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So GameBoy had caught my interest and was keeping me hooked. What would be next?

PC. Duh.

Computers were just becoming popular to have in homes for everyday use and my family broke down and bought one so we could type papers for school – with computer labs being put in all the schools, teachers were beginning to require that all papers be typed, not hand written. My elementary school started a Computer Club – aka sit and play Oregon Trail after school twice a week. My school had Apple computers (before they were all known as Macs) so I played the version with bright colors and things that actually looked like cattle. At home we had the DOS version with everything pixelated and REALLY fast moving cow legs and tinny DOS music.

With the joy of playing games on the computer came the want for more computer games and learning about specs. We didn’t have the most high powered one at the time so we had limitations. We had Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? and a few more that really shaped my joy for games:

Wolfenstein 3D and the King’s Quest Series.

Wolfenstein 3D is STILL one of my favorite games ever. And sorry, Doom fans, it’s the original FPS. iD software made both games and released Wolfenstein 3D a year before Doom. For whatever reason, running through a maze of same colored walls and killing Nazis was just the bee's knees for an eight-ish year old. It was my first introduction to FPS games (obviously) and it’s probably the only reason I can play them now.

I have problems going back to PC now because the mouse was used for both movement and aiming (no WASD or arrow keys required). The simple scroll mouse on mousepad a fuckton to move and click left to shoot was fantastic for me and I’d still like it back for current games.

Now the King’s Quest series. I was the only one in my family to ever complete these games because – as stated before Dial-Up gave the world the ability to post WALKTHROUGHS!

The King’s Quest series consisted of a massive environment with several puzzle elements, fairy tales, precise arrow key movement (the mouse wasn’t used so I learned to deal with arrow keys it here), and a gross amount of frustration and patience. The first four were all text-based where you had to enter in what you wanted to happen, and only KQ4 paused the game while you typed so it didn’t require a 60wpm ability to get through.

KQ5-6 were point and click, which is why I play so much of those games today. I can’t get enough of them!

The first KQ I beat was 6. The updated graphics and use of voice acting made it the most appealing. While a really odd place to start for getting to know the characters and story, I didn’t really mind. Going back and beating the first (Quest for the Crown) and second (Finding a Wife) weren’t so bad. I tried to complete the third, but couldn’t get through it. Anyone who’s played the game knows the time constraints and knows how hard it is to get off the damn mountain. My literal first experience with pixel perfect movement. The fourth was my first experience with RNG – RNGesus is the reason I never completed that one. The fifth one, the walkthrough I found had a flaw in getting through the desert (not enough water to get in and out) and I was halted from completing that one.

The seventh and eighth games remain unplayed by me to this day – sad times.

Thanks to emulators and YouTube, I’ve been able to watch the games I missed out on myself and fill in what I will never get to.

I’ve played the current one created by The Odd Gentlemen. As a huge fan of this series as a kid, it hit me in the feels. There was so much nostalgia, so many throwbacks. I honestly would hug every member of the team if I could because they understood how to bring the game current and still pay homage to Sierra and the stories that Roberta Williams worked to create.

Fun Fact: KQ6 was the first game to feature a song with lyrics playing over the credits. I have that song in my music and have since I last played the game in 2006 (ish - thanks Boxed Set re-release!). It is god awful.

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So growing up, I had many games that I would play over and over and over again. Each one shaped how I game today. I was the only one in my family that really ever got into gaming and could do it for hours on end, so some of these I borrowed from my brothers and sister, and many times, I was the first one in the family to beat them. And some I never completed because I didn’t quite understand what to do.

Pokemon – I did not play this as a kid. Why is this here? To show that my love for RPGs came from elsewhere smile

Mr Chin’s Gourmet Paradise – this game taught me to troll enemies and the game. The point of the game was to turn little spikey creatures called Mos into peaches and eat them. You laid down little turret things and if you aimed 2 at each other, a beam would fire and turn all Mos between them to peaches. BUT, you could use them to trap the Mos against a wall and take the time to break the blocks to look for power ups – notably the apple dumpling which gave you the ability to fly through every level.

There were also bonus rounds where you had to eat as many peaches as you could (no enemies) and, if you jumped at the right spot underneath the peach spawn pipe, you could hover in midair eating peaches nonstop.

Weirdest game I think I played.

Penguin Wars – This game was the first competitive game. Choose one of 5-6 characters and engage in a game of dodge ball/ping pong. Cute graphics with each character having a different build made this game replayable on many levels.


Super Marioland – First game (besides Tetris) that my family ever owned. It took me ages to get my own copy – my brother knew I liked this game and rarely let me borrow it. I think it was something of a prize possession to him I guess.

Beating this game was the hardest for me at age 6. I think I finally beat it when I was 9. I couldn’t keep the superball powerup for the life of me and jumping mechanics were never (and still aren’t) my strong suit.

