Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

PlayStation 3

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem Trophies

Most Earned

Slide Into First
Slide Into First16TrophyTypeComplete any mission.
Pimp My Worm
Pimp My Worm17TrophyTypeCompletely customise a new team of Worms (including Head, Eye, Hand & Face accessories).
Teacher's Pet
Teacher's Pet19TrophyTypeComplete the tutorials.
Davey Jones
Davey Jones41TrophyTypeDrown 50 Worms, all modes count.

Least Earned

I Love New
I Love New27TrophyTypePlay each new map more than 5 times, all modes count.
Feel The Power Of The Darkside
Feel The Power Of The Darkside159TrophyTypeWin a Ranked match with two or more worms remaining on each new map.
Dedicated Ranker
Dedicated Ranker53TrophyTypeCan you rise to the challenge and win a ranked Deathmatch on every new map?
Join Me Luke
Join Me Luke26TrophyTypeWin a ranked Deathmatch on a new map with at least 1 Worm ending with more health than they started with.
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