3. ZOMBI Story walkthroughUpdate notes


Start a campaign and select Normal Mode – Chicken. You have to play through every difficulty separately, so may as well start easy to learn the game.

The first section of the game is effectively the tutorial area. As soon as you’re in control, start running into the subway. Avoid the zombies coming from the sides, as you have no weapons. Run down the path until you reach a ladder to climb, so get up on it and ascend to the top. Continue down this path until you burst through the door. Go down the stairs and jump over the barricade, running down the path and continuing to avoid the zombies trying to come for you. Enter the door at the end of the hall to get the title screen and:

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Get Prepped

Directly ahead of you will be a table with a light emanating from it. Head over to it and collect the Prepper Pad. This will create a map in the bottom right of your screen. You will be directed to turn the power on. There will be a green indicator on screen, showing the way.

The generator is in the bathroom at the back of this area, make your way there and turn on the generator. Head back into the previous room and look at the monitors. They will show you the previous survivor that your mystery man tried to help. You need to locate the survivor (as indicated by the area marked on the map) and retrieve his Bug-Out Bag (BOB).

The door to your left is open so head out of the room. Head out of this small corridor and head to the highlighted area. Once you’re in the circle highlighted by the map, press [cn_t] to activate your radar (you will be prompted when you get closer as well). Find the TravelRail building on the right and head in through the door.

Inside you’ll locate the survivor. Head over and grab the cricket bat leaning against the wall, using it to smack around the trapped zombie before taking the bag from his back. This will unlock:

Press cn_select to open your inventory. Here you can assign your items to quickslots. I recommend setting the L9A1 pistol to cn_right and the cricket bat to cn_rightcn_right. You can also assign the medkit to cn_left, just in case. You do not need to assign ammo or your flashlight as they are automatic. You will find some more ammo on a nearby table.

Head back to the safe house and look at the monitors to find out your next mission.

Scan 2 CCTV Junction Boxes In Supermarket Area

We will now start scanning CCTV boxes if you're more of a visual person feel free to check out the video below!

There's a bedroll in the safe room which you can use to save your game, I recommend doing it often but it only matters if you plan on turning the game off for a bit. Death overwrites your save file, so it's not like you can revert to a previous save if you die.

Follow the quest marker past the shops and your friend will open a shutter for you to leave the area. Head to the indicated door and you’ll be told to find a keycard. Face away from the door and activate your scanner when prompted (by holding cn_L1. Scan the items on the floor in front of you and loot them.

There is a door directly opposite the locked one. Head through there and slowly walk down the corridor. Look through the first window on your right to see an idle zombie. This is the perfect opportunity to headshot it with your pistol to unlock:

Climb through the window and open the door on the left (remember to scan for loot whenever you’re safe). Loot the filing cabinet inside to retrieve the keycard. Go back to the locked door and head through. Follow the corridor around and head down the stairs at the end. Leave through the door marked “EXIT”.

Continue on and wait for your friend to unlock the door for you. Take the steps up out of the station. Continue forward, through the tents and around the fence ahead of you. On the wall of the building to your left is Junction Box 1/16. Get up close and scan it.

Head around the corner to the left and follow the path to the end. Remember to keep scanning the area when you’re safe and you’ll find some ammo on a nearby table. There’ll be a zombie at the end of the path, kill it with the bat (even though the prompt to finish it says cn_R2, you actually have to hold cn_L2 and then push cn_R2 to finish it) and head through the chain gate on the right. The door in front of you is marked as a safe house, so head inside.

In the corner is a medkit next to the manhole your friend points out. Open the manhole – this acts as a shortcut back to your safe house if you want to save. The door to the right is now unlocked so you can head through. A zombie will be on the floor directly outside. Allow it to get up and come to you, then batter it with your bat. Continue through the doors and you’ll be outside. You will be prompted to use your radar ([cn_t]) and it will reveal enemies that are close.

Climb up the ladder directly ahead of you and you’ll find some flares up there. Scan the area from up here so you can see where the zombies are. You have the choice of killing or avoiding them – either way, you need to cross the collapsed fence to the side of the Price Slasher supermarket. They're slow, as zombies tend to be, so run by them and over the fence. Head around the back of the police van to find the door to the supermarket. Try to open it and you’ll trigger an alarm. A zombie will burst through the door so either push it out of the way or kill it and head inside. Open the next door to enter the supermarket’s storeroom. This will unlock:

Ahead of you is the freezer area. Head inside and scan the room to locate a crawling zombie. Kill it and head towards the door. There’ll be a zombie hanging from the ceiling which you need to kill as well. Head into the next room and the door ahead will be barricaded. Scan the room to find a filing cabinet – inside is a hammer which you can use to remove the barricades blocking your progress.

