WinKings (EU)

WinKings (EU)

PlayStation 4

WinKings (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Play deathmatch
Play deathmatch15TrophyTypePlay DeahMatch game mode
Play Capture the flag
Play Capture the flag17TrophyTypePlay Capture The Flag game mode
Play headhunter
Play headhunter17TrophyTypePlay HeadHunter game mode
100 kills in versus
100 kills in versus39TrophyTypeGet total of 100 kills in versus

Least Earned

Winkings Master
Winkings Master285TrophyTypeReady To Valhalla
Kill 500 vikings with Olaf
Kill 500 vikings with Olaf47TrophyTypeKill 500 vikings with Olaf in versus
Kill 500 vikings with Alessa
Kill 500 vikings with Alessa47TrophyTypeKill 500 vikings with Alessa in versus
Kill 500 enemies with sniper
Kill 500 enemies with sniper47TrophyTypeIn campaign, Kill 500 enemies with sniper
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