Wipeout 2

PlayStation 3

Wipeout 2 Trophies

Most Earned

Look Out Below
Look Out Below15TrophyTypeLand on top of another contestant from more than 3 meters high during the Final Four round.
Assisted Wipeout
Assisted Wipeout16TrophyTypePush your friend into an obstacle during the Final Four round.
Jumping Jack
Jumping Jack16TrophyTypeJump 8 times in 10 seconds.
Rockin’ Around the Sweeper Trees
Rockin’ Around the Sweeper Trees33TrophyTypeLast more than 30 seconds on the Sweeper or Ski Lift.

Least Earned

Way Ahead of the Curve
Way Ahead of the Curve189TrophyTypeFinish the game with an average time of 2:30 per episode or better
The Wipeys
The Wipeys378TrophyTypeCollect all other Trophies.
Episode 8 Gold
Episode 8 Gold63TrophyTypeBeat Episode 8 with a time of 2:30 or better.
Episode 7 Gold
Episode 7 Gold63TrophyTypeBeat Episode 7 with a time of 2:30 or better.
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