White Knight Chronicles II (JP)

PlayStation 3

White Knight Chronicles II (JP) Trophies

Most Earned

Bronze Medal
Bronze Medal16TrophyTypeMedal presented to rookie adventurers.<br /> A small prize from the Guild.
Letter of Thanks
Letter of Thanks16TrophyTypeRid 1 person of their worries.<br /> Their gratitude is heartfelt.
Bronze Plaque
Bronze Plaque16TrophyTypeProof of completing 1 monster-slaying quest.<br /> A special award bestowed by the Guild.
Inishie no Kodou
Inishie no Kodou17TrophyTypeAncient stone tablet, recovered from a ruin.<br /> The surface is etched in a language lost to time.

Least Earned

Platinum Crown
Platinum Crown349TrophyTypeA crown reserved for one who is perfect in every regard.<br /> Rumored to have once been worn by an ancient king.
Phibianacci's Diamond
Phibianacci's Diamond171TrophyTypeStone presented to outstanding binders.<br /> Created by Don Phibianacci himself.
Rare Maniac
Rare Maniac167TrophyTypeCollect 50 rare pieces of equipment.<br /> A gold ornament in the shape of a sword and shield.
Gold Medal
Gold Medal167TrophyTypeMedal presented to legendary adventurers.<br /> A high honor from the Guild.
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