Winter Stars

PlayStation 3

Winter Stars Trophies

Most Earned

Experienced15TrophyTypeAccumulate 25 experience points within one event.
Snowflake Cup
Snowflake Cup16TrophyTypePlace among the top 3 in the Snowflake Cup.
Accident-free34TrophyTypeWin a bobsled race without collisions.
Air ace
Air ace18TrophyTypeParaskiing: accumulate an airtime of 90 seconds total within one race.

Least Earned

Platinum athlete
Platinum athlete337TrophyTypeWin all the Trophies in Winter Stars.
Challenge champion
Challenge champion168TrophyTypeComplete all challenges.
Double takeout
Double takeout28TrophyTypeCurling: takeout 2 of the opponent's stones with one shot.
Yang27TrophyTypeEarn three black fairplay stripes.
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