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So another month has passed and once again, it's time for another recap! I get the feeling this one might take longer than usual to type. laugh

Onto the games I completed, then!

  • Completed Games12

BRIKS Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 3/10 Personal Game Rating: 3/5
Dreamals Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 3/10 w/o guide, Personal Game Rating: 2.5/5
Battle Princess of Arcadias Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 5/10 Personal Game Rating: 2.5/5
Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 7/10 Personal Game Rating: 3.5/5
Type:Rider Trophies

Type:Rider (Vita) Trophies

D-D-D-D-Double Completion!!

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 2/10 Personal Game Rating: 2.5/5
The Bridge Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 4/10 w/ guide (7/10 w/ guide for wisps, 10/10 w/o guide), Personal Game Rating: 3.5/5
Snake Pass Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 7/10 Personal Game Rating: 4/5
One Upon Light Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 3/10 Personal Game Rating: 2/5
Eventide: Slavic Fable Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 2/10 Personal Game Rating: 3/5
Puzzle Showdown 4K Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 2/10 Personal Game Rating: 2.5/5
Black & White Bushido (EU)

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 1/10, Personal Game Rating: 2/5
Phew, that's a lot of games I completed last month and a fairly even split for Plat/No Plat games too!

Onto the games I played but didn't beat:

  • Games In Progress2

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (EU) Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

forma.8 Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

So that wraps up last month's gaming! Another solid month! rock Onto the stats:

  • Stats And Milestones

12 Games Started, 14 Games Played, 12 Completed

234 trophies for 9,465 XP worth 15,560 TT!
Milestones achieved

360,000 TT score

6,250 trophies won

175 completed games

True Level 50! rock

275 games played

180 completed games

370,000 TT score

PlayStation Level 36
  • Games I'll Possibly Play In June

So last month, I believe was the first time in the history of me writing these blogs that I actually played EVERY game I said I was thinking about doing! Has Hell frozen over???

Let's just restore normality here, then. wink

This month could be an interesting one for sure. LocoRoco Remastered Trophies is probably the main one I'm thinking about doing (and by 'eck is that ratio tasty!!!) as I loved the trailer for it! Of course, more The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (EU) Trophies is a huge priority for me as well!

Also considering FINALLY going back to Geometry Wars³: Dimensions Trophies to get the remaining trophies there, that'll depend on how easy it is to do with 2 controllers (and the Vita version later on worries me...) Also considering other games to go back to, such as Rayman Legends Trophies and Rebel Galaxy Trophies

Clearly, Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood Trophies will feature, I'm also hoping to beat Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone Trophies's DLC packs too, been FAR too long since I had Miku in my life!

Besides that, hoping to maybe play Touhou Double Focus Trophies and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Trophies if I have any time left over.

This *might* be the month I D-D-D-D-Double Up!! on other region's games, though an annoying development at the end of the month might delay that a bit...

  • Final Thoughts

So yeah, that wraps up most of what I wanted to say. However, at the end of last month, my PC, a loyal servant to the cause of YouTube video making, streaming, looking up trophy guides, talking to you on here and many other things, decided to finally fail on me. cry

So now I'm left looking for a new computer. I'm hoping to have one very soon as I'm really not enjoying having to snatch moments in general to use t'interwebs on my Dad's PC (lucky I had chance to write this up as I didn't think I would) and using my phone is so damn fiddly!

This also changed my plan for yesterday. I was gonna do a different game but hadn't really got a good set-up going at the time to have a video guide up while playing. Now, I'm using my Xbox One for the purpose for now. :P

Still, with any luck, I should be back in business before this month ends, at least, I hope so...

Don't think there's a lot else that happened last month to discuss, really, at least, nothing worth mentioning. wink

Oh, I *did* write up another blog, in case you missed it previously: AtsumaKarin's blog post - When people don't understand your gaming hobby...

And also: had a message on XBL from someone: "TO:collin" that was it! Nothing else, it's not even my name! facepalm

So what have you guys been up to in May? Any awesome games you've got your eye on? I'd love to hear from you in the comments! toast
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PermalinkWhen people don't understand your gaming hobby...
So I had this happen to me today and I reckon many of you could probably relate.

