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TheNoddyBadgerTheNoddyBadger has reached a new milestone: 1,130,000 TrueTrophy Score
TheNoddyBadgerTheNoddyBadger has reached a new milestone: 705 Completed Games
TheNoddyBadgerFamily Mysteries 2: Echoes of TomorrowTheNoddyBadger won 24 Trophies in Family Mysteries 2: Echoes of Tomorrow for 1333 points
Harris59Harris59 has just made a new blog post: Understanding trophy hunters: The infallible inevitability
Comment by tsmugz at 00:18 on 15 May 2021

I won’t be jumping on this band-wagon. Congrats on your hard work, brotha.

TheNoddyBadgerTheNoddyBadger has reached a new milestone: 22,750 Trophies Won
TheNoddyBadgerFamily Mysteries: Poisonous PromisesTheNoddyBadger won 24 Trophies in Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises for 1424 points
redknightalexHorizon Zero Dawnredknightalex completed the base game Horizon Zero Dawn and is the 115,660th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by StuTheChief at 17:43 on 14 May 2021


A_Tennis_GiraffeProject CARSA_Tennis_Giraffe completed the game Project CARS and is the 1,179th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by AGNOSTICMADBALL at 14:17 on 14 May 2021

Very nice gaming here, Congratulations!

Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 01:05 on 15 May 2021

Thanks very much! I played this over a few years on and off and it was a LONG journey, but I am happy to finally have this platinum in my collection! Now on to number 2!

A_Tennis_GiraffeProject CARSA_Tennis_Giraffe won 2 Trophies in Project CARS for 1756 points

                Status change by AtsumaKarin at 00:16 on 14 May 2021AtsumaKarin status: PSA: Infallible on Fall Guys is currently super easy, set up custom lobby of 4 people, Hex-a-Gone Trials, the others throw 5 times, quit out to lobby
Comment by AtsumaKarin at 00:17 on 14 May 2021

Close game, reboot! Victory!

Comment by AtsumaKarin at 00:19 on 14 May 2021

Be sure to hang around to help others, it really doesn't take long at all, do it ASAP in case it gets patched

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AtsumaKarinAtsumaKarin has reached a new milestone: True Level 905
Comment by StuTheChief at 07:13 on 14 May 2021


AtsumaKarinFall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutAtsumaKarin completed the game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and is the 2,334th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by AtsumaKarin at 00:15 on 14 May 2021


Comment by HoneyBizzal at 00:17 on 14 May 2021


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                Status change by redknightalex at 16:31 on 13 May 2021redknightalex status: My body is ready for the Mass Effect remaster. Collecting my steelbook edition from Best Buy tomorrow ASAP.
Comment by AngeIripper at 23:40 on 13 May 2021

It's going to be awesome! Will probably wait for a trophy guide before I play it.

A_Tennis_GiraffeGems of WarA_Tennis_Giraffe won 2 Trophies in Gems of War for 362 points
biff_beefcakeTrials RisingNo Contest trophybiff_beefcake won the No Contest trophy in Trials Rising for 44 points
Comment by Slayer1189 at 13:46 on 13 May 2021

No Contest? No Problem!

Comment by biff_beefcake at 14:48 on 13 May 2021

laugh No Problem! :D

redknightalexredknightalex has reached a new milestone: 340,000 Trophy XP
Comment by StuTheChief at 20:15 on 12 May 2021


redknightalexredknightalex has reached a new milestone: 460,000 TrueTrophy Score
AngeIripperImmortals Fenyx Rising (PS4)1AngeIripper has rated the A new god DLC in Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS4) 1 out of 5
Comment by AngeIripper at 20:29 on 11 May 2021

It gets half a star for the few funny scenes, I hated this DLC

Comment by redknightalex at 22:08 on 12 May 2021

That's not promising. The other DLC any good?

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AngeIripperAngeIripper has reached a new milestone: PlayStation Level 580
AngeIripperImmortals Fenyx Rising (PS4)AngeIripper completed the game Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS4) and is the 2,028th gamer on the site to complete it
redknightalexHorizon Zero Dawnredknightalex won 3 Trophies in Horizon Zero Dawn for 80 points
Atsuma77Atsuma77 has reached a new milestone: 650 Games Played
TheNoddyBadgerWheel of FortuneTheNoddyBadger completed the game Wheel of Fortune
TheNoddyBadgerWheel of FortuneVacation Time! trophyTheNoddyBadger won the Vacation Time! trophy in Wheel of Fortune for 36 points
Comment by biff_beefcake at 04:35 on 12 May 2021

supposed to get the trophy THEN take vacation... not the other way around! laugh

Comment by TheNoddyBadger at 19:57 on 12 May 2021

I wanted to relive vacation memories!

A_Tennis_GiraffeWin StreakA_Tennis_Giraffe is currently on a 1000 trophy win streak
Comment by Spikeynesss at 12:58 on 10 May 2021

Your biggest streak yet! Keep streaking and never get caught 😱

Comment by Funderballs_007 at 23:03 on 10 May 2021

Now onto 1000 days 👍🏼

Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 02:04 on 11 May 2021


A_Tennis_GiraffeHidden AgendaA_Tennis_Giraffe won 2 Trophies in Hidden Agenda for 102 points
blooddogg757Romancing SaGa 2blooddogg757 won 3 Trophies in Romancing SaGa 2 for 57 points
A_Tennis_GiraffeDeadlight: Director's CutA_Tennis_Giraffe has rated the game Deadlight: Director's Cut 4 out of 5
A_Tennis_GiraffeA_Tennis_Giraffe has reached a new milestone: PlayStation Level 495
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