PlayStation 3

Wheelman Trophies

Most Earned

Jump in My Car
Jump in My Car15TrophyTypePerform a cinematic stunt jump
Venga Venga!
Venga Venga!15TrophyTypeComplete the Mission - Frantic.
Leap of faith
Leap of faith15TrophyTypePerform an Airjack Successfully
Finish Him!
Finish Him!16TrophyTypePerform a Finishing Move on an enemy vehicle

Least Earned

Wheelman646TrophyTypeGet every Trophy possible.
I Live For this Stuff!
I Live For this Stuff!321TrophyTypeComplete ALL side missions with an "S" rank
Diesel Powered!
Diesel Powered!100TrophyTypeComplete ALL side missions with an "A" rank or better
Wreaking Havok!
Wreaking Havok!286TrophyTypeDestroy ONE HUNDRED cat statues
All Wheelman Trophies