After work, I decided to use my Christmas money that I hadn't spent up to now to spend it on some credit for PSN at my workplace.

Some of my colleagues were present (besides the one who served me of course :P) and they were all too eager to tell me what a waste of money it was.

"You could put it in a savings account" "You could buy new trainers" "You could do *insert random thing here* with it." Safe to say I was rather puzzled about the attitude towards this (they clearly weren't joking).

Obviously it goes without saying that none of them are gamers and I don't expect them to fully understand it but when it goes to the extent of being pretty much judgemental about it, I have to wonder why, really?

What *isn't* a waste of money? Food, drink, household bills, arguably things like internet and car fuel/insurance etc. even though you don't literally need them but beyond that, IDK?

Some people decide to spend their money on going out boozing every Friday night (or even almost every night). Fine if you want to do that (I never could get into the whole partying thing much as I tried in my late teens) but how is that any less (or more) of a waste of money?

Some would say: "oh but you meet people and socialise". Well, if you go to a pub or bar, possibly but try talking to people in a nightclub and see how far you get! laugh

Some would probably argue you have some good memories from those times and I'm sure you do...assuming you don't have some other random arsehole who's drunk as well smash your head with a beer bottle because they think you're coming onto their partner or something like that.

How does this differ from gaming exactly? I can talk to people online if I want (and indeed speak to many of you awesome people on this site) toast and I have some really good memories of the many games I've played in the 3 decades I've been on this planet (sounds better than 30 years) laugh

Equally, I could meet a random troll or play a game that's not as good and have just as bad a memory of that. See what I mean? No different in principle as far as I'm concerned!

Some people collect stamps or cards, I don't do that and don't particularly understand it (at least stamps, used to collect Pokemon cards as a kid) but so bloody what? They enjoy it, that's all that counts!

Same with people (and I *really* don't get this) who follow every last shred of celebrity news and read all the gossip mags. I can't imagine anything more banal than that but honestly, who cares, really?

I think most of us do have our own thoughts on a lot of things and them being a waste of time and that's perfectly normal, the problem, to me, comes when you start openly casting judgement on people imo.

I know they don't mean any harm to me by it and this isn't meant as a dig at them per se, just something that got me thinking. smile

It's probably just as well I haven't told them about my trophy obsession. laugh

They were right about one thing, though. I could use a new pair of trainers. The problem? I HATE clothes shopping, any time I go into a clothes shop with that goal in mind, I'll look at them and think: "that's nice! That's nice! Yeah, that's alright, I suppose!" and then walk out empty-handed! XD

At the end of the day, I'm not spending money I don't have on my hobby and if there are more important things I need to spend it on, then I will do so. I really don't see the problem, personally.

On a side-note, however, I would ideally like to broaden my horizons a bit and do other things besides gaming (as that to be fair *is* more or less all I do besides work, of course) but as some of you know from a previous blog, my track record with people is not the best so that doesn't encourage me to meet them! wink

In any case, I'll wrap it up here. Thanks for reading that ramble if you did! toast

So have you ever had something along these lines happen to you, be it for gaming or any other hobby you may have and what did you think about it? I would love to hear from you in the comments! toast
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PermalinkI Completed Everything! Knot Bad! April Review!
I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist using that as the title when I thought of it! laugh

Anyway, sorry for the delay in this one once again but you know the old saying, better late than never? So gonna have that on my gravestone. :P

Right, onto last month's games, then:

  • Completed Games8

Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 3/10 Personal Game Rating: 3.5/5
Everything Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 3/10 Personal Game Rating: 4/5
Titan Attacks! Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 3/10 Personal Game Rating: 2.5/5
Gem Smashers (Vita)

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 2/10 Personal Game Rating: 2/5
Rayman Origins (Vita) Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 5/10 Personal Game Rating: 4/5
Hue Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 4/10 w/o guide (2/10 w/ guide) Personal Game Rating: 3.5/5
Knot Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 4/10 Personal Game Rating: 1.5/5
Yooka-Laylee Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Personal Difficulty Rating: 6/10 Personal Game Rating: 4.5/5
So that covers all the games I completed last month, an unusual amount of No Plat games there, what's wrong with me? Wait, don't answer that! :P

