as I could and just ran around with Burns until he eventually died (spoiler alert - you kill everyone).

The Speed Run wasn't too bad either. You can play on Easy and use Free Play so you have unlimited lives. It's hard to believe that games like this could be beaten in half an hour. Those were the days, amirite? (No, I'm not right. Don't listen to me).

If you are able to get a group of people together to play with you, that is definitely the recommended route as it increases the fun level of the game tremendously. You can also do team attacks which kills enemies like nothing. Essentially, you could use 4 PS controllers and run solo using the 3 'bots' as protection until they all die. This might be helpful for some for the Individual Quarters and Survival runs. I personally was only able to make it work out for me on the first level so it didn't really feel that useful.

A great game for those who enjoy the old Arcade style of side-scrolling action games. If you're looking for a 100% you can do in a few hours, this comes recommended to you as well, though, I believe I read somewhere that the game has officially been de-listed in the store. So the only way you'd be able to play it is if you already bought it or if you have a system it is already installed on. Otherwise, you're SOL =/
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100% Complete: 1 Year, 6 Months, 3 Weeks

I actually started playing this to take a break from Streets of Rage 2 since I was basically in a gnarly rage over just not getting much of anywhere. As with other, similar side-scrolling runner games, this one is quick and straight to the point. You have a handful of different characters you can play (all bought with coins) and you need to play through 33 levels to escape the Island you're on. Meanwhile, close behind you, is a gang of natives who want nothing more than to apparently eat you. When they catch up to you, it plays a cutscene of you tied up with a purple... apple?... in your mouth. So I'm left to assume they're going to eat you.

The levels get progressively harder as the game goes on, but nothing to throw you into a Vita-tossing fit. There were parts that were aggravating, but Adventure Mode does not generate random levels so when you can essentially replay each level a few times and memorize certain parts where you should maybe jump instead of slide or the opposite. That was quite beneficial!

You don't need to complete all the challenges (thank GOD!). Doing so would make this game much longer, grindy and annoying. You just need to choose any 25 and go for them, though for the most part, the majority of those will unlock as you complete Adventure Mode and go for the online trophies.

The online portion of this game is rather fun. I actually ran into two people from .org while playing and I'm not sure if they were boosting or not so I felt sortttttta bad for interrupting... but at the same time... definitely not sorry! I kicked both their asses!

...then they kicked mine.



But I finally got the 25 wins and finished up the challenges for the 100%! If you're playing this game for trophies and want to buy a coin pack - don't buy the 100k. You won't need that many. I think the most I ended up using was about 15k ish. Basically wasted a couple of bucks. All good, though. I'll just consider it a small donation to the developers and Sony.

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100% Complete: 4 Years, 11 Months, 2 Weeks

It's done.


It's done. It's done. It's done. It's done. IT'S DONE!

Holy Mother of Pearl this was a crazy hard trophy list. Well... one trophy was hard, lol. The others weren't too bad. Getting 800k thousand points on Hardcore was something else, let me tell ya.

I'm thinking of doing a small video guide for at least the bosses for it. A friend was playing for the trophy as well and I replayed all the parts so many times that I was literally walking him through by memory. I was a talking supplement guide. I can tell you where all the enemies are, how many there are, when they spawn, where the item pickups are, the turkeys, the extra lives... it's kinda sad really. But it'll be useful information for the video. It'll also be the first video I make using a mic... that'll be... anxiety inducing...


It's done!

After almost 5 years of playing the game, I finally made it to 800k points and can move on with my life. Though, I don't plan on deleting the game anytime soon because let's face it, Streets of Rage 2 is seriously one of the best games ever and if you haven't played it... you're missing out, man! I played it ALL the TIME on the Sega Genesis back in the day with the fam. It was really a highlighting memory - we'd take turns throughout the game. I don't know if we, the kids, actually helped much, but my Dad would always play with us so I can only assume he would kinda of carry us through the levels.


I just realized something...

I'm the same age my Dad was when he first completed the game.


The same.


100% Complete.

Same Age.

I might cry.

This is even more sentimental than it already was.

I love this game!!!!!!!!!
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100% Complete: 3 Years, 5 Months, 1 Week

The sun is up! The birds are chirping! The flowers are in bloom! And the rain clouds are… angry? Totes angry. So angry. Angriest Zeus clouds ever.

I finished about 90% of this game earlier and just had the Connaisseur and Zeus is Angry trophies left to do – both of which I figured were going to be the death of me at some point. Luckily, though, someone found a little itty bitty work around for Connaisseur (Thanks to Fatty_Fatness for finding this!). I only wish I had seen it sooner. When you find a Legendary Flower, get game over – but instead of hitting “My Garden” or “Main Menu”, just keep hitting restart (or retry whatever it is) and rinse and repeat. The Legendary Flower will duplicate as many times as you do this, making getting all the Legendary Flowers super easy.

