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This is how I got into trophy hunting, so I’ll be brief as it would take a REALLY long time otherwise.

Gameboy and REALLY early PC were what I went with for the longest time. I did upgrade to a GB Color, but only when I was in high school. I didn’t play it much, had a few games, but it just didn’t grab me like the other two. At my high school After Prom party, I won $100 and decided to treat myself to a GameBoy Advance SP. And that sparked my interest again.

I bought it and got a few games with it. Some X-Men game, Golden Sun 1, and the LOTR:The Two Towers game. X-Men was ok. Golden Sun began my LOVE for RPGs and collecting anything not nailed down. The Two Towers was pretty much my first action RPG. I played every single storyline in the game. Eowyn’s was the hardest because it pitted you, without armor or decent weapons, against an OP orc for, like, the tenth enemy before you set out on your own quest. Man I was determined to – and did – get through that story.

So after high school, I got out of gaming for a time. I had friends that had a PlayStation 2 and an Xbox, but I didn’t really get into the games. I wasn’t accustomed to the many new buttons and controls that the controllers had, being that handhelds were all I was used to. A D-pad, A, B, L, and R buttons was the most complicated I ever got used to. Doubling everything on the controller just made my anxiety go through the roof the first couple times I picked it up. I had tried playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein on my first laptop in college and even using the PC controls was a huge failure. It became a frustration.

Halfway through my first year of college, I had a roommate that had a PS2 and I finally got accustomed to the controller playing Crash Bandicoot. The game was his girlfriend’s, but it was one I could get the hang of. He preferred to play some robot game where he created robots and completed missions (no clue what it was called).

So I eventually got my own PS2. That’s when I discovered God of War, Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill, and so many others. I slowly got good at using the dual joysticks and using the hack and slash genre to get me accustomed to the controller was definitely the thing I needed.

I played the shit out of that console my last year of college.

Then I discovered the joys of YouTube. I found playthroughs of all the games I couldn’t get through and found the HPAW podcast. They would demo games on Xbox 360, PS2, PC and just bullshit for an hour. It was hilarious, crass, unusual, and entertaining. It made me buy Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones and opened me up to actually WANTING a Wii – they did a 12 hr marathon of Resident Evil 4, but didn’t finish the game. Suddenly I needed a Wii and needed to finish the game. And I did about a year and a half later.

My friend worked for a Family Video and could rent a Wii and Resident Evil 4 so I could at least get a taste of what it was like. I didn’t have a GameCube so I couldn’t play it on its original system. The same applies for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

So I graduated college and moved to Massachusetts with my boyfriend at the time. I got a Wii for Christmas and he got me some Star Wars lightsaber game to go with it, but I already owned Resident Evil 4 – I had purchased it because it was becoming harder and harder to find for the Wii and I wanted it for when I finally owned one. I COULD FINALLY FINISH THE STORY! And I did, and it was glorious. Suddenly I was sold on the Wii as a system and didn’t care which games I had for it; I wanted as many as I could get.

But then came the release of Resident Evil 5. I HAD to have it. My ex had a 360 and said I could just use his so I immediately preordered the special edition of the game and guide (I wanted the game and all the perks that would come with it). The day it came in the mail, I was dancing. I had the game and the necklace, purse, and patch that came with it. HAPPY DAY!

I put it in his Xbox and started playing it and played it until I beat it. Many hours of frustration and searching and cursing went into this game. The longer I played, the more apparent it was becoming that we would be a 2 Xbox household because the more I played, the more he wanted to play games too.

I bought my own xbox, couldn’t transfer the save data, and had to start the game all over again. Which wasn’t the worst thing looking back. It opened my eyes to trophies. These magical things that kept popping up and telling me I did things. And they added up to make one giant score. Suddenly I needed all the score!

The first game I got all the achievements in was Lego Indiana Jones. Really low hanging fruit, but a good one to start with. I had my first completion!

Then PS3 introduced trophies. I was sort of anti-PS3. In my opinion, Xbox had better games at the time and Sony didn’t seem to be putting the same effort into the PS3 that Xbox seemed to get. I decided to wait until the PS3 had 10 exclusives that I REALLY wanted before I would buy one. It happened around the time of Heavy Rain. It was coming out and the trailers were incredibly intriguing. The Uncharted and Infamous series were out as well as a few others, but games nine and ten were the releases of God of War and God of War II - yes, on one disc, but I counted it. I had my 10, and I bought my PS3 with a preorder for Heavy Rain and the 2 Uncharted games. First trophy was the First Treasure in Uncharted 2 and my first platinum followed shortly in Heavy Rain.

The rest is history and documented here.

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