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Ok, this is literally coming on the heels of my last post, but why are unregistered users part of the leaderboards?

As I've been working towards the top 2000, I ever noticed that once a week I fall a couple places, even if I killed it the day before and added 800+ TT points. It's the once a week scan of unregistered users (I assume).

Even in my quest to complete all the Borderlands games, I was working to take the 7th place, only to click on the gamers who reached it before me and find that at least 2 are unregistered.

I'm torn between being whiny and demanding my top 5 placement, or respecting other gamers and their 1337ness in getting there first and accepting 7th, no matter how wrong it still will be.

So it begs the question, should TT turn into something like psnprofiles and scan everyone and adjust rankings? Or should it just be registered users? How whiny should I be about this. I could probably be in the top 2000 now if unregistered users were removed, or should I take it as an added challenge to my goal?

How important are time stamps of a greater population vs time stamps of registered users?

The heat is killing me and is making me torn a la Natalie Imbruglia.

So I guess the fortune teller's right....
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So as I SLOWLY approach the top 2000 on the site, I must reflect on the insanely frustrating goal this was to make.

When I first made the goal, I had to get to 200K TT points, which is why I had that as a goal. When I get 200K, the 2000th spot was around 215K TT. Now as I'm about to leave the 2200s, the top 2000 start at 225K TT. The struggle is real.

I keep moving up by leaps and bounds, but the goal always seems farther and farther out of reach. Frustrating, absolutely, but I found a weird motivation and silver lining.

As my goal seems to be getting further and further away, I found that my need to achieve my goal is taking precedence in my gaming. Rather than watch it get further and further away and slip through my fingers at the end of the year and having a failed goal, I'm chasing it with extreme determination. Mainly because I have a little competitive nature with myself and if I set a goal, I want to achieve it. With all the other goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year, it would be a damn shame for this one to be the one I fail at.

And my backlog is decreasing! I held onto several games that were easy plats, trying to focus on big releases so I could enjoy the ones that were popular more. I knew I would get to them eventually. 'They're easy and I can crank them out, no problem,' I thought on many occasions. Well, now's the time to crank them out, clear out hard drives, shrink my backlog list! Damn all those puzzle and telltale games taunting me with their easy plats, but huge time commitments! Those plats are now mine, bitches, and so is this goal! Sly Cooper plats? On the list! Lego games unfinished? MINE! The backlog of easy, but not that much fun games will decrease!


But seriously, watching a 50K goal turn into a 75K+ goal and counting...I appreciate the challenge, but could it stop getting exponentially further away?! warning toast angry laugh
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Guess who's 15 on the Borderlands Series LB....

33 more trophies to go before I take my spot at #7 (hopefully)
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Lately I've began to actively improve my position on the leaderboards. I've always followed my position to see where I stand (typically falling into the top 10% in most categories on this site), but I found a new love in making goals and trying to improve my standing. While I know I will never be number one in any category, I think I just realized that it added a new depth to my gaming and trophy hunting. One of my goals was to break into the top 2000 on this site and it's been an uphill struggle. I think several other people have this same goal smile.

I've been a Playstation gamer since 2010, but preferred the Xbox 360 to the PS3 for the longest time, finding some of the load times of the PS3 clunkier than the 360 and, at the time, all of my friends were Xboxers and influenced me to favor that system.

I recently looked at my overall growth for my PSN ID on PSN Profiles and saw the incredible progress I've made since making the switch to the PS4 in 2014. For the longest time, I only had one Platinum (Thanks, Heavy Rain!) and a library of games that was maybe 30 titles. I still slowly accumulated games over the years saying I would improve my level one day, but it wasn't until the release of the PS4 that I actually followed through with that plan.

While I may not have the most impressive trophy list - I really have a bitch of a time with online playing and harder difficulty trophies - I like looking at them and thinking I have earned and dedicated time to each and every one. Kind of lame when put in terms like that, but it's true. It's a physical record of every single game I've played, loved, or suffered through for trophies.

So bringing this back to the leaderboards, it gives me a greater respect for the trophy hunter community because the leaderboards are a physical record of everyone's time and effort they put into gaming. Actively pursuing a better position has put me in a weird place of wanting to have a better meaningless level and wanting to have a better record of the gaming I've done. While ultimately it will never really matter and I'll never be #1 in anything, it brings an odd sense of pride to me in a really weird, I'm-really-only-doing-this-to-satisfy-some-weird-OCD kind of way.
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Hoping to hit some old games and games I need to go back to and get a few trophies for the 100%. Definitely missed some trophy hunting over the past couple months with new life changes and want to get back on track with a normal gaming schedule.
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