Again, wish I had seen that before. By the time I read it, I already had 3/5 – wasted so much time getting those, lol.

The Zeus is Angry trophy, as I’ve heard, is slightly glitchy and all 1000 rages need to be done without closing the game app. Basically you can’t close the game for any reason (please Vita don’t crash on me now!). I ended up just farming the first trophy for this so it took about 3 hours to do – not too bad. There are longer trophies for worse games out there so I’ll take what I can from this one.

Overall a cute, relaxing game. The basis is simple: grow and collect flowers. That’s it really!

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PS3 100%: 4 Years, 8 Months, 6 Days
PS Vita 100%: 3 Years, 6 Months, 2 Weeks

Double you stacking, double your fun! It’s the statement of the greatment in finishing The Walking Dead games.

That rhymes, right? No? Oh… close enough!

Finally decided to do the DLC for this game. I didn’t play Season 1 on the PS4 so I only had to finish it up on the PS3 and the PS Vita – not too much trouble, really. A quick 5 little stories. Takes about 1-2 hours tops, all depending on how many times you need to restart for the Rock, Papers, Scissors trophy. The PS3 I only had to restart once, but on the Vita I had to restart about 4 times. Boo!

The best thing about the game though? This shirt.

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I want this shirt. I need this shirt. I spent a good 20 minutes on Saturday browsing the internet in hopes that someone else felt the same way and made them. Sadly, that’s a no. SO! I’ve enlisted the help of a friend to draw it out so I can get it printed on a shirt for myself. I’m just in love with it. It’s so darn adorable yet badass at the same time.

Spends 2 hours earning trophies, gets one badass shirt design out of it. I think that’s fair.

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100 % Complete: 5 Years, 1 Month, 3 Weeks

I hate this game.

Ok, no, let me rephrase that…

I don’t hate Lemmings. I love Lemmings. I hate THIS version of the game.

More specifically, I hate the trouble I had to go through just to PLAY the game. So I bought this back in 2012 – not just the demo, but the full game. FULL GAME. Saying it again for emphasis… so about a month ago, I was downloading games for the backlog event and came across this one in the store, but it was marked as “unavailable”, but could be played in PS Now.

No. Fuck that. I bought it. I want it.

So I went to the web store to put it in my download queue. It worked, but only for the demo. Not the full game unlock.

Deleted it. Went to the app on my phone to put it in my queue. It worked, but only for the demo. Not the full game unlock.

Tried this about 4 or 5 times trying to get the unlock to download as well but nope!

So… desperate is as desperate does… I paid the $19.99 for a PS Now subscription so I could play it. Annoyed? Yes. Hell fucking yes.

I allotted time on Saturday morning just for this game so started it up, started completely over since apparently I didn’t have a save file anymore (grrr #2) and got all the way through the Taxing levels before hunger kicked in. Went to grab something to eat and came back, PS Now timed out (understandable). So I started the game back up JUST TO LEARN THAT NONE OF MY PROGRESS SAVED.

Fuck. My. Life.

Apparently… ‘New Profile’ means save. So… finished up the Mayhem levels… SAVED… and worked my way backwards back to the Trial levels. Got all done and was still missing some Lemmings somewhere for “Lemming Leader”. Pretend_hero has an awesome guide up over on PST for this. The leaderboards in the actual Lemming game are not the best. Even if you complete a level, your score won’t always show up so you kind of have to guess as to whether or not you saved the required amount of Lemmings. A slight pain in the ass, but luckily I only had to replay 3 levels for this.

So finally… after about 8 hours of non-stop Lemming action, finally beat all the levels and got all the trophies. Deleted the game almost instantly and now have the rest of the month to play around on PS Now. Here’s hoping it’s worth it…

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100% Complete: 4 Years, 11 Months, 2 Weeks

Ah good ‘ol Astro Tripper. There’s nothing quite like a small reminder every now and then to really cement in the fact that I’m just not as good with ‘schmups as other people.

That’s cool, though. It was still a fun game. I remember starting this game ages ago, before I really started playing for trophies (and any game like this really) and it was a struggle on the first level. I’ve hesitated starting it up again because of that, but after 5 years of gaming, I felt a little bit more confident and decided, sure, why the hell not?! What’s the worst that came happen? I just don’t finish it? That’s ok!

So it started off a little rough, not because the game is hard, but more so because I’m an idiot lol. I was holding down the fire button thinking that was as fast as I could shoot…

APPARENTLY… you can aggressively tap the fire button and shoot much quicker…

It’s ok, I’m embarrassed enough for the lot of us, don’t feel bad for me, lol.

