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    31 Dec 2013 26 Sep 2014
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    Where to start with this review? I suppose the main fact people will know/want to know about this er 'game' is that its one of the easiest completions on the PlayStation totalling in at a whopping 20minutes maximum to complete all 10 trophies.

    As for the 'game' itself your goal is to use various different dance modes to control your character, as the music plays. You use the cn_L2 and cn_R2 buttons to change the effects of the character and the music in different ways like turning hiss head into a balloon or elephant. You can then use the cn_LS to make him dance and the cn_RS to zoom in and out. Tilting the controller controls the camera.
    That sums up the entire gameplay in the 'game'.

    Most of you will play this to get your easy trophies and completion and once you have those you will most likely delete the game from you console.

    .detuned costs £2.39/$2.99 so is at least fairly cheap for your trophy whoring needs.
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    Linkx41I love playing this while drunk!
    Posted by Linkx41 on 31 Dec 13 at 21:53
    PuRe_Pretzeli think theres faster "games" to 100% on like Aabs Animals or MLB 13: The Show - Home Run Derby Edition
    Posted by PuRe_Pretzel on 05 Jan 14 at 04:58