PlayStation 3

nail'd Trophies

Most Earned

Pressing hard
Pressing hard16TrophyTypeGain a boost feat using pressure control
Newbie coming!
Newbie coming!16TrophyTypeWin your first nail'd event
Airborne16TrophyTypeGain a boost feat using air control
Dominator16TrophyTypeWin a race by more than 5.0 sec.

Least Earned

Got it all!
Got it all!1089TrophyTypeUnlock all other 48 trophies
Bomb disposal expert
Bomb disposal expert92TrophyTypeWin 20 online detonator races with more than 5 players
And who's the best?
And who's the best?154TrophyTypeWin races on all tracks in all modes
Now it's really done
Now it's really done41TrophyTypeWin DLC Tournament extension
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