Cat Trap – the puzzle game to beat all puzzle games. Still never beat the final level on this one.

Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle – oh my god, I wanted to jump so badly in this game. This game helped me get enemy movement and timing down. Hard as hell, but a lot of fun. Totally used cheat codes to get through this one. Thanks, Dial-up internet!

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – no the DX version for the GBC either. This was my first introduction to the LoZ series and the first LoZ game I ever beat (fun fact, I’ve never gotten through a LoZ without a walkthrough and have only ever completed 3 LoZ games). This game, speaking of Dial-Up internet, was the first time I looked up a walkthrough and information to get me through the game – the trade quest, right up to the end and getting through the damn egg and waking the Wind Fish.

Super Marioland 2: 6 Golden Coins – This is still one of the BEST birthday presents I’ve ever received. It was released after my birthday so I had to wait almost an entire year to get it. I STILL remember the commercials for it, Wario doing a voiceover actual gameplay. The genie hat for fireballs because they couldn’t do different colored overalls. The bunny ears which have never made a return since.

My sister and I both received this (to avoid fights) and we both dove right in. I actually went back and revisited this a couple years ago and I don’t think the concept of how hard it could get ever dawned on me. I still remembered all the levels and all the bosses, but jeez. Why would they give that to a child? laugh

We went back and forth on who had more Golden Coins – I think she beat Pumpkin and Macro zones first, I beat Mario and Space zones first. Can’t remember who did the other 2, Turtle and Tree zones. We both got into the castle around the same time and again, timing with us. This is where it gets interesting. My sister got to Wario first, but she didn’t know it. I heard the music change and I asked what happened and she said she was fighting “this weird duck thing.” Thanks GB graphics!! laugh That “weird duck thing” was Wario. I hunkered down and got to him the same day…and beat him the same day. It made me determined to beat the game first and is probably the fastest any of us ever finished a GB game back in the day.

Donkey Kong Land – Who knew there were so many different shades of gray and black that could hide enemies. Love the game, died a lot. Never beat any of the three of them.

Kirby’s Dreamland – Just because it’s still a favorite of mine that I can speed run.

Turrican – obscure game. Taught me the importance of recognizing different power ups and choosing the right one for different situations. Never beat this game as it made less and less sense the longer I played.

Cosmo Tank – I gave up on this one. I still don’t get it. It came with my sister’s purchase of yard sale Gameboy and if this was their frame of reference for how the system operated and what games were available, no wonder they sold it.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – Like Bugs Bunny’s Crazy Castle, CHEAT CODES. I still remember at least one of the level codes: DLT3QYBY. Gets you to the second level (though the first level isn’t really that hard to get through). This was another game that took perseverance to get through and beat. I did beat this game, but I did the levels out of order and used the trusty dial-up internet for help when I needed it. I swear, internet was made for gamers to get through games. I had all the level codes and would go through and play each level over and over until I beat it. None of my friends at school (mainly because I had very few friends to begin with) had a Gameboy or were as into games as me so my only sources of ideas and tips were my family – and they were pretty much useless.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters – Quite possibly my favorite game from my childhood. This was an incredibly tough game – to the point where I often wonder why they would give it to a child. The amount of work you had to put in to get every single power upgrade and health upgrade still astounds me. The areas were never that intuitive and the dungeons were even worse. Dangers could pop up from the floor or see you and summon more enemies for you. Dungeons were even worse where the entire room wouldn’t fit on one screen and you could get smacked in the head with a slime if you didn’t know what to expect. Boss battles involved being able to tank necessary damage and you needed to be prepared.

It was my brother’s game and the furthest he ever got was the second dungeon, but he couldn’t get past the bat skull. I was the only one in my family to play and beat this game. Wearing the three legendary treasures and defeating Orcos was probably the hardest thing I did as a kid.

These games really helped shape me as a gamer – they gave me a variety of mechanics and genres and set me up to always try any game once. I have a 3DS XL and I did buy the ones I could on the Virtual Console and I do go back and play them sometimes. But since there are no trophies and they aren’t Sony games, they don’t get as much replay as they probably should.
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My gaming adventure started with my brothers.

My oldest brother had an NES, but my parents didn’t believe in leaving it hooked up - we had better things to do than play video games - so it was never hooked up unless hell froze over that day. And my brother never let anyone play it - was kind of an awful big brother growing up. We were allowed to play with the Atari and Texas Instruments games because they were more “educational” and hard as hell so it never kept our attention long enough to be a problem.

My middle brother had an original GameBoy and I would often sit on the arm of the chair and watch over his shoulder. I was “too young” to play videogames – more like he didn’t want to let me borrow it ever. That was my first fascination. Making Mario (Super Marioland) go through the levels, getting the timing down, the controls, raging hardcore when the black pixels faded to green as the 4 AA batteries died for the fifth time that day. It was wonderful.