Onto the games I played but didn't beat, then:

  • Games In Progress2

Battle Princess of Arcadias Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (EU) Trophies

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

So that concludes last month's gaming! Pretty good amount of completions/games played, I'd say! rock

Onto the stats:

  • Stats And Milestones

9 Games Started, 10 Games Played, 8 Games Completed

222 trophies for 7.395 XP worth 11,459 TT!
Milestones Achieved

350,000 TT Score

165 Completed Games

Playstation Level 35

170 Completed Games

76% Completion
  • Games I'll Possibly Play In May

Well, being as this blog is late, I can already confirm a few of the games. Expect to see more about Battle Princess of Arcadias Trophies. Also appearing will be BRIKS Trophies and Dreamals Trophies.

Besides that, I think it's inevitable that Eventide: Slavic Fable Trophies will feature being the latest Artifex Mundi game to get released but I'm also hoping to FINALLY start on the Touhou series, starting with Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet Trophies and going from there!

Also want to make more progress with The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (EU) Trophies this month.

Finally, I'm hoping to maybe start Snake Pass Trophies, which I part paid for with my £10 voucher I got for spending £50 in March! rock

Besides that, who knows? I never do! XD

  • Special Congratulations

An unusual portion of this blog, which I'd planned on congratulating one person but due to the delay in me writing this up, there's now two!

Firstly: congratulations to biff_beefcake for obtaining:

Stardew ValleyIridium SealThe Iridium Seal trophy in Stardew Valley worth 1214 pointsThis priceless treasure is the mark of a truly great farmer! Grandpa lives inside...

This Platinum takes a lot of commitment and indeed some skill due to the Smash TV-like Journey of the Prairie King mini-game so hats off to her!

Of course, there's no way she'd have obtained this without me promising her a spot in this blog! J/K. wink

Finally, congrats to Harris59 for obtaining:

Super Meat BoySuper Meat Boy!The Super Meat Boy! trophy in Super Meat Boy worth 1810 pointsUnlock all other trophies

This one needs no introduction! One of the hardest Platinum trophies available on the whole of PSN and, along with the amazing UlvenFenrir, the only 2 friends on my list who've accomplished this! I hope to join you guys soon! toast

  • Final Thoughts

So that was a pretty fun month all around! I made some great progress towards my Puzzle Quest goal (as in: for the Puzzle Genre Leaderboard, not the game :P) reaching European #1 and also added some more Platinums towards my goal for 200 by the end of the year. rock

I also broke the mold last month and made 2 extra blogs! One of them, I feel is really interesting and would be well worth your time reading:

AtsumaKarin's blog post - Are fun and trophies an impossible mix?

The other one? Not so much. :P Was more just me ranting, tbh but you may use this link if you're curious,..

AtsumaKarin's blog post - RANT: Some people are just awful! (AKA 90% of the people who live in my hometown). :(

In other news: last month, I pretty much failed in getting any Steam Achievements and only got 1 Achievement on the Xbox Side (one of those play the game so many days type deals) for the TrueAchievements app! Maybe I'll change that this month? We'll see...

How are you liking the tweaks I made to this blog? I know the feedback about my blog was positive last time but I figured that things could still be improved. wink

I also have a few more ideas lined up for the future but this will do for now!

I feel like also now might be the time to add some more awesome new friends on here, been pretty lax about that of late (and socially awkward lol) but this is by FAR the friendliest community I've EVER come across in my time online so the more, the merrier, I say! toast

On the downside: I really hope that TT sorts out the gremlins plaguing the scanners right now as they intermittently fail, then restart within an hour or so as of the last few weeks or so. Also the multi-genre LB, which even TSA has needs to be added here!!!

Anyway, that'll do for this blog! What have you guys/gals been up to last month? Anything exciting in the world of gaming or otherwise? I'd love to hear from you in the comments! toast
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PermalinkRANT: Some people are just awful! (AKA 90% of the people who live in my hometown). :(
If the title of this blog weren't indication enough, this will be a rant blog so if you don't want to read that kind of thing and be pissed off, look away now.

