ZHEROS Trophies

Full list of all 15 ZHEROS trophies - 8 bronze, 5 silver and 2 gold.

  • True Heroes

    Complete the game at the level of difficulty Hard

  • Not a scratch

    Complete a level without using any medkit

  • Martial Artist

    Reach a 100 combo streak hitting the enemies without pauses longer than 2 seconds. Using your gun or shield breaks the combo streak

  • Bullet Master

    Deflect 100 bullets using the shield at the right time when the bullet is about to hit

  • Screenman Slayer

    Destroy 300 Screenman enemies

  • Nowhere to hide

    Find all secret stars hidden in each level, there is a total of 18 stars

  • Ultimate weapon

    Buy all upgrades

  • Perfect timing

    Break an enemy guard 100 times blocking its attack right before being hit

  • Sektor Zero

    Complete all the levels of the first world

  • Wilderness

    Complete all the levels of the second world

  • Mutations

    Stop 20 Sven Enemies from trasforming

  • Vendetta

    Complete the game defeating Dr.Vendetta

  • Reflections

    Deflect 50 bullets using the vehicle shield