I was actually the last child to get a GameBoy in my family. My 2 older brothers had them and my sister and I (5 years younger than my middle brother) were left without for a while.

Here’s how I got mine:

My family was never that well off and during the summer, my mom, great aunt, and grandmother would sit down with the newspaper and look at yard sale ads. They’d highlight and cut out the ones they wanted to go to and plan a route. Yes, it was all that involved.

My sister and I, being the youngest and unable to be left home alone, were always along for this event whether we wanted to go or not. More often than not, we would sleep in the car and go to look at the sales once we’d had lunch.

One fateful Saturday when this routine was taking place, my mom woke me up, I got ready and got in the car to sleep. I slept longer than my sister. There was a yard sale that she got out for, and I slept through, but when I woke up, she had a GameBoy.

Hell hath no fury like a would-be-gamer scorned. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown a fit of that proportion before or since. My mom’s original plan was for us to share it. Being a twin, that was often the case with us. My brother’s would get their individual ones, but my sister and I would share the thing. If you have twins/triplets/multiples, don’t ever do that to them. It’s a slap in the face and probably lead to my issues of not feeling good enough ever, but I have a good concept of sharing and borrowing and returning things in same or better condition than I received it! Whatever, it was some shadey shit. toast

So all hell had broken loose and there was no quelling it. For the first and only time, my parents purchased a new game system that was not for a holiday or birthday – and they only ever bought GameBoys for those days anyway. We never had a new SNES, or N64 - we could have, but only if we had bought them, which none of us ever did because we wouldn’t have the money to do so until we were gainfully employed and we didn't like each other enough to pool our money. The next game system I would have that was brand new was a Gameboy Advance SP. Anyway, the next day, they took me to Toys ‘R’ Us and bought me a brand new GameBoy to quiet the household. I still had to share and borrow games from my siblings, but I honestly could not have been happier. New GameBoy, new power adapter, new Tetris cartridge, new GameBoy link cable. No, I didn’t need a padded carrying case for it. I used the Styrofoam insert and original box as the storage/carrying case until it pretty much fell apart.

A gamer was born.
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So the grinding is over with. And I have my first MMO platinum trophy. It’s probably one of the easier MMO trophies to get since there are no battles that require a party to get, though playing with friends is encouraged or it’s completely insane doing all the grinding solo and not having moments to vent.

Or have some jackass tell you your artifacts suck and you’re playing the game wrong. Then read him for filth to vent a lot of anger and frustration during the homestretch of the 530M exp grind to get the last trophy you need for platinum. Dude needed to check his lipstick before coming for me. I can understand trying to be helpful, but don’t just send me a message saying, “Farm for better equipment.” Thanks, Tips, glad you’re bored. Now GET OUT! smile

Anyway, back on topic. Since Marvel Heroes Omega took up a good chunk of my August, WHAT’S NEXT? compute

Well, it started with low hanging fruit. I finished the collectible grinding in Lego Harry potter Years 5-7 and got the platinum. Then I started and finished Adam’s Venture Origins and The Little Acre, earning 2 more platinums for a total of 4 in a 28.5 hr period (The Little Acre platinum popped just BARELY after midnight so I can’t claim 3 in one day). For reference:

9-3-2017 7:28 PM – Marvel Heroes Omega Platinum
9-4-2017 11:24 AM – Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Platinum
9-4-2017 10:16 PM – Adam’s Venture Origins Platinum
9-5-2017 12:03 AM – The Little Acre Platinum

Fun Fact: 9/4/2017 is currently my third best day of all time.

I also have slightly longer easy platinums (more low hanging fruit) on my PS4 that I will be clearing out:

Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Minecraft: Story Mode
Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan

While they don’t have platinums, Submerged, Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders, and The Bridge will also be completed and deleted.

I also want to clean up some DLC trophies in:

Final Horizon (Vita)
Goat Simulator

Yes, I know. Goat Simulator. Blah (or bllleeeeeaaaah?). The trophies are simple and will give me the reason I want to delete the game permanently from my PS4 – or at least until they release more crap ass content for it.

Final Horizon takes a tad more finessing – some of the objectives are a bit of a challenge, but I’m down to only one trophy where I have to get all objectives at once so it won’t take too much work.

As far as bigger releases and actual fun games, I have a much better list. I’ve been working my way through Resogun with @biff_beefcake. She’s been absolutely stellar and very patient with me working towards all the remaining trophies. I’m waiting on the bench for her return to the Borderlands games to return the favor.

