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So after I Platinumed Marvel Heroes Omega (I still miss it), some people asked, “What’s next?” and I provided a list of games. Since I have nothing else really to talk about, I thought I’d provide an update on how I’ve done the past three months.

The list of games I said I would work on since September and their updates are as follows:

Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse – COMPLETED! Liked the story a lot better than I thought I would and the trophies weren’t too bad.

Minecraft: Story Mode – COMPLETED! What was this? Was bored to tears and wanted the game to just die.

Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan – COMPLETED! First to be completed off this list, as expected. Definitely one of the better Artifex stories, IMO.

Submerged – COMPLETED! This was actually kind of fun and relaxing to get all the trophies in. Nothing really profound to say about the story or difficulty, but I would definitely recommend this game on sale.

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders – COMPLETED! Weird version of Poirot and a little clunky. Definitely recommend using a walkthrough, and good if you have 4-5 hours and want a completion.

Ratchet and Clank – COMPLETED! A really fun game to play. Love the hack and slash genre and, comparing it to the original, it’s a great improvement on it overall – story, controls, graphics, everything.

Firewatch – COMPLETED! An interesting little walking sim. A fun game with a somewhat creepy atmosphere until you realize nothing will jump out at you ever.

Grim Fandango – COMPLETED! I HATE tank controls. Other than that it was all right.

N.E.R.O. – COMPLETED! A little clunky, but not a bad little game.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – Haven’t touched it since my post.

Final Fantasy VII – Haven’t touched it since my post.

The Bridge – started this game. It’s not too bad of puzzle game so far. Hopefully won’t take too long to finish this.

Final Horizon – I’ve done a little bit. Hit a frustrating point and almost snapped my Vita in half so I put it down for longer than I intended to :-P.

Goat Simulator – Same as Final Horizon. Hit a frustrating part (trophy glitched on me) and I haven’t picked it up since. Will hopefully find motivation to finish this.

Final Fantasy XV – I finished the story line! Took quite a while and I actually enjoyed this game more than I thought I would. There are some frustrations I have with the combat system, but overall I’m not totally unhappy with Final Fantasy: Bro Road Trip.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – This one has been fun with the 12 days of Christmas Challenge. I kind of glanced at it for the NOEL challenge, but really hit it hard on days 8, 9, and 10. It’s a co-op, action-adventure game with a fuckton of bronze trophies. It was perfect for knocking out 3 days of the challenge!

So overall, out of 16 games, I’ve completed 9 and made progress on 5 more. Not too shabby for 3 months’ worth of gaming. Because of the way holidays worked with my company, I have December 22 – Jan 1 off work so I’ll be hitting some more games and doing a lot more post-challenge. I don’t think I’ll have as good a December as last year, but I can try smile.

December 2016 stats: 692 trophies; 18,690 Trophy XP; 1.17 Ratio; 21,875 TrueTrophy; 28 Games Started; 39 Games Played; 31 Games Completed
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Permalink100 Platinums Achieved: A Journey in One Long-Ass Part
March 6, 2010

The date of my first platinum. My first PS3 Platinum too. Surprisingly, unlike my Xbox completions, it wasn’t a Lego game.

Heavy Rain was pretty much the reason I bought a PS3. My ex got me into Xbox (now eXbox?) and I had initially wanted a PS3 to HAVE ALL THE THINGS, but convinced myself that I needed 10 PS3 exclusives that I wanted to play before I could buy one. Heavy Rain was being released in Feb and, being the 10th exclusive, I placed the preorder and bought my PS3! No idea what the other 9 were that I wanted aside from replaying God of War and Uncharted series. This was before all the other PS2 HD remakes and I did count the God of War collection as 2 games instead of one :-P.

So the game came and, in looking at the trophies, I realized I could get the platinum trophy! After going back and replaying most of the game (since I’d messed up the “Perfect Crime” set up), I finally got it! I remember kind of staring at it for a while after I got it, like a kid at Christmas. Really odd, but then, I’m really odd.

And that sat as my only platinum for over 3 years. That’s right, it was over 3 years before I got another platinum.

Plat total – 1

April 2013 I finally got another platinum, and this time it was a Lego game. I got 4 platinums in 2013 – 3 from Lego (Lego Legends of Chima being my first Vita Platinum) and one from Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. ZE: VLR was my first platinum that was a grind. 11 Endings, countless puzzles and different levels of solving the puzzles (thanks, walkthrough), the visual novel aspect that had me falling asleep all the time. I was falling asleep because that’s what I do when my hands are idle and often there were huge chunks of story before a save point which isn’t good when you play at night :-P. But at least I was not relying solely on Lego platinums to boost my numbers. 3 Lego, 2 non-Lego. Good odds.

