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STEP 1: First Playthrough (Solo or Co-op)

Firstly I would recommend playing through all 15 levels and working out the puzzles for yourself. ibb & obb is a fantastic puzzle game that rewards the gamer for thinking outside the box. However, if you simply want to race through and collect all the trophies as quickly as possible then skip this step. You can do this step ether solo or co-op. At the end of this step you will earn the following trophy for completing every level:

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  • Party

    Play through all regular levels.

    Online/Offline - These trophies can be obtained in either an online or offline mode.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the trophy requirements.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

You may have earned some other miscellaneous trophies in this step but we will cover that in the next section.

STEP 2: Second Playthrough (Solo)

On your second play through you will want to play it entirely solo. This is because you are required to finish each level solo for the Brain Damage trophy. At no point should you touch a second controller on this playthrough and you should avoid the King Ubb trophy in level 11. We will come back for that later.

Here is a playlist containing a full playthrough single player while collecting all crystals:


On the first stage be careful and try to complete it without dying. Doing so will earn you the Mint Condition trophy. Afterwards, feel free to die as many times as you would like on a level. There is no penalty for dying however any 'active' crystals will become unobtainable. That is, if you didn't collect all the crystals from an enemy and died while they were still bouncing you will not be able to kill the enemy to get them again.

Also by collecting all crystals in the first level (follow the first video in the playlist) you will net yourself another trophy.

Follow through level 2 and most of level 3 until you come towards the end of level 3. There is a trophy which can only be obtained here and it is for falling through 6 different warps without touching the ground. Skip to 5:24 to see how it is done.

Complete the levels in order until you reach level 11. Level 11 is the dark level where you get some light by having both characters together. Unfortunately you can not obtain all the crystals in this level solo as you need the secret character King Ubb to get one that is just out of reach. So for now, ignore the crystals and come back to this level after you finish level 15.

Complete the remaining 4 levels collecting all crystals along the way and on completion of the 15th level you will net yourself another trophy:

Now that you have completed every level solo you can go back to stage 11 to get all the crystals. To do this you WILL need a second controller. King Ubb can be found at the 2 minute mark of the following video (he is in the bottom left).

To control him, have Ibb and Obb stand where they are played in the video then turn on your second controller to control Ubb. To get him out of the box he is in move to the left and jump. The crystal you need him for is not too far past where you find him. You will have to position your characters one on top of each other and perform a double jump off each other to reach the required height. In the video I sacrifice King Ubb after I use him but there is a trophy related to keeping him alive so drag him along through to the end of the level and into the beginning of level 12. He will become uncontrollable and the trophy will pop.

  • King Ubb

    Find ubb and bring him to the next Fin City.

    King Ubb
    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.

That will wrap up your second (or first if you skipped STEP 1) playthrough of the game. You should have 7 of the game's 11 trophies at this point.

STEP 3: Secret Levels

With the main game out of the way it is now time to find the secret levels. There are 8 secret levels in total. They can be found by placing both ibb and obb on a small cloud platform. You may have come across a few of these naturally in your playthrough but more likely you might have missed them all entirely as they are quite out of the way sometimes. Obtaining the crystal in the secret levels can be quite challenging as it uses the most advanced strategies and manipulation of physics the game has to offer. However, if you are persistent you will get them all in the end.
The secret levels are located in stages 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12. Here is a great playlist of the secret levels (and where to find them) by KipCast. Please note that the secret levels CAN be done in co-op if you have a partner and find it easier, but all of them can be completed solo if you don't:


On completion of the first secret level you will get a trophy:

When you get to the second secret level located in stage 3 use the large amount of Fin's (the little bouncy balls) to go for the Quality Time trophy. This frustrating trophy requires that you bounce one of the Fin's between ibb and obb 10 times without it touching the ground. A lot of coordination and luck will eventually net you this trophy.

  • Quality Time

    Bounce a Fin back and forth between ibb and obb 10 times.

    Quality Time
    Online/Offline - These trophies can be obtained in either an online or offline mode.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the trophy requirements.

With that trophy out of the way grab the secret crystal by hitting it with a Fin then follow the playlist for the remaining 6 secret levels. Once you find and complete them all you will unlock the game's final two trophies:

With that you now have all 11 trophies in the game. Congratulations on finishing a truly hard and rewarding game.

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