Walk through the room, scanning as you go to find items. As you reach the middle area a zombie will appear, so kill it and continue your looting. At one side of the room is a Spread Upgrade you can apply to a shotgun later on. There is a door you can remove a bar from in order to have another entrance/exit to the supermarket, and there is also a room separated from you by translucent door flap things. Behind them is a zombie so kill him and enter.

Loot the room here and then head through the door into the darkness ahead of you. Head down the stairs in the basement. Continue through the room and you’ll find Junction Box 2/16 on a wall around the corner. Scan the box and then scan the room to find some Molotov cocktails. Assign one to a quickslot and then head back upstairs. At the top of the stairs is a zombie. Kill it with your bat and continue into the supermarket. Head to the far corner to find the door you unbarricaded earlier. Equip your Molotov and leave the supermarket. A new electric zombie (seriously) will head towards you. Hit him with both your molotovs to kill him and those around him, which will unlock:

  • Burninated!

    Kill your first zombie with a Molotov Cocktail

    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.

Avoid the fire on the floor yourself, which should deal with any zombies that try to get to you, then run back down the alley opposite and take the manhole to the safe house (a zombie will climb over the wall as you approach the door. You can either kill it or just continue running). The lockers in front of you when you return will have mines in them.

Defend Your Safehouse

Approach the monitors to learn that your safehouse is under attack. Leave the safe house and stand in the corridor just outside – use your radar to detect the oncoming zombies. You have the choice of heading out to kill them or simply wait for them to come to you. Whichever you choose, use the doors so the zombies approach you one at a time and just batter them as they try to enter.

There are a number of waves of zombies. Your friend will speak to you when you're halfway through and again once the zombies are done. Loot the corpses, head back inside the safe house and save.

Reach the Royal Bunker

On the bottom floor of the safehouse area, there will be a door you can now unlock. Go through it and crouch under the destroyed bricks that lead into the metro tunnel. Go left and move through the area, down the path the game provides. Climb down the ladder and around this sub-level area until you eventually reach a door to exit through, as the Prepper gives some plot oversight the whole while.

Run ahead, jumping over more destroyed bricks, before going right up the stairs and around this area. Turn right once you reach Victoria Memorial, going through the gated door here and into the sewers. Go straight, down the stairs, and left into the flooded area.

NOTE: If the gate here is locked, you will return to this exact area twice later and can get the CCTV box at that point.

Traverse through the water, sticking to the left as much as you can. As the area turns left, follow it all the way to the end to find Junction Box 3/16 on the wall to the right. Now head back to the room you came from, moving straight and ducking under the sewage drain. Climb the ladder on the left, going up the stairs and following the path. Enter the door with the safehouse symbol on it, following the path down to a manhole at the bottom. Open it up before ascending the stairs all the way to the top, eventually bringing you the Palace gates.

Move around this path and whack any zombies getting in your way, following the path through the shipping containers. Kill the zombies near the door before prying it open with the hammer. Enter, then turn around once you're halfway into the room for Junction Box 4/16. Leave this room and follow the path to the right, taking care of as many zombies as possible. Go through the container, kill the zombie here, and loot the box for items and the way to unlock the gate you had passed a few moments before.

Go back through the container and mount the turret, mowing down the zombie horde approaching from the left and right. A fair number will come about, and in this sequence, you will likely earn both:

After the zombies stop pouring in, make your way back to the left. On a gate to the right, there's a mesh door in the fence you can now open. Enter and examine the manhole, descending down to reach another section of the sewers. Go through the door in front of you and start making your way down the corridor. Go right, dropping off into the water when you must. Keep an eye out for the collapsed grate on the right, use it to climb up and out of the water. Move a bit ahead and take the first right here, killing the zombie in front of you. Go all the way right, past the broken fence, collecting items and scanning Junction Box 5/16 from the wall above the cots.

With that done, turn around and descend the metal stairs, following the walkway around this area. Follow it around until you reach a metal door on the left, leading to a hallway and another door which exits this area. Go into this next area, scanning the door in order to unlock it before entering to achieve:

Scavenge Buckingham Palace for Supplies

Enter the Palace and cross the hallway, entering the blue door here. This room contains a corpse and will have a long dialogue scene explaining some plot. Once you can exit through the opposite door, take the door on the left and follow it to another door. Go across the catwalk and make another left, opening the door at the end here, then the sliding door to meet with the Doctor. After having the talk with him, leave this room the way you came. back across the catwalk. In the hallway, make your way to the elevator and hit the switch to get to the next floor.

