Zen Pinball

PlayStation 3

Zen Pinball Trophies

Most Earned

Dynamo16TrophyTypeSpin the dynamo spinner 25 times with one shot!
Rave17TrophyTypeActivate any of the magic spinners during any game mode!
Nitro Booster
Nitro Booster23TrophyTypeLock one ball in the Nitro Tank!
Lucky Day
Lucky Day24TrophyTypeSurvive the Giant Ball ramp!

Least Earned

Lost Civilization
Lost Civilization198TrophyTypeDiscover the Lost Civilization by completing the final mission!
Leader of the resistance
Leader of the resistance199TrophyTypeCollect all 10 medals!
Explorer94TrophyTypeNeutralize the defense system of the Pyramid
Domination316TrophyTypeRule the tribe by summoning all of the natural disasters!
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