Plat Total – 5

That went to shit in 2014. 6 platinums that year…and all Lego. And it was the year I got my PS4 and slowly started transitioning into Sony heavy gaming. My Xbox was becoming my eXbox and Lego Marvel Superheroes was my first PS4 Platinum.

Plat total – 11

2015 saw 11 Plats earned – the total combined from 2010, 2013, and 2014. I doubled my platinum count to 22. First plat earned was Dragon Age: Inquisition. I was SUPER excited for this game when it came out, even though I’d only played Origins. This was also the first platinum I earned where the game had a difficulty related trophy and I was determined to complete the game on Nightmare and get the trophy.

Also earned this year was the platinum for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Edition. My first grinding MMO platinum. The 500 bounties took FOREVER, but was so worth it. I had a huge sense of accomplishment and relief at the end of this game. Ether One was actually a pretty tough puzzle game for me. I had to walkthrough some collectibles and a few of the puzzles, but was a lovely Gold Rush Plat. Peggle 2 is one of the most fun plats I’ve earned ever. I LOVE this game.

Other Notable trophies
The Walking Dead – My first Telltale games Platinum

Plat Total – 22

2016 – I doubled my Plat count AGAIN earning 25 trophies this year! I had started clearing out the low hanging fruit from my backlog – Lego and Telltale games were being played with voracity. This year also began my Borderlands platinum earning – earning 3 of the non-Telltale plats. 7 Plats were Telltale and 7 were Lego, so they still carried over half my count, but they’re still plats :-P.

Catlateral Damage was robbed of Game of the Year.

November 29, 2016 also triggered the biggest trophy push and trophy earn I’ve ever done. I started by completing Skyrim and earning the platinum and then set up a goal to get a total of 5000 trophies in 30 days. I needed 649 trophies. Over 79 days, I earned 1,352 trophies (total), including 12 platinums (in 2016) – a platinum every 6.5 days on average – and smashing my goal in 19 days.

Plat Total – 47

This push continued into 2017, all the way to February and saw 8 more plats added to the 1,352 trophy count.

The number of platinum trophies I’ve earned this year alone has shocked me. I didn’t realize I’d done this well. However, between February and April, I didn’t earn a platinum. I had a career opportunity present itself and I had to take it. I started earning decent money again in April and began looking up Easy Platinum lists to boost my PlayStation stats.

May has been my best month so far – 12 platinums earned, with September at 10 and June at 9. They were truly amazing months for my stats and I’m surprised they happened, but a list of 2-3 hour platinums and decent money will make that happen I guess.

2017 also brought in my love for Artifex Mundi games – it’s like a Highlights for Children magazine in video game form and really just turns into a small sense of accomplishment as the plat can be earned in 1-2 evenings, depending on how busy your schedule is.

Resident Evil 6 is definitely a notable platinum earned this year. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had earning one as it involved a lot of multiplayer gameplay with Shoniaofthedead and Satay-Chicken. I hate online multiplayer, but the levels of fun, hilarity, and salt were just so damn good, I would do it again over and over.

Marvel Heroes Omega is another notable trophy. The grindiest platinum I’ve ever grinded as many of you know. I’m pretty sure I almost went bonkers at one point running through the same operation over and over trying to get the freaking Legendary item to Rank 5 (a 550M XP grind). Probably the most accomplished I’ve ever felt after a platinum simply because I did it. And now my plat stat for this game is tanking with everyone rushing to earn it before the game servers are shut down :-P. Fuck.

And while I did have a plan for my 100th platinum, I lost all patience with the game I was working on (Final Fantasy XV) and just earned it with Goosebumps. A total cop out, but I hit my 100th and have earned 5 more since – none of which are Final Fantasy XV laugh. However, if you remember my “What’s Next?” blog after completing Marvel Heroes Omega, I have completed about 8-9 of those games which is really good. Cleared out my backlog some and kept me accountable for following through on that list and my trophy To Do list.

Plat Total – 105 – including 56 earned in 2017 – and counting

Final Thoughts: Every year I’ve earned a platinum, I’ve always managed to earn double what my previous platinum total was. I may not have had a completely awesome, super cool 100th platinum, but I do have some pretty amazing platinum trophy stats. And yeah, a lot of them are so simple and basic, it requires very little talent to get most of my 100, but the time it takes to get them all is crazy. A 7 year journey to finally hit 100.

And I think I’m officially done doubling my platinum count every year. Earning over 100 platinums in a year would be rough without all the low hanging fruit I’ve devoured this year. That would be a platinum about every 3 days smile, but I did set a really high bar to aspire to in the coming years. I just need to find the time and games that speak to my skill level.