Run ahead and up the stairs here, taking care of the zombies that fill this hall. Go up the left side of the staircase, making your way left across the balcony, and hanging right to the door. Enter it, then take the hallway left, bashing in the zombies and vaulting over the furniture blocking the hall. Take the door on the right, dealing with the zombies inhabiting this room. There's another door in the back right of this room. After clearing it of zombies, climb up the ladder and make your way across the scaffolding in order to avoid the fire, then drop down on the other side. The next room contains even more zombies, so deal with them however you see fit before going down the corridor on the bottom floor. More zombies await in here, which hopefully will give you:

Go through the doorway on the right at the end of the corridor, turning around and looking above the door you entered from for Junction Box 6/16. Examine the book marked as an objective, opening the crawlspace in the wall. Get under it and turn right, making your way around the upper level. Pass the button and go around the passage until you find a backpack, pick it up for:

Turn around and continue down the passage, finding the ladder near where it branches off. Descend the ladder and grab the crossbow before going through the rotating hidden door. Run back to the elevator in this hallway, taking it up once again. Go straight once getting off the elevator, back through the blue door, across the catwalk, and back into the room with the doctor. Examine the panel to slide him the text you recovered. Take the upgraded data pad from the slot, then turn around and enter the door containing the zombie. Kill it with the crossbow for:

Stick the corpse with a syringe, then listen to more dialogue. Once the doc is done talking, go to the left door and don the corridor, ripping the boards from the door here. Go back into the room with the doctor and head through the right door this time, making your way to the sewer and entering the manhole.

Find the Studium Contagione

Exit the sewer and work your way underneath the fence that previously took you to the supermarket. Bank a hard left after standing back up, opening the fence here and going down the stairs. Pass through the door and down the ladder, going through another door before moving straight through the hole in the bricks for yet another door. Go left in this new area, through the door in the wall and up a ladder. This will bring you to the warehouse. Climb up onto the boxes and scaffolding in front of you, then climb over the railing to the right before dropping down into the next area. Duck under the broken fence section to left and up the small set of stairs to the right. Go left down this elevated section before going through the door here, quickly moving to the door on the left in this room to enter the warehouse proper.

Vault over the railing in front of you and up the slope of metal to the right. Push away or kill the SWAT zombie here, then move behind him and climb up on the box behind the shelf. Climb from this box to the top of the shelf, before making a right and dropping down onto a slightly lower shelf. Duck into the vent here, following it until you come out of the other side. Pull out your scanner and look to the top right of this room for Junction Box 7/16. Drop down and pry the board off the door, leading you back to the slope you climbed to reach the top of the shelves. Climb back onto it, until you get back to the top of the shelves. When facing the room with the Raven painted on the wall, vault over the ledge and enter it, then go left into the room there. Pry the boards off the door and leave, turning right and vaulting over the railing here. Vault over the broken wall and drop down the shelf on the left, going right and up the ladder here. Climb the next ladder up, moving across the walkway until a SWAT zombie rises up. Fall off the ledge to the right and onto the board here, going down it and into the hole in the ceiling of the next room. Pick up the shotgun and ammo before going down the stairs and through the safe room door. Descend down to the basement and open the manhole before returning back to where you opened the door.

Go through the door to the right here to get into the basement of the flat. Kill the zombies milling around here and activate the elevator, getting into it when you have the chance. When riding up another zombie will drop in, so kill it and exit when the doors open. Go into the door on the right, to the vent on the back, and crawl through. As soon as you pop out, open the left door and go through the door on the right. Move left past the disco zombies into another door, going to the back of this room for another vent to crawl into. Follow it to the end and drop down, going through the door on the right. Look up within the box maze to capture Junction Box 8/16 on the wall above you. Beware of the SWAT zombie around a corner in here, after disposing of him move the cabinet blocking the door. Enter it and head for the safe, the combination being 1527. Take the papers from within and turn around in time to kill the zombie breaking through the vent. Enter it and follow it, climbing on the boxes in front of you upon exiting. Turn into the garbage chute and drop down, leaving through the door on the right.