Though, if you're anything like me, I love reading a good rant. :P On with the show, then...

OK, seriously now: I was walking into work today, minding my own business, eating my sandwiches (effectively my breakfast as I work early mornings doing the deliveries at a shop) and I saw a couple of people with dogs.

As I passed the first one, all of a sudden, without warning, the dog jumped up at me with an angry woof and growl. Basically, in attack mode!

I was lucky, at the very least, that the dog (I believe it was an Irish Wolfhound but I could be wrong, pretty big dog, at any rate...looking at pictures indicates I was right, I think) was on a lead and the owner at the very least was aware enough to pull him in before any damage could be done.

So what was the problem?

NO APOLOGY!!! Literally nothing! For all I know, the dog could've killed me or caused serious injury, at the very least and the twat in question didn't even have the DECENCY to APOLOGISE to me!!! angry

He didn't even seem embarrassed by it as he carried on walking. He acted like it was bloody NORMAL for his dog to do that to total strangers! The ignorance on display here was utterly staggering! facepalm

Being a dog owner myself, I appreciate that sometimes, you can't predict what your dog will react to and no real harm was done on this occasion...but what if it had been a KID? No jumping up needed to get to their face, could've been disfigured/blinded etc in an instance, if not killed and where would the owner have ended up? Prison, that's where! Where would the dog have ended up? Put to sleep. It's seriously disgusting just how many terrible dog owners there are. cry

The only remote defence that the man could have (and I use that term loosely) is that as he acted normally, I'm guessing that the dog does that to a lot of people and doesn't actually mean any harm by it but doesn't communicate it properly.

Problem with that is: how the HELL would I or anyone else know that? You can't just assume that everyone is a dog owner/understands a dog's psychology nor can you assume that the dog won't react differently on another day. Once again, it could be a kid it attacks and he/she gets a phobia of dogs for life because of it, if not seriously hurt!

Things happen, I get that but at least have the bloody DECENCY to apologise! Sheesh! roll

The 2nd dog owner, I passed a remark onto as I didn't with the first one (like I should've, really but I'm too much of a wimp lol) and said to her: "That's bad, isn't it? No apology!" and in a zombified state, she went: "yeah!"

Of course, for all I know, they might've been together but even so, unbelievable. Shows just how apathetic the majority of people here seem to be. shock

You might be thinking: "you can't judge a whole town based on one experience". No, you can't. I've lived here practically my whole life, however (30 years minus one year for University...) and it's safe to say that from my personal experience, this place is a dump and most of the people here are not worth the time of day!

Just a short list of other things that've happened to me while living here:

Only a few months ago, my dog got attacked by another dog (once again, might've been play but it was VERY aggressive!) and got no apology there either! My dog was 11 at the time, it could've finished her off. That dog was off its lead.

Sometime last year, I had someone have the AUDACITY to tell me how to walk my own dog: "don't pull he, he's getting on in years" or w/e he said now. Here's something: why don't you mind your OWN damn business??? I wasn't pulling HER, at least, not how he would've made it out I was.

I was mugged walking home from town in my teens all for the sake of a few quid.

I've had countless: "friends" screw me over for pretty much no reason whatsoever.

I've had family members disown me while living here for the most ridiculous reasons (you wouldn't believe it if I told you!)

Some former colleagues at work nearly giving me a nervous breakdown/costing me my job due to being 2 faced, manipulative arseholes (thankfully, they're gone now and I have a great co-worker!)

But I think the coup de grace and what hammers this all home perfectly was what I described here:

Just be warned: if you watch that, you might want to stand back from the shards of glass that come from your monitor from the burden of showing my ugly mug! laugh

I know there'll be some people here who say that it could be MUCH worse! Of course it could, you only need to look at the news for 5 seconds to see that! Doesn't mean that it's good or even remotely acceptable, though, does it?

You know what the worst part of this is? I'm not even angry writing this, really! I'm resigned to the fact that while I live here, I'm never realistically gonna have any reliable friends or enjoy living here. I just hope that I manage to get myself into a position to leave sooner rather or later so I don't actually have something more serious happen to me. :(

Anyway, really sorry for all that, this wasn't the kind of first personal blog I'd envisioned when I said I wanted to make some more personal ones, I just thought for whatever reason, that sharing this might help someone, even if it's only me a bit lol.

