Wheels of Destruction Trophies

Full list of all 12 Wheels of Destruction trophies - 7 bronze, 4 silver and 1 gold.

  • Overachiever

    Be the winner or on the winning team who has reached the kill or flag limit before time's up in an online match.

  • In the Mode

    Win an online match in each mode on every map.

  • Road Rambo

    Be the first to kill an opponent as each class of car in online matches.

  • Thrillkiller

    Kill three or more opponents within four seconds without dying on every map in every car in online matches.

  • Full-Timer

    Play through one hundred online matches from start to finish.

  • Grabby, Grabby, Grabby!

    Obtain every type of pickup at least once on every map in online matches.

  • Team Leader

    Be the highest-scoring player of a winning team in 10 online team matches.

  • Perfect Double

    Charge your shields up from zero to full in an online game by performing a perfect double somersault (720 degrees).

  • The Long Haul

    Bring the opposing team's flag from their base to your team's base two hundred times in online matches.

  • Bloodlust

    Be the first to kill an opponent in fifty online matches.

  • Nothing Can Kill Me!

    Receive damage from every type of weapon without dying in an online match.

  • Unstoppable!

    Survive an online match from start to finish without dying.