Wild Guns: Reloaded

PlayStation 4

Wild Guns: Reloaded Trophies

Most Earned

Carnage in Carson City
Carnage in Carson City15TrophyTypeDefeat the boss of Carson City.
Amok in the Ammunition Depot
Amok in the Ammunition Depot24TrophyTypeDefeat the boss in the Ammunition Depot.
Battle on the Armored Train
Battle on the Armored Train25TrophyTypeDefeat the boss on the Armored Train.
Gold Mine Gamble
Gold Mine Gamble25TrophyTypeDefeat the boss in the Gold Mine.

Least Earned

Pardner96TrophyTypeBeat Single Player on Normal with all characters without using any continues.
Doris's Day
Doris's Day96TrophyTypeUnlock all colors for Doris.
Bullet's Bark
Bullet's Bark96TrophyTypeUnlock all colors for Bullet.
Gunslinger166TrophyTypeBeat Single Player on Hard with all characters without using any continues.
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