I honestly don't like moaning like this, always feel like you're opening yourself up to a lot of crap and I don't want anyone's pity, just needed to vent. smile

Anyway, on the bright side: I should hopefully have the Platinum for Yooka-Laylee in the coming days! Really enjoyed that game, don't think it's quite as good as Banjo-Kazooie or Tooie but it's pretty damn amazing all the same!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and next time, I promise you it'll be a better blog if I do a personal one again! toast
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PermalinkAre fun and trophies an impossible mix?

So I've had this bubbling around in my head for some time now so I figured, why not post a short(ish) blog about it? smile

If you cast your gaze to pretty much any trophy thoughts thread on t'interwebs, you will usually see the following things come up:

"No Plat No Buy"

"Shame this game doesn't have a Plat but I'll give it a go anyway"

"Look at all those Gold trophies! Gonna get it for an easy Plat!"

"Remember a time when people actually played the game for fun instead of pointless trophies?"

This is just a summary of the many differing posts you'll see but it pretty much works out the same on every thread, doesn't it?

Of course, for the purpose of this blog, I'll be focusing on that last quote right there but the other quotes can also be applied to this topic in a way as well.

Trophies = Not fun?

So this kinda confuses me, in all honesty. The amount of times I'll see people say that they play the games just for fun as opposed to going for trophies. Maybe it's an unintentional thing but this heavily implies, if nothing else, that going for trophies CAN'T be fun. That it supersedes the joy of playing the game if you *do* go for trophies.

Why does it?

In order to come to a reasonable conclusion, I shall now tackle both sides of this argument. smile

Trophies ARE fun!

Speaking for myself, of course: I'm a completionist at heart and always have been LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG before trophies/achievements ever became a thing. Trophies/achievement are a means of publicly showing how far you've got in a game and what feats you've accomplished. Often they'll include getting 100% in a game.

So when I got 100% in a game before they existed, I wasn't having fun? That's what that line of logic would imply to me.

Quite often as well, they also encourage you to try things out in games that you would NEVER have done without them. Things like playing as a bad guy if you normally play as a good one (or vice versa, indeed), seeing multiple endings or beating a game on Hard mode without dying (though granted, I would've done this on a few occasions...), without trophies/achievements, you might not really see the point of doing so, esp. how big our gaming backlogs seem to be getting these days...

Trophies/achievements offer a means to further expand the fun you can have with a game and also might give you an appreciation for a game you might not have had otherwise.

They can feel rewarding to get if you go for difficult ones and equally, can be quite gratifying if you knock out a few quick and easy ones in a matter of hours. smile

Looking at some of the completions I have, without trophies, I doubt I would ever have got:

Trials of the Blood DragonMark VIThe Mark VI trophy in Trials of the Blood Dragon worth 464 pointsGet an "A+" Grade in all main story levels

for example, I would have beaten the game and found the secrets/stickers but probably, that would've been it because I'd effectively 100%'d the game and I didn't like the game enough to do it otherwise but by having that to aim for, I actually found that I *did* enjoy it in the end, well, apart from Level 24, that one was a bitch. :P

Equally, there are many good, if not great games I've played that I would likely never have even considered without having trophies to show for it, such as Lara Croft GO Trophies, Color Guardians Trophies and even something like The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character (Vita) Trophies (though ignore the 5 star rating I gave it, that was back when I rated games differently, will correct that at some point). :P

Of course, it's not all positive, so let's look at the other side of the argument.

Trophies are NOT fun!

So while trophies can offer more replay value, equally, this can actually turn out to be a negative.

For example: many games will have some truly boring trophies on offer, often, they'll be a grind to get.

Now, in the JRPG genre, I would say that this is largely OK, heck, even a borderline necessity because most of them will require you to do some at some point, mainly in the post-game, so why not include some shiny trophies to show that you put the work in?

However, there are many games that have truly arbitrary grinds aimed at artificially extending the gameplay. They can range from having to play a certain number of hours (not usually so bad as you can idle those) to getting so many kills with x weapons and whatnot.

