PlayStation 4

YamaYama Trophies

Most Earned

On The Offensive
On The Offensive16TrophyTypeFatSuit enemy players 50 times.
Get Outta Here
Get Outta Here24TrophyTypeFatSuit another player through the teleportation tunnel.
Superman26TrophyTypeCollect 20 power up packages.
Dirty Diaper
Dirty Diaper26TrophyTypeSteal more than 10 diapers from a specific opponent in Diaper Duty.

Least Earned

On Top of the World
On Top of the World15TrophyTypeWin 5 Quick Matches.
A Feather in Your Cap
A Feather in Your Cap15TrophyTypeWin 50 game modes.
Sky's the Limit
Sky's the Limit64TrophyTypeGet 200 Points.
Perfect Game
Perfect Game64TrophyTypeWin all the game modes in a Quick Match.
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