So from that point, lol, the game got significantly easier. I did struggle with the last level a bit, but it was my own fault. I kept making silly little mistakes that would waste my lives away (except on Fizz Wheel or whatever that level is called – got some glitch spots that just kind of ruined my plays for me). Eventually got to the final boss (multiple times really). That level definitely requires you to be alert and agile. Not to mention quick with the fire button! After about the 5th try, finally got him down to 0 and unlocked the final trophy for 100%.

This time the playthrough took about 4-5 hours ish. Not too bad. I felt pretty good about finishing it so I’m happy to have 100%. Nifty little game – fun for a weekend play. A great little addition if you enjoy playing ‘Schumps!

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100% Complete: 4 Years, 2 Months

I already completed this for the… PS4? Vita?... *double checks*… Vita! It was the Vita. This is actually a rather quick game, the longest trophy being ‘Minimalist’. I used the text guide last time and I remember starting over quite a few times because I kept messing up. Luckily, though, a video guide was posted:

This made is soooooooooo mmuuuccchhhhhhhhhh eeeassssiieerrrrr. Holy hell.

Having a visual of where you are actually going on one screen while not being able to see anything on the tv is so tremendously helpful. Major kudos to the gentleman who made the video, like seriously.

The game is overall, simple and short. There are a few parts that require just a smidgen of puzzley thinking, but for the most part, it’s really not too difficult. I love games like this that are completely different from other games – the concept and overall gameplay are in a class of its own and if you haven’t played this, I do recommend doing so on one of the three available stacks (PS3, Vita and PS4).
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100% Complete: 3 Years, 9 Months, 2 Weeks

Who needs 5 people when you have a PS4 control and game lag? No I said the fly!

Pretty stoked there was a work around for the Five-a-day trophy. I first attempted it back in 2013 when my brother was visiting, but we didn't have a DS4 controller to use back then so sadly, getting a 5th person just wasn't happening. It probably would've helped if I read the trophy guide, though, because the fix was right there... in plain sight... for everyone to see...


The minor bit of game lag when changing controller settings in LBP games makes this so, so much easier. Sure, it's not the best way to go about earning trophies, but by the time I manged to get more people to help with it, my attention would have moved on to probably bigger and better things.

I would also like to mention that someone needs to invent some sort of split USB connection so you can have more than two USB ports on the front of the system. The PS Eye took up one and the DS4 controller took up the other. With a connection of some sort, I could've just used more DS4 controllers instead of having to switch controller settings. But anywho!

I still enjoy the LBP games as much as ever. This one is short and quick, but that's expected since it's not a full LBP title. It feels like one of those PSN games that was meant to be a DLC pack, but they just went ahead and made it it's own standalone game because WHY NOT!? It was never going to have a platinum anyways and it'd be doing those without a Move a favor by not adding it to LBP2... though... they did add that one DLC... which does require the Move... so I guess that makes that point obsolete... It was a minor favor to those without a move then.

It'd be a good intro into LBP games, though. Give the players a feel of what the mechanics and such are like (to an extend, of course).

It's not as fun as LBP2, slightly funner than LBP3 because of the Move requirements. Overall a decent game to 100%.
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100% Complete: 3 Years, 11 Months, 3 Days

Advice: Do not play this game, let three years pass, play a LOT of GTA during those three years, and then come back to Sleeping Dogs. The very first thing I did was plow over a bunch of pedestrians on my way to a crime scene and got "kicked off the force". This game does not like innocent casualties.

BUT! I did forget how much fun this game is! Especially the driving. The one thing I wish Rockstar/GTA would do as far as navigating is add the arrows for turns in the path (on the road) so you don't have to look down at the mini map all the time. It's almost like texting and driving - one glance down could cause a major accident! If that were possible in this game, of course.

I did have trouble with the whole "driving on the left side of the road" bit, but that' probably because I live in a country that is determined to be different from everyone else in regards to their road rules, so I'm just used to driving on the right side. 'Murica!

Overall it was enjoyable. I got a kick out of killing someone by slamming them onto a bed of what can only be swordfish! I can't remember if that was in the original and I only played the 'Year of the Snake' DLC to get to 100%, but I'd be more surprised if it wasn't. I didn't get to slap someone in the face with a fish again, though. Slightly disappointed in myself for that.

Overall it was a quick DLC. I didn't finish it as fast as I probably could have. Not because I found it difficult, but because I was drunk while playing it, lol. #MillerLite

Minimal collectibles (20 to be exact), almost a perfect size map, and a handful of missions make up this DLC. My only complaint about the missions were the Suspicious Vehicle side missions. I had one where the car blew up right as it hit the water and I failed the mission. No one died, nothing got damaged... Boo! Maybe I killed Nemo. That's reason enough for failure. Sorry Nemo =/

I look forward to playing the PS4 version of this game once the backlog event is over. It's definitely an enjoyable game!!!!
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