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PermalinkI am leaving TrueTrophies
This isn't something I wanted to do, I am a big part of both TrueSteamAchievments and TrueAchievments so leaving another one of their platforms is shocking to me..

I have neglected my PS3 for quite some time, and I have no intentions of purchasing a PS4 anytime soon so I have come to the conclusion of leaving TrueTrophies. I know I haven't posted anything on my account nor have any posts at all but I feel like any thing that Rich Stone created for gaming is my home...

I really do wish I can continue my PS3 career but I simply use my PS3 now for YouTube and Netflix and that's all! Not something I am proud of, but if you wish to stay tuned to my other blog posts click the links below

Steam: TrueSteamAchievements

Xbox Live:

Sincerely - AirsoftKing117
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