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Most Earned

XBLAZE, IGNITE!15TrophyTypeYou've started your journey into the XBLAZE universe.
Plays with TOis!
Plays with TOis!15TrophyTypeYou've read one TOi article.
OMG! They're so DREAMY...!
OMG! They're so DREAMY...!15TrophyTypeOpened a character's profile.
I guess I could give it a look...
I guess I could give it a look...15TrophyTypeYou've read a single TIPS.

Least Earned

Successor to the Azure
Successor to the Azure238TrophyTypeCompleted XBLAZE
Setting the Record Straight
Setting the Record Straight20TrophyTypeYou've seen all of the summaries (yup, all 110).
Photographic Memory(s)
Photographic Memory(s)20TrophyTypeUnlocked all of the scene recaps.
Wassup, Poindexter?
Wassup, Poindexter?118TrophyTypeYou've read every single one of the TIPS.
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