PlayStation 4

WinKings Trophies

Most Earned

Kill 500 enemies with rifle
Kill 500 enemies with rifle33TrophyTypeIn campaign, Kill 500 enemies with rifle
Play deathmatch
Play deathmatch16TrophyTypePlay DeahMatch game mode
Play Capture the flag
Play Capture the flag17TrophyTypePlay Capture The Flag game mode
Play headhunter
Play headhunter17TrophyTypePlay HeadHunter game mode

Least Earned

Winkings Master
Winkings Master330TrophyTypeReady To Valhalla
Complete campaign on hard difficulty
Complete campaign on hard difficulty158TrophyTypeSo close to Valhalla!
Complete campaign on viking difficulty
Complete campaign on viking difficulty152TrophyTypeAll hail to campaign master!
Complete campaign on normal difficulty
Complete campaign on normal difficulty51TrophyTypeJust a normal viking day.
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