You should be back in familiar territory, so take the path in front of you. After going up the ladder, go to the left and up the stairs here. Unbar the door and run straight through the next blue door, dropping the book into the slot for the doctor. He'll talk at length and make a book float in mid-air before sliding another letter through the slot for you, take it and head through the door on the right and into the manhole. Listen to what the Prepper has to say before returning to the manhole and fast traveling to the Memorial.

Raid the military armory

Go through the gate that opens up into the sewer area as you did before. Go right and into the water, then up the stairs. Go through the door up here and run right, searching the corpse in the tent for a keycard. Return to the door you unlocked when entering this area, using the keycard to unlock the gate next to it. Raid the supplies here, searching the body in here for a Dee letter as well as taking any ammo you need and also snagging the C4. Return to where you got the keycard and move left, you'll see a short scene and an introduction to the awful gas canister zombies. If you see one, shoot it from afar to avoid instant death. With this in mind, run to the opposite end of the area. Try to avoid going to deep in the water, that will simply slow you down and get you killed. Once in the small area, plant some C4 on the garbage blocking the pipe. Defend yourself away from it until it detonates, opening the path for you to run through and into a safer area.

Call for Evac

Follow the sewer through its very linear path, going up the destroyed bricks, through the water, and finally dropping from the grate on the other side. Stick to the left on this pier, now allowing yourself to get slowed down by the water. Drop down when you must and whack away at the zombies here. Follow the water to a shoreline near the center of this area, getting ready for a fight as soon as you do. You might want to shoot some of the zombies to thin the herd on the shore and through the archway. Once you're clear, look to the left when facing the archway on the shore to find Junction Box 9/16 on the wall. Plant more C4 on the debris blocking the entrance, getting a safe distance before it blows. Once you can, slip into the door for:

Go through the door on the right here, taking it up to unlock the shortcut to the safe house. Go back down and enter the courtyard, dealing with any remaining zombies. Go over to the small opening on the left floor, shooting the stationary zombie in the head before dropping down. Run ahead a bit down here and kill the zombie casting the shadow, then pick the lock on the gate to the left. Turn around from here, going to the wall that's now in front of you. Look to the right, and in a small alcove on the left you'll find Junction Box 10/16. Go up the stairs and through the first door on the left, scanning the wall to open the secret passage.

Move to the waterfall on the left, being very careful of the zombies that pop up. If one has a gas canister on its back, do NOT hit it with the bat. You'll die instantly. Use your guns here, going for headshots to quickly move through the water and up the stairs. Once you reach the top, crawl into the small hole on the left, backing out immediately once the zombie starts coming through the other side. Kill it before it crawls out, then get back inside and make it to the other end. In the middle of this room, a bit to the left is a dresser. Slide it over and scan the wall for a code. Turn around and scan the wall for the other part of the code before entering it into the door to exit.

Go up the stairs and into a warzone. Go to the top of the tower and hold out against the zombies, with your friend sniping a bit as an aid. After a scene, a zombie will burst through a door and give you access to descend down into a safehouse sewer tunnel. When you return, the power will go out in the safehouse and you'll need to refuel the generator. First, we will grab some letters.

Refuel the Generator

Go down into the sewer and pop up on Brick Lane Flats. Go through the door and follow the path to the ladder on the right, going over the broken bricks and across the walkway. Go over the ledge on the left, then pull out your scanner and get the code from the walls. Examine the wall and enter the code. Search the body here for another Dee letter before backtracking completely to the safehouse shortcut. Our next destination will be the Brick Lane Markets, on the Hadbury Green. Kill the zombies on the street going into the small yard on the right, planting C4 on the debris here. Blow the charge and enter the area, searching the corpse here for a Dee letter. Go back out through the hole in the wall and make a right onto the street, taking it until you can go right again. Go left down an alley and around until you come to a locked door. Scan around the area for the code, then enter it into the door.

Proceed into this area and scan the mines on the ground so you don't walk into them on accident. Go down the left path, coming to a gated door that requires a keycard. We don't have that yet, so destroy the EMP device through the fence so you can scan Junction Box 11/16 through the bars. Go back the way you came and now go to the right, finding the debris against the wall. Use some C4 and back up a bit, blowing it up and going into the hole created. Search around for the XXL bag for:

Go through the minefield and up the stairs on the right, following the alley around. This place will be crawling with zombies, some of which have gas canisters, so be careful. Kite them around or shoot them from afar until they all die, which may grant you:

With that done, look at a wall on the top right for Junction Box 12/16. Return to the left, picking the lock on the gate in the back left corner. Go through the door along your path here to meet someone new. Leave after the scene and go over the boxes on the left to get over the fence. Run down the alley and through the gated door on the left. Follow the path through doors and up ladders until you reach Baconfields.