It can also be a massive problem when the game doesn't actually tell you how many you've reached, this sadly happens with an annoying level of frequency and I wish that devs would start to add stats in as a standard. angry

In any case, the worst one I've personally done, however was:

Surge Deluxe (Vita)Grinder ManThe Grinder Man trophy in Surge Deluxe (Vita) worth 59 pointsExplode 100,000 blocks! Will not unlock in puzzle mode.

The game itself is alright, quite fun for a while, actually, until you go for this trophy, then you realise just how flawed the design of the game actually is...

The reason being that the scoring is so heavily reliant on the frenzy waves or w/e they're called and there's RNG in there also (another scourge of gaming which should just NOT happen in supposedly skill-based games but that's for another discussion...), which effectively means that if you don't get the rub of the green, you WON'T get the highscores because eventually, it gets that bit too quick to realistically handle on a consistent basis.

This effectively renders the idea of going for a LB score a futile exercise because instead of it being 90% skill, 10% luck minimum (like it should be), it's pretty much the other way around.

So that trophy was not only boring to go for and gave NO indication of how far I'd progressed with it but also isolated the flaws of the game too.

Probably the most obvious negative, however, is that people can get obsessed/addicted to getting them.

In order to get the most trophies, you would have to buy a LOT of games and play a LOT of rubbish ones just for that rush of easy points/Platinums.

So obviously if you have an *actual* addiction, it could be a problem but even if you're obsessed (which I'll admit, I am a bit :P), then instead of playing games you actually like/normally would, you might find that actually, you end up playing a lot of games that you DON'T like just for trophies, which is where the bone of contention lies for many non-trophy hunters for sure, I think.

Why else would people play games like Orc Slayer Trophies, Eekeemoo - Splinters of Dark Shard (EU) and games like My Name is Mayo Trophies even exist without trophies? Or certainly, they wouldn't sell that well by and large.

Finally: online trophies, 'nuff said. laugh

OK, OK: there are some trophy hunters no doubt who will like them but I've yet to meet any of them. :P

Most people in my experience HATE online trophies, trophy-hunters and non-trophy hunters alike because they mostly get boosted (meaning people can't play the game properly), force you to play/co-ordinate with other people (not everyone is a socialite) and worst of all, they become unobtainable when servers are closed.

It also doesn't help that often, they're arbitrary grind-fests as well so needless to say, I don't like them and wish that, besides MP only games, they'd either stop putting them in or make it obtainable in another way, esp. for when the servers go.


So I think that sums it up. Of course, this is subjective on my part and we all have our own views but I just don't see why trophies in themselves can't be fun and why if you're not going for them, you're playing the game: "just for fun", I feel like that's a bad way of wording it, though IDK how else you would so I do see the dilemma there.

This blog kinda came about because tbh, I get sick and tired of the threads I mentioned at the start. So many people are so eager to tell people how they should and shouldn't spend their free time with their hobby and it's getting annoying frankly lol.

The way I play is kind of a mix of the 2 ideas: trophies DO matter to me in many respects, esp. when trying to decide on a game so if I'm unsure about 2 games, one has a Plat and one doesn't and they're both about the same price, then why would I pick the one that doesn't have one? My backlog is large and time is limited so I don't think it's unreasonable to potentially shun games that don't have them.

If, however, I REALLY want the game, I'll get it regardless of the trophy list but if people want to decide what games they play based on the list, then that's up to them, not my (or anyone else's) place to tell them how to spend their time.

The main thing is that you enjoy whatever it is you do. If you want a load of easy trophies, go for it, if you're all about that TT ratio, go for it, if you won't play a game because of unobtainables, go for it, if you play a game regardless of trophies altogether, then just damn well do it and enjoy it, don't tell everyone that they should play games the same way as you, we're all different and enjoy different things, embrace that instead of trying to make us into you V2 please. wink

I think that about covers it! I hope you enjoyed reading that pretty long waffle there.

So what do you think? Have trophies/achievements changed our gaming habits for the better or worst? Are they fun or not? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! toast
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