Also, play Cat Quest.
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PermalinkNoddy's Gaming: A History in Parts. Part 4 (fin)
This is how I got into trophy hunting, so I’ll be brief as it would take a REALLY long time otherwise.

Gameboy and REALLY early PC were what I went with for the longest time. I did upgrade to a GB Color, but only when I was in high school. I didn’t play it much, had a few games, but it just didn’t grab me like the other two. At my high school After Prom party, I won $100 and decided to treat myself to a GameBoy Advance SP. And that sparked my interest again.

I bought it and got a few games with it. Some X-Men game, Golden Sun 1, and the LOTR:The Two Towers game. X-Men was ok. Golden Sun began my LOVE for RPGs and collecting anything not nailed down. The Two Towers was pretty much my first action RPG. I played every single storyline in the game. Eowyn’s was the hardest because it pitted you, without armor or decent weapons, against an OP orc for, like, the tenth enemy before you set out on your own quest. Man I was determined to – and did – get through that story.

So after high school, I got out of gaming for a time. I had friends that had a PlayStation 2 and an Xbox, but I didn’t really get into the games. I wasn’t accustomed to the many new buttons and controls that the controllers had, being that handhelds were all I was used to. A D-pad, A, B, L, and R buttons was the most complicated I ever got used to. Doubling everything on the controller just made my anxiety go through the roof the first couple times I picked it up. I had tried playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein on my first laptop in college and even using the PC controls was a huge failure. It became a frustration.

Halfway through my first year of college, I had a roommate that had a PS2 and I finally got accustomed to the controller playing Crash Bandicoot. The game was his girlfriend’s, but it was one I could get the hang of. He preferred to play some robot game where he created robots and completed missions (no clue what it was called).

So I eventually got my own PS2. That’s when I discovered God of War, Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill, and so many others. I slowly got good at using the dual joysticks and using the hack and slash genre to get me accustomed to the controller was definitely the thing I needed.

I played the shit out of that console my last year of college.

Then I discovered the joys of YouTube. I found playthroughs of all the games I couldn’t get through and found the HPAW podcast. They would demo games on Xbox 360, PS2, PC and just bullshit for an hour. It was hilarious, crass, unusual, and entertaining. It made me buy Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones and opened me up to actually WANTING a Wii – they did a 12 hr marathon of Resident Evil 4, but didn’t finish the game. Suddenly I needed a Wii and needed to finish the game. And I did about a year and a half later.

My friend worked for a Family Video and could rent a Wii and Resident Evil 4 so I could at least get a taste of what it was like. I didn’t have a GameCube so I couldn’t play it on its original system. The same applies for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

So I graduated college and moved to Massachusetts with my boyfriend at the time. I got a Wii for Christmas and he got me some Star Wars lightsaber game to go with it, but I already owned Resident Evil 4 – I had purchased it because it was becoming harder and harder to find for the Wii and I wanted it for when I finally owned one. I COULD FINALLY FINISH THE STORY! And I did, and it was glorious. Suddenly I was sold on the Wii as a system and didn’t care which games I had for it; I wanted as many as I could get.

But then came the release of Resident Evil 5. I HAD to have it. My ex had a 360 and said I could just use his so I immediately preordered the special edition of the game and guide (I wanted the game and all the perks that would come with it). The day it came in the mail, I was dancing. I had the game and the necklace, purse, and patch that came with it. HAPPY DAY!

I put it in his Xbox and started playing it and played it until I beat it. Many hours of frustration and searching and cursing went into this game. The longer I played, the more apparent it was becoming that we would be a 2 Xbox household because the more I played, the more he wanted to play games too.

I bought my own xbox, couldn’t transfer the save data, and had to start the game all over again. Which wasn’t the worst thing looking back. It opened my eyes to trophies. These magical things that kept popping up and telling me I did things. And they added up to make one giant score. Suddenly I needed all the score!

The first game I got all the achievements in was Lego Indiana Jones. Really low hanging fruit, but a good one to start with. I had my first completion!

Then PS3 introduced trophies. I was sort of anti-PS3. In my opinion, Xbox had better games at the time and Sony didn’t seem to be putting the same effort into the PS3 that Xbox seemed to get. I decided to wait until the PS3 had 10 exclusives that I REALLY wanted before I would buy one. It happened around the time of Heavy Rain. It was coming out and the trailers were incredibly intriguing. The Uncharted and Infamous series were out as well as a few others, but games nine and ten were the releases of God of War and God of War II - yes, on one disc, but I counted it. I had my 10, and I bought my PS3 with a preorder for Heavy Rain and the 2 Uncharted games. First trophy was the First Treasure in Uncharted 2 and my first platinum followed shortly in Heavy Rain.

The rest is history and documented here.

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