Once you go through the door that leads to the glorious fields of bacon (I actually don't even like bacon. It's not even a religious thing, I really just don't like crispy meat) go through the door on the right, taking the stairs down to the shortcut that you can open. Return to the top of the stairs, then drop down into the field. Look to the right and above the dumpsters for Junction Box 13/16. Run across the field, going all the way to the door of the school and enter it for:

Jump over the shelves and go into the first door on the right. Follow this hall until a zombie pops out of the locker on your right. Kill it and pick the lock of the door ahead of you. Go down the stairs, wrapping around behind the stairs on the left. Crawl into the space between the shelves and stairs, going through the vent. When you come out the other side, turn around for Junction Box 14/16. Go back through the vent and head out of the door in front of the stairs. Go through the first door on the left and through another door ahead of you, then go through the next door on the left for a searchable container that holds a keycard. Leave this room and use the keycard on the door on the left, cross the suspiciously rickety wooden floor and raid the medicine cabinet for antibiotics. Go to leave this room and watch the inevitable happen.

This basement will have an EMP zombie wandering around, so be sure to take him out once he appears. With him dead, go through the door down here and ascend the stairs to the top. Go through the kitchen and grab the medkit in here, following the path back to the entrance of the school. Make your way back across the field, scanning the door once you arrive. Infected will start to swarm you, so use your flares, mines, and any other ammo saving techniques before you resort to using your pistols and shotgun. Once the door opens and the zombies are dead again, proceed back to Spitalfield and the gas station once again. With Vikram dead, grab the upgrade to the pad before leaving once again. Go through the door on the right and straight, going for the ladder in the back of the alley. Open the board on the door and drop down to the left, going back into the minefield area. Go to where you scanned the box, scanning the door to open it. Go through it and under the wall on the left, then search the body for a Dee letter. Return to the gas station, going past the door and scanning the locked gate behind the building. Take the fuel and shotgun before opening the shortcut down to the safehouse. Put the fuel back into the generator at this point.

Note: If you deviated from this walkthrough and went to go rescue the girl at the church before refueling the generator, you will come back to the safehouse and find the generator can't be refueled, forcing you to start a brand new game. Don't do that.

Take the shortcut back to the Darwin Yards of Baconfield, scanning the little shack door in the middle of the field to open it. Grab the supplies and Dee letter from the corpse inside before returning to the shortcut. Your next destination is the Tower of London, so make it there and leave through the main gates you took some C4 to earlier. Go across the water, avoiding the zombie, and up the ladder to the pier. Destroy the EMP device up here and scan the door open. Go onto the boat and examine the body for the final Dee letter and other useful supplies. Return to the royal bunker and give the letters to the doctor before returning to the safehouse.

Once here, go out the front door of the safehouse. Follow the stairs and duck under the partially opened grate. Continue straight, into the large area at the bottom of this room. Scan the door in the back right corner of the room, and follow this path through the sewers. At one point, you'll have to move a cabinet out of your way to crawl up some crumbling bricks. Go under the wall to the left, taking a left up the stairs. Go right into the next room you see, making your way to the right corner and turning around for Junction Box 15/16. Leave this room the way you came from, going right and making turns until you find a hallway with 3 zombies. Run by them and make a left, going through the door here when you see it. On the right in this room are some barrels concealing a chute, push past them and get inside as quickly as possible.

Follow the duct to the end, coming out onto some planks. Go across to the other crumbling portion of brick, climbing up and making your way to the end of the plank, blasting the zombie in your way. Duck down and get into the grate here, coming out of the other grate and onto the other plank. Follow it to the end, going under another grate and up into an area with more zombies. If you have a flare to get them away from the door and distract them, use it. If not, shoot them from afar and try to clear a path for yourself. Once on the other side, go up the ladder behind the wall and quickly up the broken bricks on the left. Go up another ladder here for some scenes, which end with you waking up in a cage.

This is the worst part of the game by far, as it forces you into gun combat. Make your shots count! Ammo is very scarce here, so don't be wasteful. Start by running ahead and grabbing the gun and ammo in front of you. Walk back a bit and aim at the propane tank, waiting for the zombies to get close, then shoot it and back up enough to not be damaged. Hope they all die. Aim into the doorway in front of where you got the gun and shoot the propane zombie as soon as he drops down. Turn around and go into the gate on the right to retrieve a flare, going back into the main area and equipping it. Toss it once the zombies spawn, shooting the propane one when he's close to the other 3 to hopefully take them all out immediately.

