ZOMBI Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

USE THE BAT! Guns in this game are awful and basically useless. The cricket bat is the best weapon available to you, so just always use it. Lure zombies into your hit zone and whack away at them as you retreat until they die. This is your strategy for the entire game, for every zombie...Of course, except for the

CANISTER ZOMBIES! These things are more than capable of raising your blood pressure and giving you an aneurysm. They look like regular zombies, the difference being the oxygen tank strapped to their bank. Hitting them causes to explode, destroying everything near them (including you). These are the zombies that need to be shot from a distance, otherwise, you will be instantly killed in the blast.

GET THE BAGS! Aside from the trophies related to them, it's very much recommended that you pick up the bigger inventory bags on every playthrough. That gives more room for useful items. Speaking of item management, keep in mind that looking at your inventory doesn't pause the game, so only do so when it's safe.

FOLLOW THE WALKTHROUGH!! If you do certain quests out of order, the game will permanently glitch and force you to restart your entire playthrough about 75% of the way through the game. Don't do missions in any order other than the one I specify.

STAY ALIVE! Death in this game is semi-permanent on lower difficulties, fully permanent on Survival. If you die on a lower difficulty, you will spawn in the safe room as another character. You'll then have to venture to where your body is located and loot it in order to retrieve your items and weapons. On Survival, your run ends with a death.

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