I’m also planning on running some more Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Dying Light, and Resident Evil 5 with @Shoniaofthedead. We’ll also be shuffling in some trophies for her in the Borderlands series and Marvel Heroes Omega (I can’t stop with the game! headspin )

For my solo games, Ratchet and Clank is first on the list. I’ve never played a Ratchet and Clank game so I’m looking forward to finally picking it up. Around the time of the rerelease, they did a completely bonkers sale on all the Ratchet and Clank titles so I have every game in the series that offers trophies, on every trophy-offering system available. If I hate the series, at least I won’t be out too much (maybe $35 or so?).

FFVII will also get some attention. It’s been sitting on my PS4 since the day it was released with only a little bit of play, but I want to give it the attention it needs.

Final Fantasy XV will also be included in the very near future once I get the hard drive space – hence all the low hanging fruit and Goat Simulator. I’ve played through the prologue part on a friend’s system, but haven’t had a chance to look at the trophies or set up an actual plan. I’ve been DYING to play the game further.

It’s definitely a huge focus on my PS4 and a smidge of Vita. PS3 is on hold for the moment. I really want to go through all my PSN purchases and get together a COMPLETE list of my PS3 games and add them to my collection on TT. From there I can pull together a reasonable plan to work my way through that backlog. Right now my method is “I /think/ I have this game…” but I’d like a better way to know for sure and track which ones I have and can complete.

September is starting off with HUGE numbers – I doubt I’ll be able to keep them going – but the plan for this month (and probably October) will continue to pull me into completing my remaining goals. I won’t be setting any new goals for now; I want to complete the ones I have set and give myself time to come up with other challenges.

To sum up – 10 cakewalk completions, 4 continuously co-op completables, and 3 companionless consummations are in the pipeline for this and the coming months. Now get out of my way and hand me my controller. toast
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So this month was a bit of a wash trophy-wise.

My company pays for a gym membership and I started going with a friend. I really just want to get a bigger chest/arms to balance out the rest of me. I skate a lot as a roller derby referee so my legs and core are great, but I like beer, so I’m not exactly as rail thin as I was 10 years ago. I need to find a balance between keeping in shape and playing games.

The same friend also had me get Marvel Heroes Omega for my XBone. I’ve done more Xbox gaming this month than I have in the past 3 years. Although, I now have it for my PS4 so expect to see me playing/streaming that from time to time and will hopefully be able to platinum that eventually.

Now onto the main reason my gaming went south this month: The Alphabet Challenge!

Who would’ve thought 26 trophies would be such a pain the ass? I started off strong and had a really good cushion for the 26 day event, and thank heavens I did. Last day was a nail biter with ONE trophy remaining. I intended to get it the night before, but was sidetracked. I went home, played some Marvel Heroes Omega on my PS4, put in Goat Simulator, got my Y trophy, and then went BACK to Marvel Heroes Omega, which was almost my downfall.

I played MHO until 2 in the morning, realized I still didn’t have Z and started to scramble. I had no plan and didn’t think I could get it in any of the games I had started. Originally I was going to play Batman: Arkham Asylum and go for the Zsazs trophy. I put in the game and started downloading the the update (which would take 9 minutes), getting things ready for work and getting ready for bed while it did. I sat down and started playing through the LONG intro, only to look the trophy up online and realize that it was not at the beginning of the game like I thought I remembered (last time I played the game was the year it was released).

So option 1 was a complete fail. I went back to the list and just decided to go for 1000 zombie kills in Dead Nation on my Vita. I start my Vita….and the game isn’t downloaded. I start downloading it, only to have my wifi decide to be a butt and go SO SLOWLY. What should've been minutes was taking hours so I just let it sit and went to bed.

Waking up, I check the status of Dead Nation and it didn’t download at all - it gave me some bonkers error code that don’t nobody got time for. I pack up my Vita and take it to work, thinking I’d just get it on lunch. As only just my luck could be, today is the first day in a newly renovated space in my company’s building and I’m sitting in the same area as all three of my managers today. Hiding it in a drawer, I stealthily began hooking my Vita up to my company’s Bring Your Own Device wifi to finish downloading the game, hoping it will download in time for my lunch break so I can try and kill 1000 zombies in 45 min.

Dodging my managers, IT people, and facilities people as they’re walking making sure all cubes are up and running with nothing wrong, I get it hooked up and, luckily, the downloading completes in about 15 min. I’m off to a good start to getting this before the end of the challenge!


Completely True Noddy Style: After starting 3 new games, 2 new DLC packs, completing 2 games AND getting both Platinum trophies as letters in my list, and picking up and playing games 2 I haven’t played in (at least) over a year just because they had trophies I could get quickly for a letter, I finished the challenge!

On my Vita.

At work.

Killing 300 zombies (thankfully trophies are based on stats uploaded online rather than in saved game data).

On the toilet.

Yes. I took my Vita to the bathroom to get a head start before lunch and the trophy popped with me on the shitter.

THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT! (or MORNING if you’re on US EST like I am)
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