We Are The Dwarves

PlayStation 4

We Are The Dwarves Trophies

Most Earned

We came in peace
We came in peace15TrophyTypeKill 5 Whistler Pirates
Pest Killer
Pest Killer17TrophyTypeKill 5 Sludge Workers
Pest Slayer
Pest Slayer25TrophyTypeKill 20 Sludge Workers
Lie there like a dead fish
Lie there like a dead fish27TrophyTypeKill 5 Fishman Pirates

Least Earned

We Are The Dwarves!
We Are The Dwarves!432TrophyTypeComplete the game!
Witch Hammer
Witch Hammer102TrophyTypeKill 4 Fishman Shamans
Pest Exterminator
Pest Exterminator102TrophyTypeKill 200 Sludge Workers
Wind round one's little finger
Wind round one's little finger42TrophyTypeHide from 3 enemies
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