Wonder Boy Returns (Asia)

PlayStation 4

Wonder Boy Returns (Asia) Trophies

Most Earned

The beginning of an adventure
The beginning of an adventure15TrophyTypeEasy mode stage 1-1 clear
Amazing doll collector
Amazing doll collector52TrophyTypeHell mode 60 doll collections
beginner doll collector
beginner doll collector26TrophyTypeEasy mode 10 doll collections
Challenge failed
Challenge failed26TrophyTypeChallenge mode failed

Least Earned

Challenge success
Challenge success90TrophyTypeChallenge mode clear
Ordinary doll collector
Ordinary doll collector26TrophyTypeNormal mode 30 doll collections
Ordinary Adventurer
Ordinary Adventurer26TrophyTypeNormal mode all clear
Hell mode doll collecting
Hell mode doll collecting156TrophyTypeHell mode all doll collecting clear.
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