PlayStation 3

topatoi Trophies

Most Earned

bronze stars
bronze stars15TrophyTypecollect all stars on any single level of the great tree
fuel tank
fuel tank24TrophyTypehave no less than 1000 fuel points at the end of any level
silver stars
silver stars49TrophyTypecollect all stars on any three levels of the great tree
bronze cubes
bronze cubes26TrophyTypecollect all cubes on any two bonus levels

Least Earned

silver pair
silver pair60TrophyTypecollect all cubes on all cooperative levels
bronze pair
bronze pair30TrophyTypecollect all cubes on any five cooperative levels
master miner
master miner29TrophyTypepass the "old mine" level without falling
sky silver
sky silver58TrophyTypecollect all stars on all levels of the sky pillar
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