The gate behind you will roll up, so head through. Grab the flare and mine from the slope by the bus and run to the cage, dropping the mine in front of it. Climb up the boxes and get to the top of the bus, taking the supplies from up here. Kill the remaining zombies with your gun and open the gate using the button, dropping a mine in front of the gate before it rolls up. Back up and let the zombies blow themselves up. Once they're dead, grab your bag from the box and collect any items you can grab. Return to the safehouse via the shortcut, unlocking:

Retrieve the Panacea

Go from the safehouse to the Bunker. Move through the labs and to the elevator. Looking at the stairs on the next floor up and take the secret passage on the right of them. Take the ladder up and around, until you crawl through the vent into the office. Go through the halls here, up the stairs and tossing a flare down. Go through the door at the end of the hall and making a left, quickly scanning the door open before the zombies lose interest in the flare. Go through here and down the stairs, into the dining room. Kill the reanimated doctor and search his corpse for an eye that you'll need later. Turn around and go to the other end of the room, opening the door with the code 6407. Go through the door and climb over the debris in your way. In the kitchen, scan Junction Box 16/16 on the right for:

Make your way through the kitchen and into the door at the end, going down to the sewer to access the shortcut, taking it back to the Royal Bunker. Go back to the lab, going through the left door this time. Kill the zombie crawling out of the vent on the left and enter the vent, turning right as soon as you're able to. Make a left and continue down this path, dropping down at the end if your health is high enough to survive a fall. Turn around and get into the warehouse, making your way through the linear path. Kill the zombie in your way between 2 shelves, then duck under the shelves on the left. Follow the path to the right, ducking down again and moving through the maze under here. Once you reach the other side, unblock the door and go through the door on the left. Move ahead and up the stairs, through the door at the top before going through the decorative door on the left.

Move through the water, taking a right when you're able to and moving around the table, going through the door on the left. Make another right in the next area, climbing up the cabinets until you can get into the vent up here. Follow it to the end, dropping down and unlocking the door in front of you. Move through the vault and activate the computer, getting ready to kill the 2-3 zombies that rush in behind you. Once the download is complete, retrieve the date and head into the water. Be careful of the gas canister zombies that are about, so kill them from a distance and make a right at the end of the hall. Run straight ahead and watch for the zombie in the water, push past it and get to the ladder in front of you. Climb it and enter the door ahead of you.

Once you load in, run to the end of the hall. The shutter will slam down in front of you, so bank left. Make a right at the end of the hall, taking the first door on the left and go through the other door ahead of you. Kill the zombies ahead of you and head right, going through the doors here and up the stairs on the left. Go through the door up here, following all the stairs up until you get to the sewer catwalks. Even now, continue up, until you get back into the sewer proper. Go left, avoiding the water as much as possible, continuing to the end of the sewer. Go left through the passage, going up the ladder at the end of the area.

The firebombing will be underway, so run back the way you first came through this area. Move through the command center, going left when you're able, making your way back down into the sewer. Don't take any safehouse doors, just continue through the sewer until you reach the Memorial Garden. Continue through here and get back to the safehouse. Take the long walk back to the item box, so raid it for everything you need as you won't be returning here. The shortcuts don't work anymore, so go back the way you came and fight to the Tower of London. You'll need to go back through the safehouse and the piers, making your way to the top of the tower and reaching the helicopter for extraction. Feel free to use all of your ammo on your way there, because that final cutscene ends the game and grants you:

With that done, simply repeat on Standard. It's not much more difficult at all. Completing that gives you:

Which now leaves Survival. Survival is not much harder than Standard in terms of being killed by zombies, but the issue is that you can't die. Death is permanent, and believe me when I say you're MUCH more likely to die from a gas canister zombie or a glitch then actually being attacked and overwhelmed by the infected. Fear not though friends; for there is a cheese compliments of Nocowl with some added detail by yours truly.

nocowl said:

1. Save game while online.
2. Quit and close game while online (important).
3. Restart game and load save.
4. Go offline (Settings > Network > Offline).
5. Play game, repeat steps 1-4 as needed, for every save you want to do.
6. If you die, immediately close game go Home and quit the app.
7. Manage game and delete your saves.
8. Go back online (Settings > Network > Online).
9. Start game and you should see old save file after sync.

With that done, you will unlock:

Congrats on your completion of Zombi!

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