Winter Stars

PlayStation 3

Winter Stars Trophies

Most Earned

Experienced15TrophyTypeAccumulate 25 experience points within one event.
Snowflake Cup
Snowflake Cup16TrophyTypePlace among the top 3 in the Snowflake Cup.
Accident-free33TrophyTypeWin a bobsled race without collisions.
Magnetic rails
Magnetic rails17TrophyTypeSlide on 4 rails within one race.

Least Earned

Platinum athlete
Platinum athlete295TrophyTypeWin all the Trophies in Winter Stars.
Challenge champion
Challenge champion148TrophyTypeComplete all challenges.
Double takeout
Double takeout24TrophyTypeCurling: takeout 2 of the opponent's stones with one shot.
Yang23TrophyTypeEarn three black fairplay stripes.
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