de Blob 2

PlayStation 4

de Blob 2 Trophies

Most Earned

Blob survivor
Blob survivor15TrophyTypeCompleted a level in a single playthrough without dying
Paradise Island liberated
Paradise Island liberated30TrophyType"Paradise Island" level completed
Blanctown liberated
Blanctown liberated39TrophyType"Blanctown" level completed
Downtown Prisma City liberated
Downtown Prisma City liberated39TrophyType"Downtown" level completed

Least Earned

Totally inspired
Totally inspired116TrophyTypeEvery Inspiration pickup collected or earned
Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy697TrophyTypeAll Trophies obtained!
Nothing but the best
Nothing but the best349TrophyTypeAll story levels completed to "S" class
Maximum Blob
Maximum Blob116TrophyTypeBlob and Pinky completely upgraded
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